October 31, 2014

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners today announced they have selected Yours Truly as the recipient of this year’s “Guardian Award,” an honor given annually to a journalist “whose determination, perseverance, and commitment to the truth have contributed significantly to the fight against fraud.”

acfeThe Guardian Award bears the inscription “For Vigilance in Fraud Reporting.”

Previous honorees include former Washington Post investigative reporter and two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Susan Schmidt; Diana Henriques, a New York Times contributing writer and author of The Wizard of Lies (a book about Bernie Madoff); and Allan Dodds Frank, a regular contributor to Fortune.com and The Daily Beast.

I’d like to thank the ACFE for this prestigious award, and offer a special note of thanks to all of you dear readers who continue to support my work as an independent journalist.

The ACFE’s blog post about the award is here.

102 thoughts on “KrebsOnSecurity Honored for Fraud Reporting

  1. Isaac

    You done good BK, very good!

    Keep up the intensity and on the trail exposing these fraudsters!

  2. Tyler

    Well deserved and great job! I look forward to reading your book next month.

  3. Cody

    Congrats on a well deserved award and thank you for continuing your great work.

  4. Mr. Allen

    Well done Mr. Krebs. Congratulations on your award. Hoping to see you on your trip to the Pacific Northwest. Keep up the GREAT work.

  5. barnyard door

    Fan-tastic…bring those mobsters to justice…

  6. John Cali

    Congratulations, Brian! No one deserves the Guardian Award more than you! Thank you so much for all your many years of looking after our cyber security.

  7. Tom

    You deserve this award Brian, keep holding lazy companies’ feet to the fire … it’s the only way the average consumer will have anything resembling information security in this increasingly unstable world.

  8. Robert

    Well done Brian, well deserved.
    Your news is always worth reading.
    Although a lot of your info is not relavant to us in the UK, I think we are heading in a similar direction.
    Thank you.

  9. JimV

    10 thumbs-up, Brian! Congratulations on a well-deserved honor for all your efforts!

  10. Jonathan E. Jaffe

    What we have said for years is laudatory because we know your work.

    What the rest of the world says is good to hear because it is well deserved and about FRACKING TIME!


  11. JCitizen

    Why am it not surprised?! Shall you never give up the dedication to this cause Brian! Recognition is required by all of us for your efforts!

  12. Lease Duckwall

    Congratulations Brian! You have come a long way in the four years I’ve been following you!

  13. walter p komarnicki

    congratulations, Brian, I read your emails and deeply appreciate the warnings, this is a well-deserved honor!

  14. Barbara

    Congratulations Brian. Well deserved acknowledgement of your good work.

  15. Jeffry Martini

    Brian, this well deserved award will be one of many to fill your ever growing trophy case. Maintaining your independence is especislly crucial to your high credibility as a journalist, investigator and source of reliable and relatable information. Thank you for the essential work that you produce!

  16. Elaine

    Congratulations Brian! Those of us who read your blog know how much you deserve recognition of what you do.

    Thank you for all you do!

  17. James Rochford

    Congratulations, Brian! The honor is well-deserved!

  18. Nicole Armand

    Congratulations Brian!!!! I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this award. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t know about half of what was really going on out there nor what I should even do about it. Again, congratulations; it is well earned.

  19. Ashley Araujo

    Congratulation Brian. Well deserved award and Thank you for all the valuable and reliable information

  20. Chris Thomas

    I am sure that we all appreciate that your work is not without personal risk so a considerable amount of courage must have been necessary in your fight against the inhabitants of the cyber underworld.

    I have learned much from the insights you have disclosed as well as benefiting greatly from the alerts you have raised.

    Thank you Brian.

  21. uzix

    Congratulations Mr.Brian Krebs!!
    Olá from Portugal 😀

  22. FloridaITGuy

    Congratulations, Brian. You’ve done an outstanding job helping to keep us informed during these troublesome times. Well deserved. Keep it up.

  23. Isabelle

    Congratulations! Thank you for all you do to give us a heads-up on what’s happening out there.

  24. Rebecca

    Awesome, congrats!! I know you are my go to site when I am working on combating fraud throughout my cu.

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