November 8, 2020

The body of a man found shot inside a burned out vehicle in Canada three years ago has been identified as that of Davis Wolfgang Hawke, a prolific spammer and neo-Nazi who led a failed anti-government march on Washington, D.C. in 1999, according to news reports.

Homicide detectives said they originally thought the man found June 14, 2017 in a torched SUV on a logging road in Squamish, British Columbia was a local rock climber known to others in the area as a politically progressive vegan named Jesse James.

Davis Wolfgang Hawke. Image: Spam Kings, by Brian McWilliams.

But according to a report from CTV News, at a press conference late last month authorities said new DNA evidence linked to a missing persons investigation has confirmed the man’s true identity as Davis Wolfgang Hawke.

A key subject of the book Spam Kings by Brian McWilliams, Hawke was a Jewish-born American who’d legally changed his name from Andrew Britt Greenbaum. For many years, Hawke was a big time purveyor of spam emails hawking pornography and male enhancement supplements, such as herbal Viagra.

Hawke had reportedly bragged about the money he earned from spam, but told friends he didn’t trust banks and decided to convert his earnings into gold and platinum bars. That sparked rumors that he had possibly buried his ill-gotten gains on his parents’ Massachusetts property.

In 2005, AOL won a $12.8 million lawsuit against him for relentlessly spamming its users. A year later, AOL won a court judgment authorizing them to dig on that property, although no precious metals were ever found.

More recently, Hawke’s Jesse James identity penned a book called Psychology of Seduction, which claimed to merge the “shady world of the pickup artist with modern science, unraveling the mystery of attraction using evolutionary biology and examining seduction through the lens of social and evolutionary psychology.”

The book’s “about the author” page said James was a “disruptive technology pioneer” who was into rock climbing and was a resident of Squamish. It also claimed James held a PhD in theoretical physics from Stanford, and that he was an officer in the Israeli Defense Force.

It might be difficult to fathom why, but Hawke may have made a few enemies over the years. Spam Kings author McWilliams notes that Hawke changed his name with regularity and used many pseudonyms.

“I could definitely see this guy making someone so mad at him they’d want to kill him,” McWilliams told CTV. “He was a guy who really pushed people that way and was a crook. I mean, he was a conman. That was what he was and I can see how somebody might get mad. I can also see him staging his own death or committing suicide in a fashion like that, if that’s what he chose to do. He was just a perplexing guy. I still don’t feel like I have a handle on him and I spent the better part of a year trying to figure out what made him tick.”

The father of the deceased, Hy Greenbaum, has offered a $10,000 reward to any tipster who can help solve his son’s homicide. British Columbia’s Integrated Homicide Investigation Team also is seeking clues, and can be reached at

44 thoughts on “Body Found in Canada Identified as Neo-Nazi Spam King

  1. mealy

    “Cool guy otherwise” said nobody without Hitler-stache.

    1. Richard Turnbull

      Some people internalize a generalized bigotry and bias against their own “affiliations” and it becomes self-hatred, which they attempt to escape by identifying with even the most egregious oppressors.
      Admittedly, for this guy to become an open “neo-Nazi” is a really extreme example but not completely unknown.
      You could always research the established psychological research on this kind of behavior, there’s plenty of valid info online if you have the time and inclination.

      1. BTAire

        Why this Jewish spammer became a neo Nazi is mind boggling. Reminds me of the fictional 1975 movie “Man in the Glass Booth” that starred Maximillian Schell who was a Jewish Holocaust survivor but due to some deep psychological issues purposely assumes the identity of a Nazi death camp leader. He then stands trial in Israel but his true identity is revealed during the trial.
        In any case, this spammer must have made some serious enemies.

      2. JCitizen

        For years, I’ve read that Hitler had blood relations who were of Jewish descent; so nothing would surprise me.

    2. Georg

      There are plenty of self-hating whites, so no surprise if there are also self-hating jews.

      1. Interesting

        Your phrasing is interesting for someone not affiliated with nazism.

        1. Lindy

          @Interesting: I find it more condescending than interesting.

  2. Piochristian

    May God have mercy on that soul… during by bullet and fire is no way to spend eternity.

  3. bruhahahahaha

    jewish progessive vegan neo-nazi. what? did he probably die in a trump golf bunker? while worshiping and rubbing the tummy of a fatass idol of donald trump? hoping for a trump pardon? while cranking out trump herbal viagra spam email? Make Antarctica Great Again! Black Ink Splatters! Fry More SPAM In Pans!

    1. Jamison

      Your TDS is showing, and you’re not making any sense???

      1. Trump is the eternal victim

        Your gutless worship of tiny loser man is showing.

    2. Steve

      Such a beautiful display of liberal tolerance, and a fine example of how Biden’s election will unify the country!

      Now can we get back to issues of cybersecurity, etc.?

      1. Does

        A while back I’ve decided back to do nothing but laugh about ‘muricans talking about ‘murica, it’s a joy ever since.

      2. Steve needs eyeballs.

        Tolerating nazism went out with kids named “Neville” sorry.

        If you can’t see that the cowardly petulant child in the office for the next 70 days (and refusing to accept the will of the people) is still an ongoing dumpster fire and threat to this country’s stability as a representative government, ‘you might be a redneck’

        Wake up fool, Trump is a traitor. The sooner you admit it,
        the sooner you can get back to pretending his idiotic attempt at a civil war just now never happened.

        1. Jamaica Joe

          I will be so glad when that Orange Haired Nazi gets dragged out of the WhiteHouse by the US Marshalls.

          They should have him do the perp walk down Pennsylvania Avenue for all to humiliate him.

        2. Calm Down

          Please shut up, you’re ruining a security/technology blog. If I wanted insight from politics I’d go check out CNN,MSNBC,Fox etc…

  4. The Sunshine State

    Spammers are lower than pond scum !

    Nice one hour online webinar, last week Brian

  5. Dennis

    What a putz. That is by the way how most new-Nazi spammer Jewish hitlers need to end up. Good outcome for a change.

  6. Kent Brockman

    No need to join up with the Neo-Nazis when simply becoming a Zionist will get you to pretty much the same place. Just ask a Palestian.

  7. BillyBob

    If he had lived in the Florida, he would have been elected to Congress…

  8. Steve C#

    I think this is the most telling part of this story:

    “I could definitely see this guy making someone so mad at him they’d want to kill him,” McWilliams told CTV. “He was a guy who really pushed people that way and was a crook. I mean, he was a conman. ” And the most important thing here is “conman”. Con men are almost always sociopaths.

    And the question is why did it take 3 years to figure out who’s body it was.

    1. SeymourB

      If you read, the guy changed identities frequently, and at the time he died was known as a progressive vegan rock climber, who they correct identified him as. To figure out who that guy actually was though took 3 years.

      Its not like the guy was staying in one spot for long and filing taxes and whatnot, as soon as an area became too hot from all his crimes he probably moved on and assumed a different identity. Do that for 20 years and it can take a while for someone to figure out your identity.

  9. Johan

    >The father of the deceased, Hy Greenbaum, has offered a $10,000 reward

    At least his dad can sleep at night knowing that his $10000 is safe.

    1. Mark

      @Johan – While this dude was lower than pond scum, it appears his dad would like closure, so your comment seems uncaring.

      Some parents of these types are perfectly good people, and just are trying to process the pain of losing a child.

      I suspect his sleep is affected by not knowing who the killer(s) is, hence the reward.

      Are you suggesting he offered it for some other reason, and also insinuating he cares more about the money?

      How would you feel?

      1. NotMark

        It clearly doesn’t matter who the (honorable) killer is. I’m just glad someone did the dirty work to protect other people from that a**hat.

  10. biomatrix

    As there r lotsa black ppl who support Trump, it’s no surprise u can have some1 Jewish-born who became a Nazi.

  11. Lindy

    They really didn’t need to dig up his parents yard. There are people for hire with pro-metal detectors ( big bucks, which is why I don’t have one) that will detect gold coins … so a bar would be a piece of cake.
    Those detectors work much deeper than the run of the mill $1,000 detector ;-0

  12. R.V.Klein

    I have a feeling that nobody is going to get that reward offer for some reason. Also, of course they never found the allegedly buried precious metals. There probably were none to begin with.

  13. Jamaica Joe

    I bet he was killed for his bars of gold and platinum. Likely he befriended the wrong sort of woman and she figured, hey here is a Nazi with lots of gold. Not very hard to justify the deed.

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  15. Adolf

    Once again the “Nazi menace” turns out to be another deep-cover Jew sowing dissent and discord among the gentiles.

    Whatchya doin’ there, rabbi?

  16. No one

    Hey Krebs, glad you didn’t get fired from the US government. Keep up the good work.

  17. Martin Paul

    For quite a long time, I’ve perused that Hitler had blood relations who were of Jewish plummet; so nothing would shock me.

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