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This blog will feature posts on a number of recurring themes , including:

Online Crime Investigations: A major focus of my work over the past half decade has been to highlight individuals, networks and entities that — according to multiple sources — appear to facilitate or directly participate in illicit activity online. This blog will continue that tradition.

Latest Threats: Every now and then, the bad guys work out a clever new wrinkle in an old scam, or an ingenious way of attacking Internet users. Count on these types of entries to pop up quite a bit, including tips on how to protect yourself.

Security Updates: Like it or not, security is a process, not some set-it-and-forget it task. Malicious hackers by and large are an opportunistic lot: They prey on the lazy, casual and uninformed users, such as those who neglect to update their PDF reader software, or routinely play audio and movie files with media software that hasn’t been updated in a while. In the spirit of the Security Fix blog, krebsonsecurity.com will periodically point to the availability of new critical security updates for widely-used software.

Data Breaches: I’ll be writing about the big ones, and hopefully continuing to break news about breaches that haven’t yet been reported publicly.

Cyber Justice: Because it’s gratifying to read about people responsible for this type of crime getting busted or locked up.

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