December 29, 2019

Today marks the 10th anniversary of! Over the past decade, the site has featured more than 1,800 stories focusing mainly on cybercrime, computer security and user privacy concerns. And what a decade it has been.

Stories here have exposed countless scams, data breaches, cybercrooks and corporate stumbles. In the ten years since its inception, the site has attracted more than 37,000 newsletter subscribers, and nearly 100 million pageviews generated by roughly 40 million unique visitors.

Some of those 40 million visitors left more than 100,000 comments. The community that has sprung up around KrebsOnSecurity has been truly humbling and a joy to watch, and I’m eternally grateful for all your contributions.

One housekeeping note: A good chunk of the loyal readers here are understandably security- and privacy-conscious, and many block advertisements by default — including the ads displayed here.

Just a reminder that KrebsOnSecurity does not run third-party ads and has no plans to change that; all of the creatives you see on this site are hosted in-house, are purely image-based, and are vetted first by Yours Truly. Love them or hate ’em, these ads help keep the content at KrebsOnSecurity free to any and all readers. If you’re currently blocking ads here, please consider making an exception for this site.

Last but certainly not least, thank you for your readership. I couldn’t have done this without your encouragement, wisdom, tips and support. Here’s wishing you all a happy, healthy and wealthy 2020, and for another decade of stories to come.

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118 thoughts on “Happy 10th Birthday,

  1. Jeff

    Happy Anniversary! I found your site when I worked for Okta. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve forwarded your articles to in the past 5 years. I would love it if you and your team published some reference architectures for end users, Windows, Mac, Chrome, Mobile, etc… and maybe someone could build a test for when it changes. (Maybe the browsers could build-in auto-check/update to the Krebs Standard safe architecture). Regardless, please keep up the great work!

    Happy New Year too!

  2. James J Hare

    You would have whitelisted from day 1 if I knew your ad policy. That model obviously wouldn’t scale to the kinds of advertisements most websites are trying to do but it certainly seems far more security conscious and easier to accept than the current models where unvetted creatives that can contain all sorts of malicious code are sent out without any human review.

  3. SeymourB

    Here’s to hoping for another 10 years.

    Not that it probably matters, but because of the ads on your site coupled with positive discussions elsewhere I included Duo as part of a remote access solution at work.

  4. Brian

    Appreciate your policy of first party hosted ads. I am happy to see them if they help keep the lights on and they are not pulling in tons of unneeded junk. Keep up the good work and thanks for the unique and thorough coverage you provide.

  5. Bob

    Looks like somebody was celebrating the new year by trying to DDOS your site yesterday. It was very slow and when I tried to post a comment it returned an error. Much better today.

    Mandatory nerd comment: Since KOS has been around for ten years now, your image should read 1010, not 10.

    Thanks for all your great work!

  6. Michael

    Thank you for your leadership in this area – your articles are great, and I enjoy reading them. I look forward to many more years of KOS!

  7. Paul

    Congratulations Brian and thanks for all the insight and alerts. I started following you in your last months at the Washington Post and when I saw your announcement about moving on I was worried that I’d lost a great resource. How wrong I was and how much better your reporting has become. I pass your name on to any and all IT security people I know.

    Keep up the great work, and again thanks.

  8. Cameochi

    Happy Tenth Anniversary! It’s hard to believe it’s been that long that we’ve been here. Here’s hoping you have many more great years ahead. Like some other readers, I’ve recommended you to the IT people I worked with and never once did you steer them wrong. Thank you for all you do to keep us safe. 🙂

  9. Jake Brodsky

    I remember your work from when you used to write for the Washington Post. I have followed your web site off and on over the years and it has always been entertaining and informative.

    Your work is what exemplifies the tradition of muckraking journalism. Keep it up, Mr. Krebs!

  10. PattiM

    Sorry for off-topic… I’ve noticed that, according to google, someone knows my gmail passwords; it blocks them because of unrecognized device. My passwords are very good and unique, and I’m a linux-only user, only accessing mail on a linux laptop via Thunderbird.
    Is google being hacked or are they having an algorithm issue?

  11. Clay_T

    A belated happy birthday to KrebsOnSecurity.
    Keep up the fine work, Brian!

  12. Dave Newbern

    A belated kudos on ten years of great service! I have always found your advice to spot on and useful. Here’s to another ten years!

    Dave Newbern

  13. Nagbhat

    hello Bryan

    Here is for next decade. Keep up the good work.


  14. Adam Brower

    Thank you for not referring to the occasion as the “Ten year anniversary”.

  15. Kim

    And the award goes to….

    Thank you, Brian.
    You are truly a blessing.

  16. cthulhu

    This may sound stupid, but……what ads am I supposed to see? I see one from Akamai, and a bunch that seem like they link back into this site. I always thought my settings were just slamming third-party ads — and your description of the ads you host seem like they should be fine.

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