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IP Address History

Event Date Action Pre-Action IP Post-Action IP
2004-04-18 New -none-
2005-01-22 Change
2007-03-03 Change
2007-09-16 Change
2009-12-13 Change

Note: The current IP location and IP whois may not be the same as it was on the event date.

Registrar History

We have no record of any registrar changes.

Name Server History

Event Date Action Pre-Action Server Post-Action Server
2002-10-30 New
2002-11-19 Transfer
2003-10-07 Transfer
2003-10-10 Transfer
2004-03-12 Delete -none-
2004-03-20 New -none-
2005-07-02 Delete -none-
2005-07-03 New -none-
2008-07-09 Transfer
2009-10-23 Transfer

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