July 10, 2014

nprlock On Monday, I had the distinct pleasure of being a guest on Terry Gross‘s Fresh Air radio show on National Public Radio. I’m a huge fan of Gross’s show and was quite flattered and honored to have been invited.

The roughly 39-minute interview covered a range of topics, including my reporting on the Target and Neiman Marcus breaches, as well as an investigation into how an identity theft service conned its way into getting access to a subsidiary of big three credit bureau Experian.

Gross also asked about some of the responses that my reporting has engendered from various denizens of the cybercrime underground, hence the title of the segment, “The Hazards of Probing the Internet’s Dark Side.”

The archived podcast of the show is available here.

18 thoughts on “Interview With Fresh Air’s Terry Gross

  1. is it cos i black !!!

    Can wait to see in amazon store . So we can write tons of negative feedback’s .

    1. Bob

      I don’t think NPR sells interviews on Amazon, since they make it available for free on their site.

      1. SeymourB

        You know, if you’d played along, who knows how long he would have waited for this interview to come out on Amazon.

    2. JCitizen

      Hopefully it will be available on PBS video so I can order the DVD and give it a big fat thumbs up!!!

  2. ODA155

    Brian… dude, you need to update that photo on your banner… you got a little gray going on in that picture over on NPR 🙂

  3. ZOD

    that’s an updated picture, he just colored it grey for the show.

  4. CooolAC

    It still amazes me how most media is still more concerned with the NSA spying on people rather then these big data brokers who sell our identities, and the fact that noone has any responsibility at all. (we are not even talking about criminal hackers who stalk families)

    I mean the NSA doesn’t even need to spy on you. They can just buy the info like everyone else, like private investigators can, or even identity thieves can apparently. From what I understand, the info Experian sold, they got from two other companies that were collecting data. Your data is everywhere. Like Brian said, enough info to steal your identity, try to learn about your personality and habits, and track your locations. They had access to 200 million people!

    I was hoping the interviewer would of asked Brian, just exactly how many data aggregators are out there?!?! And how much more info they sell then what the NSA has in their bulk collection of meta data hahaha…

  5. Elizabeth

    fresh Air is available free as a podcast. The podcast is available the day after airing for downloading

  6. Harry S

    Nice to finally hear your voice Brian after reading your blog for so many years.

    I’m surprised that she didn’t bring up the swatting story herself. That’s how I see the opening scene of your movie … the swat team at your door frantically getting into position with lots of weapons being flailed about wantonly …

  7. joe milkes

    Congrats on some wonderful PR and recognition. I wasn’t able to hear the entire interview but did catch the part about the swat team showing up at your door. What a horrible experience at the time. Sure glad it turned out ok. Hope your book does well.

  8. TheOreganoRouter.onion.it /NotMe #2

    Thanks for re-posting the link

  9. Phoenix

    Maybe if you make a contribution to NPR and become a member you can go into the archives and down the audio.

  10. Dave

    Listened to your program…very interesting..I have had such great help from your articles…keep up the great work and our prayers are with you for your safety..one day you will have to write all about that

  11. Corto

    Very good interview .greets to brian.

    p.s.- you can download audio from npr…go to link provided, the pop-up that opens has a download link to the audio file – 17,8 mb mp3

  12. Jairaj Swann

    Great interview, it encouraged me to subscribe to your blog.

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