January 12, 2015

I put this out on Twitter last Friday but wanted to note it here in the blog as well: The National Press Foundation graciously announced last week that it plans to award me its Chairman’s Citation, which “confers recognition on individuals whose accomplishments fall outside the traditional categories of excellence.”

npfI’m truly honored by this award, and more than a little humbled by the pedigree of its previous winners. The NPF’s Chairman’s Citation was last awarded in 2012 to the late, great New York Times reporter Anthony Shadid, who died in Syria that same year. Shadid, a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, was also a former Washington Post reporter. Likewise, the award was presented in 2010 to Colbert King, a Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist at The Post.

This honor also gives me another opportunity and platform for proselytizing to media colleagues about the merits and rewards of being an independent journalist. Some of my reporter friends probably get sick of hearing it from me, but there has never been a more important time for reporters who are passionate about creating original, impactful content to consider going it alone. A diversity of authoritative (and accountable) voices on important topics keeps the mainstream media honest and on its toes. More crucially, it helps inspire and cultivate the next generation of the Fourth Estate.

A hearty “THANK YOU” to the NPF for this recognition, and to the faithful readers here who make this all worthwhile!

80 thoughts on “KrebsOnSecurity Wins Ntl’ Journalism Award

  1. Harry

    “A diversity of authoritative (and accountable) voices on important topics keeps the mainstream media honest and on its toes. More crucially, it helps inspire and cultivate the next generation of the Fourth Estate.”

    Congratulations Brian for a well deserved award. You and journalists like yourself are the reason the MSM are receding and internet journalists like yourself are getting noticed. The MSM are no longer doing the job of unbiased investigative journalists and in fact fire them when they expose truth or refuse to follow the corporate directives. (Read Sharyl Attkisson and others like her who prefer truth over biased media agenda) Now if the government can be prevented from stifling free speech, it will only get better. Go Brian Go!

  2. Anna

    Well done! Congratulations! It’s so nice to have hard work rewarded and recognized.

  3. Evie

    What else can I add? I second everything here, and add my own grateful “Thank you!”.

  4. omer bauer

    Brian, you are the best……….since day one. You deserve it………..enjoy it.

  5. JimV

    +100 on the congratulations and honor for recognition of the intrinsic (perhaps incalculable) value of your efforts and insights, Brian!


    Congratulations Brian, well deserved recognition for everything you do to make a positive difference!

  7. Watisoni

    Congratulations Brian on this much deserved award anf recognition. Here’s a toast of celebration to you!

  8. zackis

    Well deserved indeed Mr. Krebs, simply put your site is one of the best ive read about the topic in 15 years of IT work!

  9. Steve

    I 46th the congratulations! Absolutely VERY well deserved.


    Strong Work Brian! Thank you for everything leading up to this award.

    Oh, and I’m about a quarter of the way through the book and loving it.

  11. Quinn

    Fantastic! & well deserved.

    A hardy congratulations, Brian.

    May you live long & prosper! ;^)

  12. Dr. C.K.

    Congratulations for a well deserved award. I recommend your blog to all my friends.

  13. Stratocaster

    I am always appalled when I learn that colleagues in the supposed profession of IT have not heard of your work, let alone read it or subscribe to your newsletter. (I do not work in IT, I only relentlessly browbeat those who do.) I recommend it every chance I get to anyone who cares about IT security —which these days should be pretty much everybody — and often forward posts on subjects of interest.

    Hopefully this eminent recognition will bring your work to the attention of more people who should be aware of it.

  14. Isaac

    Congrats and “Thank You” for validating what I suspect your readership already knew about the value your reporting provides!

    This is indeed a MAJOR AWARD. Now when is that movie coming out?

  15. walter p komarnicki

    Congratulations and keep fighting the good fight!

  16. David Vargas

    Outstanding. Much deserved, Brian. Congrats. You play a crucially important role in the security community. As far as I’m concerned, reading your blog is yet another layer in our Defense-in-Depth strategy!

  17. wiredog

    accomplishments fall outside the traditional categories of excellence
    Yeah, I had a teacher describe one of my papers that way once. 😉

  18. IA Eng

    Looks like the path that was taken by you and other reporters through the Post was a winner move.

    Hopefully, the next generation breed can see what it takes to become one of the best.

    I always like to add “remember where you came from”, and if it is possible, teach a young “whipper-snapper” a single thing to make him see the correct ways of doing something right.

    Congratz there Brian. And as always, keep up the good work and the eye vigilant.

  19. Dan

    This is one case where attribution is easy. Well deserved and well done!

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