August 11, 2014

Good news for fans of this blog who have not yet pre-ordered a copy of my upcoming book, Spam Nation. Politics & Prose, a literary landmark in the District of Columbia, will be helping me launch a six-city book tour, and is offering a personalized message from this author for anyone who pre-orders a copy of Spam Nation through the D.C. store’s Web site.

Politics&ProseLogoUse this link to purchase from Politics & Prose and receive a signed and personalized print copy of Spam Nation. The offer is good through November 18. Please send your proof-of-purchase to Buyers have the option of picking the book up in the store, or having it shipped.

Other cities that we will visit on the book tour include Austin, Chicago, New York, San Francisco and Seattle. Stay tuned for more information about those events.

And as always, thank you for your readership!

26 thoughts on “Personalize Your Copy of Spam Nation

  1. DCCyber

    No DC either?? You should do a signing at Politics & Prose or somewhere in the DMV. I know us local cyber fans would love to run into you!

    1. BrianKrebs Post author

      Hrm. I’m guessing you didn’t read the blog post above, which is all about having a book signing at Politics and Prose in DC.

      1. DCCyber

        Well I checked their calendar, and you weren’t on it. When are you thinking the tour begin?

          1. Mike B

            I see where I can preorder, but I too would like to know when the actual signing will be. Perhaps the date has not been set yet?

  2. Kelly

    You should come to Boston. You know you have a lot of fans here!

  3. Chris

    Brian, is the Pro-Order signed copy deal available to us over here in the UK?

  4. MV

    I know I should wait for the post but will you be in NYC or throughout New York and which city will you be in during the official release?

    1. sergei

      Read this sentence carefully:

      “Other cities that we will visit on the book tour include Austin, Chicago, New York, San Francisco and Seattle. “

  5. Sean Parnell

    Hi Brian,

    You should come to Alaska, over at the Parnassus Books bookstore. I’m sure we could get a crowd here for you to sign your book for. Also I’d show you where we here in Alaska can see Russia from our front porches.

    Sean Parnell
    10th Governor of Alaska

    Alaska, The Last Frontier

  6. Bill Schubert

    Is there a link to the Austin book tour stop?

  7. Michael C

    Come to Charlotte Brian! Lots of cybersecurity folks here! don’t forget us!!!

  8. Joe

    Just took a security class and used your research quite a bit in one of my papers, and I’m happy to support your hard work.

    I’m also in the “Come to Minneapolis” camp.

  9. john doe

    this fool has been a goldmine of infomation for me, better than any forum lol even tempted to buy his dam book now , keep up the good work krebbsy

  10. CyberGuyPR

    Glad to see Chicago is a stop. Looking forward to it.

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