April 6, 2015

Most of the ATM skimming attacks written about on this blog conclude with security personnel intervening before the thieves manage to recover their skimmers along with the stolen card data and PINs. However, an increasingly common form of ATM fraud — physical destruction — costs banks plenty, even when crooks walk away with nothing but bruised egos and sore limbs.

An ATM technician and KrebsOnSecurity reader shared photos of a recent attack in which three would-be robbers went to town on a wall-mounted cash machine with crowbars and hammers.

Thieves with crowbars did massive and costly damage to this ATM, but were thwarted in cracking the safe.

Thieves with crowbars did massive and costly damage to this ATM, but were thwarted in cracking the safe.

According to the technician, the burglars ruined a $13,000 cash acceptor, a $5,000 check scanner, a $900 monitor, and a $700 card reader, among many other pricey items. Hardly any part of the machine escaped damage.

This thief-ravaged ATM is totaled.

This thief-ravaged ATM is totaled.

The carnage from this incident looks like something out of a bad Transformers movie.

Decepticons, attack!

Decepticons, attack!

For all their work, the closest that the crooks got to the money was chipping the safe hinge.

Turns out, ATM cash safes are pretty tough.

Turns out, ATM cash safes are pretty tough.

The thieves in this case clearly didn’t have the right tools for the job. The real pros come armed with thermal tools to cut into the thick metal parts, as described in a recent update from the European ATM Security Team (EAST). As shown in the images below, the crooks draped flame-retardant cloth around the ATM while they set to work cutting into the cash machine with a gas-powered torch.

Source: European ATM Security Team (EAST)

Real pros bring the proper tools for the job.

In December 2014, I wrote about a spike in attacks on ATMs in Europe¬†in which thieves attempt to blast open the cash machines with explosive gas. Since then, Bloomberg Business has published “Boom,” a detailed look at the growth of explosive gas attacks on ATMs since 2013.

58 thoughts on “Hacking ATMs, Literally

  1. Igor Artimovich

    To rob an ATM a hacker needs a laptop and sledge hammer. Sledge hammer is necessary to break an ATM to pull out money. Why a laptop is needed you may ask? Every hacker needs a laptop in other case he isn’t a hacker.

    1. Phisher King

      They aren’t getting into an ATM with a sledgehammer bro.
      You need a plasma torch or jaws of life to get through the hinges, without using some form of explosives.
      Stealing the whole unit is a bad idea these days as well, as most have a transponder installed, running off a long-life battery.

      1. Igor Artimovich

        Have you ever seen Breaking Bad movie, bro? Do you remember the moment when 2 drug addicts tried to break stolen ATM. I have strong conviction that Brian will be murdered like one of them.

  2. Arthur

    It’s happening frequently in Brazil, and the thiefs use explosives to break into ATMs.
    One solution being applied by the banks, is a scheme that collors the money bills when this happens, turning the bills unacceptable by the market

  3. Zippy

    Only idiots rob banks and ATMs. POS is where the money is……

  4. VM

    In Russia, there are few cases where criminals had blown the ATMs up (literally) by drilling into chamber and filling it with non-flammable gas under very high pressure.

  5. Kenneth

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    1. VM

      Facepalm, Mr. Krebs. You are now enabling pre-moderation on the comments, aren’t you?

      1. BrianKrebs Post author

        Some comments get auto-moderated by my anti-spam system. I rarely, if ever, manually moderated comments. One exception, however, is with people who rudely insinuate I’m doing just that. Consider yourself moderated from here on out.

  6. Paul

    Bad language usage.

    These fellows were bungking burglers, and unsuccessful SAFE CRACKERS. They weren’t hackers in any sense of interest to IT security. IT should be more concerned about ATMs which don’t wipe memory of each transaction after transmitting it, more so
    about ATMs with the capability of continued operation during brief network outages.

    The maun security issue here is poor physical security, probably due to the correcf perception that the hardware susceptible to easy access and damage isn’t high enough value to warrant a larger budget to protect it and the safe takes long enough to remove or breach for a well-designed bed basic security system with watchdog timer to geva local police response. The bank are at fajlt vecause they seldom have the internal expertice to recognise a bad security system until after a breacb.

    ATM hardware is notoriously unreliable and finicky. Typically, stand alone/outdoor ATM hardware is replaced annually , and often leased rather thsn purchased. Insurance covers theft and damage to it., and the loss of the contents of ATM safes. Banks don’t suffer, their customers do, and mostly in inconvenence.

    1. Blanche Dubois

      Every once in awhile these days, one gets a reminder of the forever lost, olden golden days of the past when a letter writer/responder would write his draft, then, out of pride for his own valued thoughts, would use his Spell-Checker and grammar to “review and clarify his thoughts” (the underlined red/green stuff) before hitting the Submit/Send, to make them readable, and less of a “what is he/she trying to say?” or code breaking exercise. Who has the time today for clarity?

  7. harry nash

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