SaintD-SPM Chats: May 2007 – Sept. 2007

May 31, 2007

SPM:: Hi, could you tell me how to register on SpamIT? Thanks.

Stupin: Hi! Who are you?

SPM:: I am SPM from

Stupin: Ah, I see. One moment.

SPM:: Thanks. Are you an official representative of SpamIT or I am mistaken?

Stupin: guest/gKdu4cwIaL, registration invite – 7I901FMUL4

Stupin: I am responsible for everything there. Do you want to spam?

SPM:: Yes.

Stupin: If you need your own domains – get them from ICQ: 497330632.

SPM:: Thanks. Can they send money via WM [WebMoney]?

Stupin: Yes, WM is no problem.

SPM:: Thanks. Are you interested in partnership in regards to providing spam software to clients?

Stupin: We already have such an advert [partner] ๐Ÿ™‚

SPM:: So you can now offer spam software to a new client if he does not have it.

Stupin: If they are interested in it – we give them your contact info.

SPM:: Is it skynet by any chance? [referring to the Netsky worm?]

Stupin: Google.

SPM:: I see.

Stupin: If you want – I can start giving out your information as well, Google provides us with adverts very well – we do the same to him.

SPM:: Under what conditions?

Stupin: We simply give him contacts. For us these are just adverts under common conditions.

SPM:: Fine, let’s do it this way.


Sept. 28, 2007

SPM:: Business proposal – if you refer a client to me, I pay you commisions from his first payment

Stupin: Let us use your spamming solution first, test it. If everything is fine, we will start recommending it? We are not interested in commissions. The most important thing for us is adverts to be happy.

SPM:: No problem. All spamdot moderators use my service already.

SPM:: Which ICQ should I give to my person so that he can order a server from you? however you will need to pay $500 for the server.

Stupin: No problem. [ICQ] 360490067 will contact you on Monday.

SPM:: Okay.


Sept. 30, 2007

SPM:: Hi. I want to bring a referral.

Stupin: Ok, do you have an account?

SPM:: Sure. SPM.

Stupin: Momentโ€ฆ.I will give you invite.


SPM:: Ok. Thanks.

<------------------ Conversation with SPM referral "Nenastnyj"-------------->

Sept. 30, 2007

ICQ 304927900: Hi. I’ve made a new account on your system: “nenastnyj”. Place several domains there plz.

Stupin: Hi, are you going to spam by yourself or take somebody else’s traffic?

Nenastnyj: Brother, what?? Are you talking about stealing? ๐Ÿ™‚

Nenastnyj: No, by myself.

Stupin: Okay. You are referred to us by SPM?

Nenastnyj: I came here before he did, I simply want to make him happy ๐Ÿ˜‰

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