March 18, 2015

The Evolution Market, an online black market that sells everything contraband — from marijuana, heroin and ecstasy to stolen identities and malicious hacking services — appears to have vanished in the last 24 hours with little warning. Much to the chagrin of countless merchants hawking their wares in the underground market, the curators of the project have reportedly absconded with the community’s bitcoins — a stash that some Evolution merchants reckon is worth more than USD $12 million.

The "Fraud Related" section of the Evolution Market before it vanished.

The “Fraud Related” section of the Evolution Market before it vanished.

Reachable only via the Tor network (a.k.a. the “dark web” or “darknet”), Evolution Market quickly emerged as the go-to online bazaar for buyers and sellers of illicit goods following the shutdown of the infamous Silk Road marketplaces in 2013 and again late last year.

Evolution operates on an escrow system, allowing buyers and sellers to more confidently and successfully consummate sales of dodgy goods. But that means the market’s administrators at any given time have direct access to a tempting amount of virtually untraceable currency.

Denizens of the darkweb community say the moderators in charge of Evolution (known as just “Evo” by vendors and buyers alike) had in the past few days instituted long delays in responding to and processing withdrawal requests from the marketplace’s myriad vendors.

According to chatter from the Evolution discussion page on Reddit, Evo’s administrators — who go by the handles “Kimble” and “Verto” — initially blamed the delays on an unexpected influx of huge withdrawal requests that the community’s coffers could not satisfy all at once. The administrators assured anxious vendors that the issue would be resolved within 24 hours.

But before that 24 hours could elapse, the Evo community — its marketplace and user discussion forum — went offline. Now, volunteer moderators from those communities are posting to Reddit that the administrators have “exit scammed,” — essentially taken all the money and run.

One inconvenienced Evo aficionado who described himself as “an occasional buyer” and spoke to KrebsOnSecurity on condition of anonymity said the apparent exit scam probably should have been expected: Kimble and Verto also designed and operated the Tor Carding Forum, a now-defunct site that specialized in credit card fraud.

The Evo buyer said he expects that the market value of bitcoins will drop considerably over the next 24 hours as a result of the apparent mass ripoff.

“Bitcoin will take a big hit in its value over the next day or two as more Europeans wake up,” he said.

The value of one bitcoin fell 2.04 percent on Mar. 17, settling at USD $284.46, according to the price index at

If confirmed, the closure of Evolution Market will likely force many buyers and sellers to seek business at Agora Marketplace, a similar but slightly more exclusive darknet bazaar that is still thriving.

65 thoughts on “Dark Web’s ‘Evolution Market’ Vanishes

  1. Eric

    Yet, proof again of a saying worth living by… there is no honor among thieves.

  2. Osiris

    Apologies criminals… other criminals have made off with your loot.

    I’m still not trusting the Bitcoins anyhow. Good luck to those that do.

    1. pendejo

      “the bitcoin”
      – you sound like people saying “a gay” to describe homosexuals

      1. dave

        Wait, are you saying that I’ve had it wrong this whole time? Homosexual and gay aren’t the same?!?

        Or are you just correcting the singular “a” mismatched with the plural “homosexuals”???

        (I’m kidding.)

    2. Kyle

      it’s not BTC’s fault that Verto/Kimble did what they did. Don’t blame the payment method for what someone uses it to do. By that logic, I could say I don’t trust electricity, because it CAN be used to execute people…

  3. Rick Blaine

    Bitcoins. Tor this, Agora that. Where is the FBI CIA and NSA in all of this? Probably they started it all.

    I can not believe a lot of this is pure criminal activity… its allowed to exist for a reason and that reason is that it accomplishes some goal by law enforcement which we are not privy despite the millions of those effected or billions of dollars lost.

    Just read the exploits of the U.S. government during WWII. Anyone or anything was expendable to achieve victory. So it could be now.

    1. The Phisher King

      What exactly is there not to believe that this is simply criminal activity?
      That criminals like money? That they use illegal and underhanded methods to make money?
      No, it couldn’t possibly be organized crime, it has to be the government, blah, blah, blah. Conspiracy theory, blah, blah, blah.
      Your willingness to blame legitimate organisations without a shred of evidence, rather than accept the simple truth, helps to explain why these scumbags continue to be so successful.
      I don’t know what planet you live on but clearly there is a shortage of oxygen there.

      1. Mike

        “legitimate organisations”?

        Having an official government seal of approval does not make one legitimate. Otherwise, the concept of democracy would never have seen the light of day.

        The truth is, it could just as easily go either way. You never know what takes place behind closed doors (your next door neighbor or your elected leader). Washington has proven too many times that they can’t be trusted anymore than the MOB can be.

      2. BuzzFeeder

        I am not a Libertarian. I don’t think all government is “evil.” So no I don’t declaim conspiracy when a notable event happens, but the record of many of the worlds’s government’s involvement in illicit activities including our own is not conspiratorial as you claim. It is called politics by other means. Here is a list of drug related activities the CIA was accused and pretty much caught at since Korean War.

        Kinda funny that everyone is being “herded” to Agora .

        RE Bitcoin:
        I am certain that if NSA or CIA wanted to go after these clowns they’d probably catch them, but there are much more important concerns now a days than owners of bitcoins, or hasn’t anyone noticed?

    2. thomas

      That goal by law enforcement? It’s called job security.

    3. Chris Novak

      Rick, your beliefs don’t add facts or truth to the situation. As the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees freedom of speech, you are entitled to express your beliefs. However your beliefs and conjectures won’t necessarily convince others. Give us some FACTS rather than supposition!

  4. MedicalQuack

    I keep warning people about the data thieves “repackaging” data and from what you outlined here as the dark sites become more difficult to keep live due to law enforcement efforts, some of these thieves will shift over and with some minor SQL skills sell stolen data that’s been reformated and queried on data exchange sites. It was was funny as even a couple of the Anonymous folks chimed in on Twitter as they don’t like these hackers either but did say we need to be concerned as the hackers are very smart mathematicians out there today that steal. I pretty much can believe that too. As the Dark doors close, the crooks will explore other ways to sell what they stole for sure. Here’s a back track where I warned after the Anthem breach. It’s only a matter of time before we see disguised stolen data on the legit sites selling data.

    If we licensed data sellers then it wouldn’t be as difficult to find the theives and sometimes the data too. I have been bugging Congress and the FTC to do this for 3 years as we also need a way to find who put flawed data out there about us so we can fix it too. We need a way to tell the difference between stolen data and the legit $180 billion dollar a year business, which of course drives this type of activity for sure.

    1. evolution-regular

      you really have no idea what you’re talking about.

    2. QuackQuackQuack

      Wow. You are really so far away from reality that I have to ask if this is a troll post.

      You severely severely miss understand both the marketplace and the data involved.

      I can’t believe I just read this on keens, usually commentators have at least half an idea of what’s going on.

      1. MedicalQuack

        Not a troll and I was a former software developer so been there seen code. I get this that it is hard for people who are not in business with all the whacky perceptions out there today. It’s hard and unless you have written code, you don’t always get it and all lawmakers are so off base with data mechanics logic and the perceptions too. You can visit the Killer Algorithms page which is a collection of videos from people smarter than me that back up just about everything.

        These are mathematicians to former Quants that wrote trading code for Wall Street, and they are smarter than me as well. So my apologies if I sounded like a troll as again, I used to do code and know it well. I’m actually a former VB developer who wrote and sold an early medical records program. In the early days of HMO, wrote some simple software that helped doctors keep track of their pay with HMOs too as the formulas always ripped them. I get Congress and occasional visits from the White House when I go off into some tech stuff at times, and again I know it’s hard the perceptions you see in the news can be quite different.

        1. QuackQuackQuack

          I develop tracing algos for bitcoin transaction, I also spent 6 years as a digital forensics consultant for the police and local government.

          You may have done software dev at some point, maybe you did a visual basic course at college. That doesn’t alter the fact that nearly everything you said is either untrue or massively miss understood.

          The material you linked too DOES NOT back up your frankly crazy assertions. They just show even more that you don’t understand the content and subject areas.

          1. MedicalQauck

            I do understand data selling very well and privacy and that’s my big focus by accident. Good stuff on bitcoins too. You can read through and see where I have had my own personal issues too with flawed data and how it gets’ll probably laugh at this one as most University mathematicians, MIT and others have, when you get told by Google as a human your are not machine compliant..algos mess up:) I’m also on a list of known people that take blood thinners and it’s false and flawed data, so that concerns me as well. I can’t find where to fix it. Believe me this is happening when folks can make a buck. The World Privacy Forum too has testified in front of Congress on the repackaging of our data for sale as well. I used their video at my campaign to get data sellers licensed/indexed so we know who they are, so we can fix flaws when the occasion arises for consumers.


            I might add thank goodness for bloggers too like this site and many others as soon the big guys have bought in, NYT, WSJ and more to begin charging you to read certain news article they publish..some probably written by a bot as one of the journobot companies told me on Twitter they have over a billion articles out there written by their bots now. NYT investing in this start up and other news agencies say they are in.


            So again, if it can be rigged with code and people can cheat, bottom line they do it, especially when code is compiled and nobody else ever gets to see it.

            1. waylander

              Can you stop posting links to your blog? Nobody has got time for that.

              I’m not sure where or when your comments would be relevant, but this isn’t the time or the place.

            2. Kyle

              judging by your username and your nonsensical posts, I’m going to guess you’re one of the p*ll pushers from Evo….

            3. QuakersAndCheese

              I have to agree with the others replies that I find your posts on this blog (and your own blog entries – I reluctantly clicked on a link to see if it was as bad there) a bit nonsensical. The thing is, I can’t tell if it only the subject matter than makes what you write so ridiculous or also the way it is written.

              I have a very, very hard time reading any of your entries. At first, they appear to be written with odd sentence structure and lack of grammar. If English is not your primary language, then it is understandable and commendable that you try to write so much in English – in that case please do not take offense at my poking at your use of English. Keep learning. If English IS your first language, I think you would have better luck getting your point across with better use of the language. When you have confusing opinions and confusing writing you are likely to turn off many people reading your entries.

  5. IA Eng

    HA ! I see more of these “rip off a crook, get rich” schemes popping up all over the place. Fill a forum with bogus posts and sales, make people feel comfortable – until the coffers are emptied.

    yeah – no trust in that arena whatsoever.

    Call this a very mild victory in the way of knocking off another illegal gathering hole.

    1. Ibuydrugsonline

      And another and another will creep right up to take the place. The Buyers/Vendors need to come together and not allow a select few people to have control over millions.

      I had about $300 stolen, and that 300 wasn’t sitting there, it was in escrow awaiting the Vendor, that’s the risk ya take when dealing outside the law.

      Guess what, I’m already registered on several other marketplaces. Supply and demand.

      In the end not much rocket science involved if you are just buying small quantities of whatever.

      Connection to TOR network


      1. BangTango41

        Thank you ibdol, Finally a PGP, Tor, Darkweb expert. Can you assist? Other than Agora, do you have any recommendations of other marketplaces to use? I had an account on Evo, but I wanted also to have other options. Any decent info you can provide?

  6. Jeremy

    Sounds like a run-of-the-mill fraud scheme perpetrated on Evolution merchants. I’d be willing to bet there never was $12 million in Bitcoins in the bank. They’d been siphoning money off for a while and it finally reached the point where they couldn’t pay the withdrawals by taking in new bitcoins from other transactions.

    That would explain the slowdown and then sudden disappearance.

    1. but

      The coins were in escrow and user/vendor wallets by default.

      Stop withdrawals. 3-4 days sales at least held in escrow + 3-4 days new deposits + all the coins already held in wallets.

      12 million is a low estimate.

  7. zeropercent

    Most countries are static, all they need to do is keep having babies. But America’s like this big old clanking smoking machine that just lumbers across the landscape scooping up and eating everything in sight.

  8. Donald J Trump

    In my opinion , people are foolish dealing with buying and selling of bitcoins

  9. Nicholas Weaver

    The interesting thing about Evo is that it supports “Multiparty Signature” escrow as well as classic escrow, which is supposed to prevent this sort of rip & run. But apparently enough didn’t use this option.

    In classic escrow, the market holds the money and can, should it desire, just disappear with the Bitcoin, or have it stolen by a thief. Before Evo folded, perhaps the best entertaining case was “Sheep Marketplace”: even the NAME indicated it was a rip & run, but that didn’t stop them from running away with a fortune.

    Multiparty signature works a bit differently. In Bitcoin, you can effectively deposit into an account that doesn’t just require one signature, but requires M of N signatures, to move the Bitcoin onward. Think of it as a deposit into a multi-party checking account.

    This can be used to do escrow: The buyer doesn’t transfer the Bitcoin to the market, but instead transfers to an escrow account, where the buyer, the market, and the seller all have a different key, and two keys must agree to move the Bitcoin on.

    Then if the transaction works, two of three can decide the fate: So a normal transaction the buyer and seller move the Bitcoin on to the seller’s next address, or in the case of a dispute, the market gets with either the buyer or the seller to decide the fate of the escrowed funds.

    So why weren’t all Evolution transactions this way?

    Two reasons: Usability and privacy.

    The usability is pretty obvious. Bitcoin is already a big PITA to use, doing multiparty escrow makes it worse.

    But privacy is also a concern. With central escrow, its moderately hard for a outsider (without access to the market’s internal database) to say “This transaction is to Evo” and “This transaction is from Evo”. [1] But even with good preparation, without the market’s internal data you can’t say “This is BuyerSeller”: the intermediary of the market confuses things.

    But multiparty escrow is different: it is recorded in public. There are a FEW legitimate transactions that are multiparty signatures, but for the most part it only happens amongst three or more mutually distrusting parties: the multiparty transactions are the drug deals, and if the feds ever find out either a buyer or a seller, the blockchain now DIRECTLY records the other side…

    [1] Not impossible: If you do some test transactions with the market you can find the market’s “pools” of Bitcoin.

  10. 416618

    I’m looking for the user of the 1990 forum of Evolution, are 416618 if you read this message please contact me at email:

  11. Mike

    Lol, you mean the people who ran a black market took all of the untraceable money entrusted to them and disappeared? I’m shocked, shocked I tell you!

  12. Matthew Cook

    I predict that this will seriously undermine the spirit of camaraderie and trust upon which this once-thriving, criminal enterprise was built…

    Thanks, Obama!

  13. Dee


    I don’t know what I wish more….that the Feds brought down the site and seized the funds or that the crooks actually made off with the loot.

    Either way, it falls into the “That’s what you get” category.

  14. JM

    So every time someone steals someone else’s cash the value of the dollar should decline?

    1. kybelboy

      Although the dollar is no longer backed with gold, at least it started out that way. Bitcoin started out backed with nothing and now just represent o’s, 1’s, and the full faith and trust of crooks and suckers.

  15. BitDong

    Hence why its a good idea to transfer BC to your DNET account ONLY when you are going to make a purchase. These moderators knew that many would lack the common sense to do so. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens to the market. I wonder how long it will take for all the drug lords to find Kimbo and Verto and make a milkshake out of their balls and force them to drink it.

  16. Dan P.

    Other sites besides Agora to look out for:

    1. Nucleus-Very slick user interface much like Evolution. Seen a good amount of growth since November when SR 2.0 and others were seized.
    2. Abraxas-More similar to Agora than Evolution.
    3. BlackBank-Been around for a while now and seeing some more growth. Not as big as some of the others, but seems to have a good reputation.

    Others: AlphaBay, Mr Nice Guy, Middle Eearth Marketplace.

    These sites are no where near the size of Agora. That being said, right after Operation Onymous Agora had the same withdrawal and deposit issues that Evolution had leading up to the scam. That is the major reason, along with more reliable uptime, that you saw Evolution take off as the domina.t market in the community.

    I am skeptical that buyers and vendors will migrate to Agora. They may do so out of necessity for now, but I would look for one or two of these smaller sites to grow at a considerable rate. If the past is any indicator these sites usually capitalize on a scam or takedown of the market leader in pairs. You saw it with Sheep Marketplace and BlackMarket Reloaded when Silk Road was seized and then TorMarket and Pandora when Sheep Marketplace ran off with users bitcoin.

    It will be interesting to track this in the next few weeks.

  17. itsmeitsmeitsddp

    Scammers scam other scammers and the criminals are crying about it. Boohoo, cry me a river. Get a legit job like the rest of the world and you wont have to worry about making money illegally.

  18. Grimm

    This info leaked to me

    There gone with $12.000.000

    this is there btc address:

    this is the goodbye message of the owner:

    Due to unforseen events I decided to close down Evolution Marketplace.
    We want to thank you guys for you effort and help making this the most
    profitable and popular marketplace. This wasn’t an easy decision but
    due to other marketplaces getting shut down and the forum going
    downhill I decided to cut my ties and exit with an eight figure profit.
    The millions from evo will be divided up amongst the mods a few admin
    and members. Since this is such an abundance of money I may consider
    buy ins from former evo members in exchange for 1k bitcoinis. I’ll be
    around around for a short period of time before permanently moving to
    the caribbeans, I hope you guys understand.

    contact me 4 de4lz icq 697493140

    1. Bonus

      Well done. Ships ahoy muthafuka. BTW, if any of those bitcoins ever came form one of my computers, which i doubt they did because i never figured out how to use bitcoins, thankfully, but one day ill see you on a beach while im filling up your 200 million dollar yacht and ill give you the secret handshake…please please please dont tip me in bitcoins. I dont know how to put them in my pocket.

      Anyway well doine, you ripped off the drug dealers and the drug users, basi8cally y6ou just fuked all the scum of the earth a good one, and i respect that. Well done sir.

  19. Greg

    I have a bit of a problem with the ‘dark’ semantics of Tor. In your parlance, and I quote you, “(a.k.a. the “dark web” or “darknet”).”.

    Very dramatic, and sites labeling themselves Dark Reading, etc., have gotten a lot of traffic out of that imagery.

    There is of course, a very pro-consumer, anti-tracking aspect to Tor, which was, after all, originally funded by US government sources, to protect people whose lives were at risk if they spoke up. See

    On a more prosaic note, I have to mention that a buddy of mine sent my physical address to a distiller of a (really good) Scotch whiskey. Gee thanks. But he did send me the user name and password (unencrypted), in case I wanted to change my account details. Thanks again, buddy.

    Using Tor, I was able to log in, change the physical address to his, while appearing to come from Liberia. This subsidiary of the multinational Beam Suntory Corp. now has zero accurate information about me.

    This is a minor victory, but that is what major victories are made from. Please lose the ‘Dark’ semantics and drama. Technology is neutral.

    1. BrianKrebs Post author

      Not sure what your gripe is, Greg, but “dark web” and “darknet” are widely accepted synonyms for the place one is on when one is using something like Tor or I2P. I’m sorry you see this as a negative connotation for what is essentially an anonymity technology, but your comment seems to suggest that this is somehow my description of the technology, rather than a reference to the shorthand that it really is.

      1. Greg

        My gripe is that anonymity seems to be seen in an increasingly negative light, and “shorthand” descriptions remind me very much of how “hacker” became synonymous with people breaking into systems. Very far from the original meaning of the term, which was a token of respect.

        You reach a far wider audience than I ever will, and I have zero doubt that you understand the importance of anonymity to society. So I find “shorthand” descriptions from you disturbing.

        1. BrianKrebs Post author

          Well then I think your gripe is well-meaning but taken out of context. The story is not about Tor, but about the shutdown of a community that exists purely to do illegal things. In that vein, “dark web” and “darknet” seem quite apt.

  20. Bonus

    Ok, so this is how it stands……
    Bitcoin is a great platform. However has anyone yet realised that the main places bitcoin gets purchased and sold for is illegal trading? So if all the places doing illegal trading are also then later ripping off their customers bitcoins, then this WILL kill bitcoin. It really will. People are getting fed up by now, surely?

    Secondly, What i find amusing and chuckle to myself is the newes headlines in ten years time that someone has just discovered that bitcoins and it6s platform were designed to break some superpower code and they needed everyone in the world to have their computers constantly working on this code which would take a decade or two to break, and save the world, or save some major corporation, so they designed a payment system so that all the geeks and nerds of the world (Geeks really do rule the world these days), they needed them all investing their money and their time into buying major computer components to work tirelessly 15 years or so breaking these math equations, so we could encrypt some alien message or some secret about the earth, and the only way to really get all the superminds and the most power sockets running as many computer math equation solvers at once that they had to make it interesting so they found a way that everytime you crack another block of codes, you get paid in a currency that really does not exist but instead it is a currency that geeks and drugies and drug buyers will believe works, so that they will all do their daily business in it, and the onyl person getting hurt is the banks who are shelling out the real cash when someone exchanges them, so they have bitcoin.

    These hashes are not really some math equation for a payment system, but they are made to look that way or work as that so that we will constantly source materials to mine bitcoins. We have a time limit though to solve this massive equation before the world explodes and we cant get to this fantasatic other world, so they have a limit of how many bitcoins you can find, and thats because that majic number is really the answer to the riddel they want worked out, but the answer is no good unless they have the blocks of code to enter to the famous magic teleporter in space or the aliens will think we are not superior enough or deserving of this great gift that the black hole tiome machine will lead us to,.

    And all this time, we have been helping aliens work out how to digest5 our water so they can come and destroy the world.

    We’re fuked guys.

    However, in the meantime, goi back to buying your illegal drugs from street corners where drug dealers can not run to another corner in the world carrying 12 million dollars each in their 7kg max carry on luggage allotment.

    Who ever thought the middle man of a drug deal would end up being the richest guy in the country. Im sure the drug dealers thought it would be them.

    Geeks rule the world. Geeks found a way to make all the criminals on this planet turn their money into digital numbers for you all to then deposit your money into the ‘safes and volts (wallets) that they designed. Then leave dodge.

    So when im cleaning the seaweed out of some pasty blind nerds 60 million dollar yacht, i will not be thinking oh you are a tech junie….no, i will be thinking, yeah bro, you fouynd a system to get all the dopdgy people doing crimes and murders and everything else, to then give you the loot. Well done king nerd, you can rule the lands Boss. RESPECT!.

    I’m proud of those guys i beat up[ at school, because im late 30s so when i was beating them up for doing their homework, they were all playing a costume game and dungeons and dragons to work out secret codes at big geek get togethers where they were devising a master plan to get all the other people in this world to give them all the moneyu in this world by the time they are 40.

    At some point this will turn on the banks and a earth co0llective cl;ass action law suit will be put to the major banks of the world as they were at some point cashing out peoples bitcoins to real reserve bank money, and this law suit will be that they let us get duuped 500 million dollars over a fewe years, so the banks now have to pay all the criminals 100 million each in damages.

    Yes, i like that one…Lets sue the banks , make them responsioble for the damages and t6ime and effort we put into cashing in some fucking money that is not actually money and wasting our fukn time.

    To the geeks who have robbed hundreds of millions worth of bitcoins…. I love your style boys! Fight the fukn fuk the world idiots (myself included) by making a system where they let you look after all the international drug money, and dont worry, the next time bitcoin drops in price, like it just really has, we will all sell up knowing we are about to get screwed.

    Alright, im getting anxed now because my imaginary fertilizer they call research chemicals which makes crystal crap go fromn $7 a kg, to $7000 a kg wont be turning up and i have no fukn money to eat now, and this is the last conversation i will ever have with my computer before my high dies down and i havce to sell my computer to buy a bottle of imaginary water made from digital numbers. The whoile world is about numbers and now its abnout numbersd that dont even make sense and nobody can see.

    (sorry i already sold my spell check, and as you know, my grammar is appauling because i was beating up geekis instead of doing work at school.)

    Thanks and bye, really, bye bye money, bhye bye education and buy my dreams of one day being a geek.

  21. Bonus

    oh, BTW- Did evolution stand for @we arent going to get fuked like silk road dude, we are going to evolve and get our riches and leave before that happens, so in the meantime we will get rich and evolution will be the day we say goodbuy with bag loads of cash that nobody can see?

    Well done. 18 months, $12 million dollars. IMpressive. I met a drug dealer who wanted to make $50,000 in six months on your site and then leave. Thing is he didnt have much to sell so always had to start a new account and thats costing each time so he was three steps forward and 2 steps back, and after 18 months i read his blog saying, next monday IM cashing out mky coins on Evolution and got my goal of past 18 months and lkost my family, picked up a drug habit, and family lerft mer and friends have gone, nobody trusts me anymore, but on monday im takling my 50 grand and retirning. It was hard work going to all those doctors with my fit as a fiddle 90 year old heart p[retending i was sick all the moinths so on monday im leaving cashed up….

    Poor dude. If only he got out a week earlier before he spent his grandkids scholarship fund that the local church raised for his kids sop they coiuld go to pre school. Hes got nop family, but im sure he will track you down as he is good at getting things done. If you see him,, maybe you could just agree to give him 10% of his 50,000. Im sure hed locve that

  22. Avigazed

    How can this writer say that TOR is the same as the Dark Web. It’s NOT. He seems to be implying that it’s only for criminals.
    Many governments operate on it as well as the USA’s, UK and many other country’s military’s. Universities too operate on it.
    Many of us here use it regularly for our own personal use. It’s quite useful if you want to be anonymous on the web ie; hiding your IP address or tweeting from North Korea.
    I have been using it for a while and I have never and will never use TOR for anything illegal. I have no interest in taking drugs. And any way you can buy Weed almost anywhere.

    1. Wow

      You have only a partial understanding of what Tor is…

  23. burrito

    All of you are simply adorable.

    Thank you for making my day.

  24. TheDarkone

    Freaking a**holes stole my $5. I’ll find you in the Caribbean soon rippers !

    1. SeymourB

      Are you sure it was $5? Because if you lost tree fiddy you’d be better off looking in a famous loch in Scotland.

  25. kybelboy

    Well, I’ve read 3Quack and Med-quack. I’m going with Med-quack.
    Just because they say they’re not out to get you, doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.

  26. point

    It didn’t sell everything. I wouldn’t have went to buy the odd gram of weed if “everything” was sold there.

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