Mar 10

Krebsonsecurity Author Twice Honored

There is perhaps no greater compliment than to have your most esteemed peers recommend your work.  I am now blogging from the RSA Conference in San Francisco, and over the past two days krebsonsecurity.com has received two peer recognition awards, one from the SANS Institute – among the nation’s top security research and training groups – and another from the Security Bloggers Network, an organization that has sought to recognize blogs that provide valuable content on computer security issues.

The SANS Institute polled 75 cybersecurity journalists and asked them to rank the top peers in their field. True to form, I showed up late to the awards ceremony on Tuesday, and Alan Paller, director of research for SANS, called me up on stage and said I’d received twice as many votes as the next guy in the contest, Robert McMillan, a reporter whose work is almost certainly the most widely syndicated and quoted of virtually anyone in this industry. Likewise, I am proud to have shared this honor with reporters whose work I recommend and admire, including USA Today’s Byron Acohido, Wired.com’s Kim Zetter, as well as Dan Goodin from The Register.

In related news, the delegates who were party to the Security Bloggers Awards at RSA this year picked krebsonsecurity.com as the top “non-technical security blog.” Somehow, I managed to show up late for this as well. Again, it was wonderful to have been nominated alongside security bloggers such as Taosecurity’s Richard Bejtlich, and security curmudgeon-in-chief Bruce Schneier.

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  1. Congrats Brian!

  2. Congrats Brian!


  3. Well-deserved!

  4. Congratulations Brian!

  5. Congratulations! You do a phenomenal job of explaining
    security for the average person without talking down to them
    or forgetting about your more tech savvy readers.

  6. Kudos Brian! Much deserved. I check your blog and SANS multiple times a day to stay abreast of computer security happenings. Keep up the good fight! Thank you! 🙂

  7. Nice going, Brian ! I hope that at least one of the awards included a reliably low-tech, unhackable device like an alarm clock to help you get to your appointments on time !…


  8. Congratulations Brian! Love the community here too.

  9. Well deserved indeed, Brian. Keep up the great work and thanks for all you do!

  10. “Atta boy!” It’s nice to see the “industry” recognize and award you for your work.

  11. as usual, you rock! so awesome to see the industry recognizing that all your hard work is leaps and bounds above the rest!

  12. Well deserved, Brian!

    Microsoft has released a
    “Blue Screen Rootkit Detection Tool”
    ref their infamous, latest Win Update:

    It detects the Trojan which interfered with the above KB update, (does not fix it).

    If Trojan NOT detected:
    install KB977165,
    don’t install KB977165!

    Could you comment/advise on your next Post?

  13. Congrats, Brian! Your passion for this industry really shows in your work. I hope Bob’s ego wasn’t too crushed 🙂

  14. Brian: Well earned and well deserved! Your help is much appreciated by all!

    Reminder to readers: There is a “Donate” link on the right side of the page. Show Brian that you value his good work!

  15. Well!! We all new that anyway! HA! 🙂

    No surprise to us readers!!! =)

  16. Brian, congratulations!

    Well earned.

    Speaking of earning, I hope it helps translate into currency of the realm in large enough quantity to ensure your continued blogging, depending on reader donations seems uncomfortably uncertain as a financial foundation. We’ll do our best to support you in whatever way we can, so don’t be shy about asking for anything that might help!

    Best of luck!

  17. Very good work!

    We do miss your on-line chats. They were a great way to learn about trends and norms in security.

  18. I was in as many sessions as I could be in and I’ll tell you what I kept on meeting and hearing from – nervous bankers. 🙂

  19. Brian,

    Very well deserved honors. It was great to finally meet you in person on Tuesday.

  20. Excellent!! Well deserved.

  21. Brian, it is because you do awesome security research! Congratulations! It has been a total privilege taking part in some of your stories of the past.

    Dana (formerly David) Taylor

  22. Congratulations! You deserve it. Keep up the goo work!

  23. I’ll echo others: congrats, well deserved, well earned and thanks!

  24. Congratulations, twice over. 🙂

    SiL / IKS / concerned citizen

  25. CONGRATULATIONS BRIAN. Well deserved.

  26. Congratulations, Brian!!! Your readers know how valuable and important your posts are!!!