January 12, 2015

I put this out on Twitter last Friday but wanted to note it here in the blog as well: The National Press Foundation graciously announced last week that it plans to award me its Chairman’s Citation, which “confers recognition on individuals whose accomplishments fall outside the traditional categories of excellence.”

npfI’m truly honored by this award, and more than a little humbled by the pedigree of its previous winners. The NPF’s Chairman’s Citation was last awarded in 2012 to the late, great New York Times reporter Anthony Shadid, who died in Syria that same year. Shadid, a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, was also a former Washington Post reporter. Likewise, the award was presented in 2010 to Colbert King, a Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist at The Post.

This honor also gives me another opportunity and platform for proselytizing to media colleagues about the merits and rewards of being an independent journalist. Some of my reporter friends probably get sick of hearing it from me, but there has never been a more important time for reporters who are passionate about creating original, impactful content to consider going it alone. A diversity of authoritative (and accountable) voices on important topics keeps the mainstream media honest and on its toes. More crucially, it helps inspire and cultivate the next generation of the Fourth Estate.

A hearty “THANK YOU” to the NPF for this recognition, and to the faithful readers here who make this all worthwhile!

80 thoughts on “KrebsOnSecurity Wins Ntl’ Journalism Award

  1. NotMe

    Fine company to keep Brain, thanks for helping to promote a free and independent press in America, We need it more than ever.

    1. George G

      “Fine company to keep Brain, thanks …”

      I think you meant Brian, but in this case what you actually typed fits very well.

  2. JCitizen

    Definitely deserved! It is good you present encouragement and example for reporters everywhere, as we don’t get the quality news we need today. There is more to the world that what Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus are doing.

  3. EGeissinger

    Congrats. You definitely deserve it. We need more people who actually research and report instead of just regurgitating what’s on the wire.

  4. Likes2LOL

    Congratulations, the award is well deserved!

    It’s been said before but it bears repeating, The Washington Post made a *huge* mistake in letting you go, this is just further proof. 😉

  5. Barbara B

    Congratulations and Happy New Year, Brian! I am sure this is just the first of many more accolades in 2015!

  6. Jim

    I echo the comments mentioned already. As someone who is interested in protecting businesses and individuals against identity theft, I appreciate the information you share. I consider it as a course on identity theft education.

  7. AJ North

    Hearty congratulations, Brian, on a fitting way to start a new year!

  8. Red

    Congratulations, Brian. We need more people like you. Headlines like this one in today’s news (U.S. CentCom’s Twitter, YouTube accounts hacked) are scary to consider. You seem to be one of the few digging out details and shining a light in dark places. I’m hoping you might comment on this news item in a future blog.

  9. JJ

    I was going to donate some BTC, but your link needs updating (“no checkout found”). You must know that independent journalists gotta eat, too. Please fix so I can donate. Congratulations.

  10. JM

    Congratulations Brian! The award is well deserved… keep up the great work!

  11. Dave Newbern

    Congratulations Brian! I am so glad you made the break from the Washington Post and became an independent reporter. May you have many more years of reporting!

  12. Shssael Perez

    Congratulations Mr. Krebs, a very well deserved award. I wish nothing but success in the future. Please continue doing your investigative work. It benefits us all. What a way to start the New Year.

  13. Dan Martin

    Did a quick double-take after reading the National Press Foundation’s description of recognizing “individuals whose accomplishments fall outside the traditional categories of excellence.” On a quick read, that came across like the “Montgomery Burns Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence.”

    Your book was excellent. Your reporting is excellent. Both are appreciated by us readers, and it is nice to see you recognized by the National Press Foundation.

    I was a bit put off by “outside the traditional categories of excellence,” as I think of your blog, and book, as throwbacks to traditional journalism at its best–excellent development of sources, unbiased reporting, a fair representation of all sides of contentious issues, and an element of physical courage. I would not have had the courage to meet Pavel Vrublevsky face to face in Moscow.

    1. petepall

      Agreed. At first the citation sounded like faint praise, but after reading Brian’s exposition, it is a worthy recognition. He certainly has performed as a true journalist should, in pursuit of the truth, even as we mourn those in France who are no longer with us.

  14. Maureen

    Congratulations! Well deserved, Brian! I am also happy to see you encouraging journalists toward independence. I am so tired of what passes for reporting these days.

  15. Gerda

    Congratulations to you Brian. It is well deserved.
    And many thanks for keeping all of us informed and much safer.
    Many Blessings to you.

  16. kathyb

    Congratulations Brian! I love it when your work is recognized, rewarded and respected. This recognition is richly deserved.

    You’ve been my cybersecurity go-to guy for a 3-4 yrs.


  17. timoty

    Gongratulations Brian! I’ve learned so much reading your articles. Btw, one of our newspapers mentioned your site over here in Finland today.

  18. dmarc

    Attaboy & Congratulations Brian! Finally receiving the deserved recognition and respect as a true journalist, researcher and educator. Many thanks for your hard work and endurance!!!

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