Insurance from criminal prosecution

Everyone, I wish you well and good weather. Today, I am opening up service, which has no analogue in the world. It is an insurance from criminal prosecution (so far only on the territories of Russia). It costs 15,000 rubles for a subscriber.

50 subscribers - $25,000

200 subscribers - $100,000

Each subscriber gets the phone number of my associate on duty and the PIN. If someone gets arrested, subscriber is calling my associate, gives him the nick and PIN and after that:

– my person together with lawyer goes to any region (we have very knowledgeable ones and ready to go anywhere)

– Lawyers brief law enforcement officers, what the person is arrested for (who was offended, what the nature of the offense), and what kind of evidence exists.

– They brief the arrested, figure out which evidences are the true ones

– If there is no credible evidence, the lawyers put pressure on law enforcement, so that the person gets free

– If evidence is falsified, they work with local police internal affair office and local prosecutors (we have the contacts)

– If the evidence is credible, they work with the investigator to "buy out" the accused

– If they are not successful, we find access to investigator's management (we have contacts)

– If we cannot find any way to "buy the person out" we work out the probation.

– there are also people who are ready to go to prison instead of the subscriber.

– If there is no way to resolve the problem, the subscriber gets 50% of his deposit as compensation

– Each subscriber can take the rest of his money for the unused period. Insurance policy gets lapsed in this case

– Each subscriber has right and opportunity to meet my representative in Moscow, who handles the money and request policy financial statement

To prevent "take money and run" situation, we have the following measures:

– If it is not an international case, the initial budget to resolve the problem is $10,000. This is to prevent some "smart ass" to split the money with local law enforcement.

– If you already have a problem and you are not insured – you will not be able to purchase the insurance

– If the case is not international, and there is a victim (which is hard to falsify), then we are going with "full force" to "pull the person out"

– It does not work in other territories besides the Commonwealth of Independent States

– It is not permitted to purchase the insurance if there already is a problem. The money kept on the account will always be mentioned in this topic

My interest – is to create number one name and reputation on this forum. There is a large number of references from people who have dealt with me.


Q: Is it anonymous?

A. Nick/name/last name gets known only when you are already in trouble. Everything is anonymous before that. -It was initially planned that the money will not be kept by me, but on "trusted" escrow account. However, “Verified” (trusted escrow) was disinclined to play such serious games. At the end I was prohibited to use escrow party for this service

$1,000 is enough to take knowledgeable lawyer to neighboring region by car

$3000 is enough to fly to any region with two lawyers.

$6000-$8000 is enough to involve local police internal affair office to build the case against the police

$20,000 is enough to buy out the insured from the investigator

$40,000 is enough to buy the insured out from investigator's management

$100,000 is enough to resolve the issue at the highest levels of management or to place some "drop" to prison instead of the insured.

Such low prices are only because of direct contacts with right people without intermediaries. I will place $10,000 on the account of Verified. Who wants to purchase such an insurance or decline it – please send me private message.