December 9, 2010

Apple this week issued an update that plugs at least 15 security holes in its QuickTime media player.

The patch – which brings QuickTime to version 7.6.9 — quashes several critical bugs that could be exploited to install malicious software were a user to load a poisoned media file. Updates are available for both Mac and Windows versions of the program.

Windows users can grab the update from the bundled Apple Software Update application; Mac users of course can use Software Update. Both OS versions also are available through Apple Downloads.

11 thoughts on “Apple QuickTime Patch Fixes 15 Flaws

    1. qka

      I’m running Snow Leopard, and just ran Software Update. Nothing was found that needed to be updated.

  1. GG

    I’ve ignored Apple’s nudges about this because I thought the install would inflict more than just the new QuickTime. And the linked download site says I’ll receive 72MB — is that really all just QuickTime? Can the other stuff be suppressed from downloading/installing?

    1. Ron Blackwell

      The QT installer I downloaded for WinXP was ~36 Mb. If memory serves, 72 Mb sounds like the size of a typical iTunes/QuickTime bundle.

      1. GG

        Yup, actual download was about 36MB, installed easily, no mention made of extraneous apps being dragged along.

  2. JackRussell

    I got some popup wanting to install an update, but I cancelled and instead did an uninstall. That is getting to be the way I deal with these things. If I ever need it again, it would be easy to install the latest version..

  3. Ron Blackwell

    Thanks, Brian. Interestingly, my Apple Software Updater didn’t indicate the new QT update, nor did iTunes, which usually updates whenever there is a QT update.

  4. xAdmin

    The one “shared” house computer that has iTunes/QuickTime on it had a prompt from the Apple Software Update app last night about this update. I went ahead and logged in as administrator and installed the update. The download size was about 36MB. The download and install completed, no reboot needed. As is usual, I clear all temp files and ran a disk defrag then logged back in as a limited user, everything seems to work normally. Although, as I’ve posted previously, this “house” laptop still doesn’t perform as well as it did BEFORE installing iTunes/QuickTime. Oh well, I just wish we were not locked into having to use iTunes in order to use an iPod. In comparison, a non-Apple mp3 player can just be plugged into the PC for use without having to install ANY software!

    1. Thomas Milne

      Have a look at Sharepod, (freeware). It’s not as fully featured, in fact it’s pretty basic- but if your hatred for iTunes is as strong as mine then you might find it a welcome relief!

  5. Heron

    There’s also a new version of Winamp ( available.

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