103 thoughts on “My Yahoo Account Was Hacked! Now What?

  1. Rachael

    I received a message that someone may have hacked into my Yahoo account and I can’t log back in. When I go through all the options to reset my password it just says “Uh-oh, Looks like we can’t recover your account online. Please visit our help site to get back in.” But there is nothing that helps me on their help site. It just loops me back around to the same options I tried and don’t work. Any help you incite you have would be greatly appreciated!!!

      1. Todd

        Me too, I think it’s lost forever.
        Gmail it is from this point on.

  2. Mike_SMO

    I am glad that you have had good luck with gmail.

    From my experience, I feel pretty confident that gmail messages are being scanned and the contents sold to spam providers. I contacted a supplier about a product line using the firm’s encrypted contact form. They replied using an old “traditional” gmail account that they have been using “forever”. Usually I get possibly several spam email per week on the account in question. After that gmail reply, I received many hundreds, using my actual name (which was in the reply but not in that email account background information) focusing on the product type along with that particular email account which I used. There was also a burst of the usual offers for Russian wives and requests for help from several troublrd Nigerian princes.

    The firm does not seem to have its own email server I am therefore fairly sure that the gmail message that I received was scanned for usable data for spam distributers. My own email accounts are one of those address ranges handled by Yahoo and I have had no indication that similar “scanning” has originated at my end of the message path. I mention enough equipment, devices, and materials in emails that I think that I would have noticed some relevant spam.

    There might be other players able to tap into the message pathway with that firm (perhaps the firm’s website provider), but Google’s business is your business, so I am suspicious of the “G” for the burst of spam.

    I am glad that you have had good luck with gmail.

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