Oct 14

Spam Nation Book Offer + Tour Details

As many of you know, my first book — Spam Nation — hits bookstore shelves on Nov. 18. I want to thank those of you who have already pre-ordered the book, and offer a small enticement for those who have yet to secure a copy.

Pre-order two or more copies of Spam Nation and get this "Krebs Edition" branded ZeusGard.

Pre-order two or more copies of Spam Nation and get this “Krebs Edition” branded ZeusGard.

Spam Nation is a true story about organized cybercriminals, some of whom are actively involved in using malware-laced spam to empty bank accounts belonging to small- and medium-sized businesses in the United States and Europe. I’ve written extensively about organizations that have lost tens of millions of dollars from these cyberheists. I’ve also encouraged online banking customers to take advantage of various “Live CD” technologies that allow users to sidestep the very malware that powers these cyberheists.

In July, I wrote about ZeusGard, one such technology that’s designed to streamline the process of adopting the Live CD approach for online banking. The makers of ZeusGard got such a positive response from that story that they offered to partner with Yours Truly in promoting Spam Nation!

I’m pleased to report that the first 1,000 customers to purchase two or more copies of Spam Nation — including any combination of digital, physical and/or audio versions of the book — before the official book launch on Nov. 18 will receive a complimentary KrebsOnSecurity-branded version of ZeusGard (pictured above)!

If you already pre-ordered two copies of the book, print, digital and/or audio, and have submitted the proof-of-purchase to spamnation@sourcebookspr.com, you will automatically receive a ZeusGard and do not need to resend that proof-of-purchase. If you’ve already pre-ordered a copy and wish to acquire another (print, digital or audio copy), please make sure to send that extra proof-of-purchase to spamnation@sourcebookspr.com. Pre-order your copy via several prominent booksellers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Politics & Prose, and Powell’s.

So far, we have just 19 buyers who’ve chosen to purchase two or more copies, so we’ve got plenty more to go. I’ll put up another post if we get close to making the 1,000 customer limit.

Pre-orders are a big deal in the publishing industry because they signal to book sellers that a book is generating buzz and demand. They’re also important because they count toward the first week of sales, which can determine whether a book lands on best-seller lists.

So far, the reviews are very positive. Kirkus Reviews found the book “an eye-opening, immensely distressing exposé on the current state of organized cyberspammers.” Publisher’s Weekly calls Spam Nation “timely, informative, and sadly relevant in our cyber-dependent age.”

The Spam Nation book tour will kick off on Nov. 20 in Chicago, the hometown of my publisher — Sourcebooks. From there, we’ll be stopping in several other cities, including San Francisco, Seattle and Austin. In early December, I’ll be signing copies of Spam Nation at bookstores in New York and Washington, D.C. Please see the full schedule for more details, and join me if you’re able!

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  1. Just ordered 2 copies! Can’t wait to read it.. Assuming by lack of comments that I am well under the 1000 mark.

  2. FYI:
    Powell’s Books in Portland, Oregon is accepting pre-orders for Spam Nation. Their telephone order number is 1-800-878-7323. Hours are 9 AM to 6 PM.


  3. I don’t suppose this is available if I order from South Africa?


  4. This makes sense to me. If you’re going to give a copy of this book as a gift, I’d think you would also want to give the ZeusGard.

    It’s like saying, “Here, this will scare the crap out of you and you’ll never want to go on the internet again. But this little device might help with that a little.”

    • Good one, Godzilla, tee hee.

      (Moderator: Oops, I think when I commented just a minute ago I used my handle (TulsaMack) instead of my real name…the above is the real deal)

  5. You suckered me in Kerbs…….Great Stuff, keep up the good work!

  6. I can’t believe your your skips Powell’s in Portland! How did your publicist miss that?!? It’s really easy with then–I’ve set up book signings with then before.

    A real shame, especially since it’s home to the Silicone Forest, the home of Intel and the birthplace of numerous tech startups.

  7. Not sure if I will be on the east coast when you do the Strand in NYC, but if so, it will be worth the trip down from where I live to personally thank you for the education I’ve been receiving in your posts. I will definitely suggest going to my social network, many of whom are in /near NYC

  8. Just ordered my copies. Looking forward to this read, just in time for the Holiday Shopping season. : )

  9. For the civic minded, libraries will buy copies of the book if library card holders request the book. Having a copy in a library offers a new avenue for the community to discover Krebs and may save someone from falling victim to many dangers that lurk on the Internet.

  10. Two books ordered. Will both books come signed as well? Thanks!

  11. Hey Brian,

    Wouldn’t you like to come to Orlando, FL in the dead of Winter and do a signing ?

    I just ordered two !

  12. This is a great bonus, Brian! I’d already preordered two signed and inscribed copies to be shipped from Politics & Prose (unfortunately they are nowhere near me so I won’t be able to attend a signing). I just forwarded the invoice over, and I’m really looking forward to reading it next month!

  13. Can’t wait to read this, going to try and pre-order after work!

  14. why do I need TWO copies of the book? can’t I just read my one copy two times?

  15. is that offer available for international orders ?

    • ZeusGard won’t work outside the USA

      • Hey Flummox, what’s the basis for your statement? According to Bancsec, the company that makes these devices, that statement is patently false.

        • Hi Brian,

          When you wrote about ZeusGard a few months ago, I tried to order from them but they wouldn’t supply outside the USA.

          Since ZeusGard wasn’t available to me in the UK, I have downloaded Puppy to make myself a USB bootable safe drive.

          Have ZeusGard changed their delivery policy now?

          • The difference this time is that Bancsec is not shipping them; my publisher is.

            • Hi Brian,

              In that case, I have now ordered an audio book as well and emailed the proof of purchase.

              Is there a way to get the WiFi adapter for the ZeusGard and how will the ZeusGard be shipped? Obviously, I expect to pay for the WiFi adapter if it can be supplied.

              • I have found a way to buy the WiFi adapter now. The shipping is twice the price of the product & will take 20 days to arrive… 🙁

  16. Ordered, I can’t wait to read it! Any chance of an excerpt before then?

  17. I just ordered 6 for my team through Amazon. We’ll use it as a team training activity. Thanks!

  18. No Phoenix stop. No meet, no autograph.

    Guess I have to settle for the book.

  19. Just bought my two copies. I am curious what exactly we are submitting as a “proof of purchase”. I assume this would be the invoices from Amazon if that’s where we purchased from? Is there something else you require as proof of purchase?

    • it’s pretty clear from the post

      “If you already pre-ordered two copies of the book, print, digital and/or audio, and have submitted the proof-of-purchase to *******spamnation@sourcebookspr.com*********, you will automatically receive a ZeusGard and do not need to resend that proof-of-purchase. If you’ve already pre-ordered a copy and wish to acquire another (print, digital or audio copy), please make sure to send that extra proof-of-purchase to ********spamnation@sourcebookspr.com********.”

  20. Does a hard copy plus a Kindle copy count as 2 books for this deal?

  21. Just ordered two hardcover books!

  22. I just ordered my two copies!

    I’m a relatively new fan of Krebs on Security, and am pretty much a layperson where computer tech is concerned, but Brian has already taught me a lot.

    If I get a newsletter email telling me to update a patch or the like, I listen, and I immediately let my company’s I.T. folks know.

    Been meaning to donate through PayPal, but am glad I can give a bit back this way.

    Thanks for all you do, Brian!

  23. Ordered the Kindle and audio versions via Amazon. Sent a screenshot of my order summary. Will we receive acknowledgement of offer. Additionally, what timeframe will you start shipping the Zeus Guard

  24. Already had a digital copy on order (from back in July), just added a hardcover to the pre-order as well. Always good to have a copy to lend out!

  25. BubblesthePirateShip

    For those ordering for Kindle delivery, you can get a receipt if you go to your account settings on Amazon using a web browser. Look at your open digital orders and then click on Order Details. The price and date of order will show up. Just copy that info into an e-mail. Though… I don’t know what I would do with a bookplate and a Kindle 🙂

    Looking forward to reading the book however!

  26. Just ordered my two! Thanks, BK!

  27. @Brian, does the ZeusGard offer (buy 2 books) also include the wireless adapter, as you reviewed? I assume not, and unfortunately cannot purchase the wireless adapter as Amazon won’t sell/ship it internationally. Perhaps you can have a chat to ZeusGard, and if I pay them (directly?) the additional for the wireless adapter, they can also send it with the Krebs branded ZeusGard?

    • If the “Fulfill by Merchant” listing is chosen, the WiFi adapter can be shipped internationally. Just below the product details is a link that says “2 new from $14.95”. Click that link, then it is the second WiFi adapter listing.

  28. Brian you have great articles that I read every week. However I see that the Zeusguard is a USB stick. Is this vulnerable to the USB malware hack that I read about a few weeks ago?

    • It’s a good question, but keep in mind the attacks were for writeable USB sticks (this isn’t – its read only).

    • Shelby Mustang Ranch Dressing

      The USB vulnerability I think you’re referring to makes the computer vulnerable to infection from a USB stick containing specially written malware, as opposed to making a malware-free USB stick vulnerable to infection from an infected computer. Anyway, the ZeusGard itself can’t be infected because it is read-only.

  29. Just ordered two, one for me and one for soon-to-be Krebs follower.

  30. Looking forward to the book as well, just ordered two and forwarded the appropriate details to your address.

    Was going to get the book anyways, but that Krebs Edition Zeus Guard clinched it for two…