June 20, 2022

Check out this handmade sign posted to the front door of a shuttered Jimmy John’s sandwich chain shop in Missouri last week. See if you can tell from the store owner’s message what happened.

If you guessed that someone in the Jimmy John’s store might have fallen victim to a Business Email Compromise (BEC) or “CEO fraud” scheme — wherein the scammers impersonate company executives to steal money — you’d be in good company.

In fact, that was my initial assumption when a reader in Missouri shared this photo after being turned away from his favorite local sub shop. But a conversation with the store’s owner Steve Saladin brought home the truth that some of the best solutions to fighting fraud are even more low-tech than BEC scams.

Visit any random fast-casual dining establishment and there’s a good chance you’ll see a sign somewhere from the management telling customers their next meal is free if they don’t receive a receipt with their food. While it may not be obvious, such policies are meant to deter employee theft.

The idea is to force employees to finalize all sales and create a transaction that gets logged by the company’s systems. The offer also incentivizes customers to help keep employees honest by reporting when they don’t get a receipt with their food, because employees can often conceal transactions by canceling them before they’re completed. In that scenario, the employee gives the customer their food and any change, and then pockets the rest.

You can probably guess by now that this particular Jimmy John’s franchise — in Sunset Hills, Mo. — was among those that chose not to incentivize its customers to insist upon receiving receipts. Thanks to that oversight, Saladin was forced to close the store last week and fire the husband-and-wife managers for allegedly embezzling nearly $100,000 in cash payments from customers.

Saladin said he began to suspect something was amiss after he agreed to take over the Monday and Tuesday shifts for the couple so they could have two consecutive days off together. He said he noticed that cash receipts at the end of the nights on Mondays and Tuesdays were “substantially larger” than when he wasn’t manning the till, and that this was consistent over several weeks.

Then he had friends proceed through his restaurant’s drive-thru, to see if they received receipts for cash payments.

“One of [the managers] would take an order at the drive-thru, and when they determined the customer was going to pay with cash the other would make the customer’s change for it, but then delete the order before the system could complete it and print a receipt,” Saladin said.

Saladin said his attorneys and local law enforcement are now involved, and he estimates the former employees stole close to $100,000 in cash receipts. That was on top of the $115,000 in salaries he paid in total each year to the two employees. Saladin also has to figure out a way to pay his franchisor a fee for each of the stolen transactions.

Now Saladin sees the wisdom of adding the receipt sign, and says all of his stores will soon carry a sign offering $10 in cash to any customers who report not receiving a receipt with their food.

Many business owners are reluctant to involve the authorities when they discover that a current or former employee has stolen from them. Too often, organizations victimized by employee theft shy away from reporting it because they’re worried that any resulting media coverage of the crime will do more harm than good.

But there are quiet ways to ensure embezzlers get their due. A few years back, I attended a presentation by an investigator with the criminal division of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) who suggested that any embezzling victims seeking a discreet law enforcement response should simply contact the IRS.

The agent said the IRS is obligated to investigate all notifications it receives from employers about unreported income, but that embezzling victims often neglect to even notify the agency. That’s a shame, he said, because under U.S. federal law, anyone who willfully attempts to evade or defeat taxes can be charged with a felony, with penalties including up to $100,000 in fines, up to five years in prison, and the costs of prosecution.

530 thoughts on “Why Paper Receipts are Money at the Drive-Thru

  1. Zeeon

    Too many situations like this happening every day.If you honest people would come back to work it would help keep business owners from having to hire the next warm body just to keep their business going. Let’s keep America great!

    1. Dan

      Honest, hard-working people would probably like to be able to put something better than Jimmy John’s on their resume. Also, the people you speak of… If they’re so honest, wouldn’t they have come back to work already, rather than milking the system?

      1. Ellie

        What is wrong with working at Jimmy John’s? Sometimes, due to life circumstances, working in food service is the best job you can get. Some people are not as entitled as you sound.

        1. Bruce

          They were making 115 K plus benefits. Thst’s hardly minimum wage. Nail their greedy a$$es for income tax evasion.

          1. Mark

            It looks like that was their combined salary. They were making between 50k-60k each.

              1. John Adams

                You are correct. Maximum minimum wage would only net $30k/yr…

            1. KariLynn

              50k-60k is a nice salary. In that city cost of living is low.

            2. Harriet Gilman

              I’m surprised that commenters have centered on the salary the crooked management team was being paid. Amount of compensation isn’t relevant to trustworthiness, virtue, or respect for law. One commenter expresses skepticism about the character of people who would work at JimmyJohn. O dear me! Half of American workers aged 20 to 30 work in the fast food industry. And so do about 15% of workers aged 30 to 40! Let us dearly hope that MOST fast food workers are people of good character because they represent a big chunk of the American people. Working is the most dignified way to earn a living.

              Good managers make sure good people are not exposed to great temptations. Even ethical workers appreciate measures to deter theft and reward integrity.

              The Baha’i Writings say, “All effort and exertion put forth by man from the fullness of his heart is worship, if it is prompted by the highest motives and the will to do service to humanity.” That means doing our fast-food jobs with a loving heart is an act of worship

              1. Kelly

                Well said. I come from an era when personal integrity actually means something.

              2. Ben

                I learned about new faith/religion today. Had never heard of The Baha’i before, thank you.

          2. Xeiran

            They were making 115 K *combined*, not per person. That’s not much for that level of responsibility as full-on manager-operators for business operations requiring roughly 14 hours every day of the week, every week of the year (5,096 hrs between 2 people). And while medical was likely covered, paid time off may or may not have been; for many franchise manager-operators with primary responsibility for the store it is not and PTO comes out of your salary. As a comparison, one of my oldest friends is a manager-operator for a Dairy Queen and earns well over $160k. For years he ran it as a mom-and-pop team until they decided it was too intrusive in their private life (split shifts, never any time together) and she went to work elsewhere at a standard 9-5 while he used roughly 1/3 his salary to hire an assistant manager.

            1. Jamie

              It sounds like the owner of the store is pretty involved, so I doubt they had that much responsibility. I mean, the guy worked the shifts himself in order to give them days off together. Sounds like they had it pretty good. Either way, you get another job if you’re unhappy, not rob the guy that’s trying to help you. People are too entitled these days.

          3. ugh

            No, it says their combined annual salary was $115k. Not that making $50k is an excuse, either.

          4. Zulu

            Umm that 115k is like 58.00 an hour or so and about 37 hours a week so they were just being greedy.

          5. Zulu

            They were making 58.00 an hour or so . So that is above minimum wage. They were just being greedy and trying to get over on the system.

            1. Kelly

              They were making 58/hr COMBINED, that equates to 29/hr each, far above minimum wage yes but not 58 bucks per hour far different wages there

          6. Harold

            I like it! Lock up criminals, especially those dr kid of morality.

          7. Dj butterman

            I’d have to say that is seriously wrong. 115k a year is a hell of lot more than minimum wage. Hell I was making 12.50 an hour in 08 before my car accident which is a little more than 25k a year, but that’s in Pa.

          8. Nessieb4

            Wow! That’s a lot of money for Jimmy John’s

          9. Bob.

            They were making that together. That’s only 57k a year each, and I bet that’s before taxes.

          10. Karla Norton

            Yes! That’s almost 57k each annually. Or about 27/hr. This is normal JJ pay for store / regional management

        2. Dawn Haddox

          Amen sure sounds like a snobby entitles ignorant comment to me…

        3. Bonniewinkler

          To me there’s nothing wrong with working at Jimmy John’s, if you want to go out to eat you need someone to serve you whether it’s a waitress a waiter someone at the drive-through etc.
          Even if you go out to dinner at a nice restaurant, you need someone to wait on you so no one should have a problem with people who work at fast food restaurants or nice steakhouse restaurants etc. Every job is important, it may not be luxurious but it’s important why can’t people understand this.??

      2. KBJones

        I doubt the honest, former employees that didn’t return are milking the system, as you say. There’s incredibly low unemployment right now. So, most everyone who can work and wants to IS working. And, since the market’s so tight, they have a better choice of wages and positions. Employers who can’t find honest workers in this market mostly aren’t paying enough and/or aren’t treating employees well enough. Now, maybe they honestly want to but just can’t afford to, and that’s unfortunate, but isn’t the fault of the workers. It’s the fault of the employer’s business model in the current market. Don’t disparage workers for taking a better offer when they have a chance.

        1. Debbie Christofferson

          It MIGHT be the employer business model but thst is not true overall as stated here. I hope you have your own business, because there are bad managers and poor business practices, and those who cant or wont pay more. Just as there are good ones. Same for employees, good and bad, lazy or productive, reliable or not,without regard to their employer. Some steal because they feel like it and they find a way to do it. Or they use drugs, or gamble, or have a health issue that saps them financially, etc. Its not necessarily because of the business or its managers. Insder theft, these people find a way around internal controls, or the business is loose or lacks sufficient controls.

      3. Schlong Bettige pie

        I’m not buying that the manager of a Jimmy John’s made $62,000 a year so they probably only stole $10,000 but still

        1. JamminJ

          What’s not to buy? The article is pretty clear. Combined, the couple earned salaries totalling $115k/yr.
          $62k and $53k are not unusual salaries for managers with experience, depending on the cost of living in that part of Missouri.
          If the couple have been doing this for years, they could easily have amassed $100k. But that’ll be for the courts to decide.

      4. Andrew Whitehead

        Did you notice the salary for the managers 8n the story? Not minimum wage.

        1. Kim G

          Managers typically make more than minimum wage.

      5. Mary

        Honest hard working people aren’t arrogant. They realize an honest job is a job. As a business owner, I am far more impressed with a resume reflecting a stint at Jimmy John’s than a gap in employment. I want the employee who wants to work, and isn’t above doing what is needed. A friend met her husband many decades ago when she noticed a man in an expensive suit picking up trash inside a mall. She went up to him, struck up a conversation, and found out he owned half of the mall. The moral is that a company who does NOT appreciate a stint flipping burgers over an employment gap will probably not reward hard work, loyalty, and a ‘get ‘r done’ attitude. They are more likely to promote the VP’s worthless nephew or the attractive blonde.

      6. Lee

        These people who you are attacking, are not responsible for any of this, as working people we pay into security Security and taxes are taxes taking out of our earnings
        There fore people are not milking any one or the government

      7. Will

        Honest Christian people have realized there worth and want to be paid properly for their talents. So we have a right to achieve that worth . Unfortunately America was built off of dishonesty. So unless we take a true Biblical stand this will and always be the norm. Just pay us our Worth . As for the couple that stole they were being greedy and selfish and deserve what they get .

        1. Blair

          Actually, you have a right to TRY to achieve it. That is why the Declaration of Independence says “life, liberty, and PURSUIT of happiness.”

          Now, I am very much in favor of additional measures to elevate the standard of living of the vast majority of people. But when it comes to rights, no, you don’t have that right. Each of us can decide whatever we are worth and sell our labor at that price. Whether anyone wants to pay that price is up to them. But business obviously has way more power in this situation than workers do, and the bigger the business, the more power they have.

          A good start would be actually adjusting minimum wage for inflation. It’s only a matter of time before these positions are automated away, anyway, and that is GOOD. The reality is that it won’t be too long before automation starts doing all sorts of jobs, and not just menial ones. Working for a wage is no longer going to make sense. The people who happen to own these huge corporations will make so much money and control so much of the economy that a majority of people will simply be serfs living on their plantations. Healthcare must be decoupled from employment.

          And so while these managers should be punished, I do have some sympathy for them because hard work does not get you what it once did (well, at least if you were in the right group of people)–not by a long shot.

          Incidentally, not everyone is a Christian.

      8. Sb

        I guess I disagree here. There are many great and honest and hardworking people who have jobs in the restaurant industry, no matter what the pay level. I’m not sure why you might think that you are better than they are. If we didn’t have these individuals working, you might get hungry.
        Please appreciate everyone who works hard and is honest.

      9. Andrea Breau

        What ? I read that 3x ; and it still didn’t make sense…Maybe I shouldn’t have read the entire article either, so your reply would have made more sense ?..

      10. Kelly Tria

        Yes indeed! My first thought EXACTLY! Way too many people that just don’t care, it’s like a mass of wanton behavior and a lack of love. That’s gotta be it! Something must and I believe WILL change for the better!

      11. Sandra

        If it weren’t for the people that worked in the food chain your a$$ wouldn’t have a place to go out to eat when you get lazy to cook at home.so I would like to give a thank you to the people that bust there butts to serve these “I am to good to put Jimmy John’s down on a resume”….and I wouldn’t doubt that you probally do work in a low paying job but o ce again 100,000 isn’t to shabby.

      1. Cbigthings

        JOB is an acronym for Just Over Broke. Get educated in school or an apprenticeship into a trade union and get a career.

    2. Dan

      Maybe it’s the business owners fault for not managing the business and assuming that it’s okay to kick back while others work hard to make the cash flow possible.

      1. Janie

        This owner doesn’t give the impression of being a kick back boss. He seems to be trying to do right by the couple, by finding a way to give them time off together, most BOSSES don’t even consider their employee’s situations. The employer just trusted them and unfortunately he got caught up in a huge costly scam. It’s too bad because even when he reopens and hires new people he will never be trusting and therefore micro managing everyone. So it’s a losing situation all the way around.

        1. Rita

          Exactly. Honesty is the bottom line, and the couple had no respect for their employer & proved it by stealing from their boss. No pity for them here.

        2. SonySativa

          Yeah they needed a couple of days off together to enjoy all that cheese they was liftin!

      2. Ryan

        Blaming the victim of a crime is never a good idea.

      3. Jane

        An owner doesn’t have to babysit employees for them to do their hob correctly. They should install cameras though.

      4. turdburgled

        The idiots decided to steal. That is in no way the owner’s fault.

      5. RedlineFlightCarbon

        That is the stupidest thing I have read this year and that is saying a lot because I read newspapers. Only a complete moron would blame the owner for his employees stealing from him

    3. Me

      Honest people don’t have to work for minimum wage. In other words, fsck you, pay me. Ain’t capitalism grand?

      1. Brooke

        Will you explain what being honest has to do with making minimum wage please? Also, the article says they made $115,000 per year between the two of them. That’s $1,000 per week each. This comment is just so ignorant and judgmental. I will never understand this line of thinking!!!

      2. Lillie

        Excuse me, but “some” honest” people have been injured in accidents and can no longer work full time in their careers. They then *choose* to work where they are able to function and still enjoy doing something professional (yes,professional) and productive) to still pay rent/mortgage & necessary bills.

    4. Jacamo

      Well that’s a pretty ignorant statement! So you’re saying that Pre-COVID that every business only had hard-working, honest employees and now businesses are staffed by thieves? How old are you?
      Theft has been happening since the opportunity presented itself! COVID didn’t cause people to begin stealing! LOL

    5. Ike Doubleday

      It’s the illegals. They’re the ones who are causing the labor shortage, cause they’re afraid of being arrested and deported. Cowards, they should climb the wall and get back to work for us real Americans!

      1. JoeSchmoe

        Then you go work the fields picking crops for 16 hours a day for below minimum. Oh wait, thats right, that kinda work is beneath you. GFC and SF fascist

      2. Bart

        It’s so hard to tell whether these commenters are sincere or satirical. Poe’s law in action.

      1. Pan

        Oh thank you finally somebody put words to it

      2. Adam

        No one seemed to see that although Trump’s campaign slogan was abbreviated MAGA, what was actually being demonstrated was MAHA. And the Trump foolery continues as the most deadly and contagious virus becomes even more virulent through mainstream and social media and is perpetuated to this day, hate, fueled by the illusion of separation. If we, as a people could simply return to our former perspective and reality of connection which even in recent history was well evident as noted – “We the People”. Unfortunately hate is addictive. And as we make every effort in recovery, we will experience withdrawal symptoms on a socially collective scale. However, the resulting advancement in our collective consciousness (should we succeed in the recovery processes) will be more than worth it, bringing value back to all the efforts of our past generations, restoring harmony in the current one, and increasing the likelihood of existence and survival for future ones. We the people will be served well to remember the framework upon which this country was intended to be built.

        1. J.Lowrance

          Compared to Biden, Trump did wonders for this country!
          He had LOT of flaws,being a doddering old fool isn’t one of them.

          1. Franco Espinoza

            The economy was booming because of the Obama years, Trump gets the credit. The great recession was caused the Bush years, Obama gets the blame. The economy started turning down because of COVID during the Trump years, Biden gets the blame.
            The economy is a slow turning ship. You have to look back 5 years to see who gets credit or blame.

        2. Evan brandvold

          Wow so now even covid is Trumps fault. Your Trump derangement syndrome has reached has gotten so bad its caused brain damage. Exactly which if his policies affected you in a negative manor? Is your life so much better now under Biden than it was under Trump? I know mine and everybody I know it’s much worse. Gas at over $5 a gallon now while under Trump it was under $1.50. And Biden is 100% to blame for our failing economy. And you should watch the new movie “200 drones” that shows with video evidence that Biden supporters were stuffing ballot boxes in the middle of the night. And I actually didn’t vote for Trump in 16 because I thought he was a joke. But say what you will about him as a person as president he did a great job even with liberals trying to boot him out of office every day. And if you’re one of the few think that Biden is doing a good job you have more brain damage than I thought

          1. LearnHistory

            The COVID-19 response under Trump was atrocious. Many more people died from ignorance than what would have been under any other president.
            There isn’t enough time to go through the many Trump policies that negatively affect me, my family and millions of others.

            Economic impacts take years to manifest and turn around with executive action (if possible at all).
            Inflation was inevitable by the time Trump left office. Just like the housing crisis started in the final year of the Bush presidency, but Obama inherited the great recession for 6 years. Back then “unemployment” was the economic metric that everyone tried to hang on the president. But presidents have very little control over the economy.
            Now, Biden inherits another failing economy, this time unemployment is at historic lows… so opponents must cherry pick another measure of the economy, inflation.
            The reality is, the US economy has little to do with who is currently president. It takes years for changes to manifest.

          2. LearnHistory

            Regarding your conspiracy theories, these docu-nonsense movies will rot your brain and have you believing in anything. The same video “evidence” that shows normal behavior is always twisted with some narration, cherry picking, and other logical fallacies to drive their political agenda.
            Laypersons don’t know what constitutes “evidence”, and they believe anything labeled as “proof” just because they “want to believe” the BIG LIE.

            Trump will be remembered through history in a way similar to AHitler. Millions of German people followed him, loved and worshiped him. Believed his lies to the point they were willing to go to war and escalate into atrocities. Remember the BIG LIE back then was that Communists burned down the Reichstag. Hitler was able to pass the Enabling Act which solidified his power.
            Now Trump wants to find any loophole to keep him in power regardless of the will of the people. And all he has to do is convince people of a stolen election. VPutin and AHitler both have these similarities to DTrump.

            Just like the housing crisis started in the final year of the Bush presidency, but Obama inherited the great recession for 6 years. Back then “unemployment” was the economic metric that everyone tried to hang on the president. But presidents have very little control over the economy.
            Now, Biden inherits another failing economy, this time unemployment is at historic lows… so opponents must cherry pick another measure of the economy, inflation.
            The reality is, the US economy has little to do with who is currently president. It takes years for changes to manifest.

            Inflation sucks, but why aren’t you crediting Biden with historically low unemployment? Why did nobody care about the national debt under Trump?
            Could it be, that presidents don’t really matter, and the economy has so many different facets that opponents can cherry pick whatever part looks bad?

            1. David

              That’s true. Hitler even had a failed coup in the 1920’s. That was just the start. It’s fair to compare this two because Hitler needed to be stopped when he was just a right wing extremist politician, long before the atrocities which he is best remember for.
              Trump and others like him needs to be checked early. We have a democracy, but only if we can keep it by sealing up the cracks and loopholes that were made apparent when he tried to exploit them to remain in power.

      3. Sb

        Let me ask. Where is the US today and who is the president now? It was not this way under Trump! Trump may be arrogant and unpleasant but the US was in a way better situation than today.

      4. Sb

        Let me ask. Where is the US today and who is the president now? It was not this way under Trump! Trump may be arrogant and unpleasant but the US was in a way better situation than today.

        1. Um, No

          The economy is a lagging indicator.
          Economic impacts take years to manifest and turn around with executive action (if possible at all).
          Inflation was inevitable by the time Trump left office. Just like the housing crisis started in the final year of the Bush presidency, but Obama inherited the great recession for 6 years. Back then “unemployment” was the economic metric that everyone tried to hang on the president. But presidents have very little control over the economy.
          Now, Biden inherits another failing economy, this time unemployment is at historic lows… so opponents must cherry pick another measure of the economy, inflation.
          The reality is, the US economy has little to do with who is currently president. It takes years for changes to manifest.

    6. Meredith

      The honest ones are tired of the BS from the Abusive ones, like this couple.

      A teenaged employee at a Walgreens in Colrado was murdered by a coworker. She had tried to get help from management in the past year because the alleged murderer had made advances on her that made her uncomfortable. She went as far as to request a different shift to minimize her contact. But when she wanted extra hours they TOLD HER that would mean working with the coworker..

      But people are lazy and don’t want to work. No, we what to be treated like human beings.

    7. JoeSchmoe

      America has never been great. Has always been a cesspool for fascism and corporate plutocrats

      1. Evan brandvold

        Then leave I can’t stand people like you who bad mouth the US but yet you stay. You hate it so much then kick rocks and leave we’re better off without you in my country. I’ve lived all over the world and trust me when I say you have it pretty damn good here in the U.S. If you live here the only one that stops you from achieving success is you and your willingness to sacrifice and work hard. You strike me as very entitled and you think you should be given everything you want right now and because you don’t get it its the fault of the country not your laziness.

        1. Gary

          What makes you think he lives here?

          I’ve been all over the world too. Most places are worst, but some are indeed better. It depends on what you value.

    8. Jeff

      Dumb Trump comment. Are you mentally ill? Puking out political slogans in a non-related arena is indicative of someone who has too much time on their hands.

    9. Steve

      I don’t understand what this has to do with long-time management employees embezzling money?

    10. Within

      It is somehow the readers of this article’s fault? Employee theft is pretty common, especially when you have weak systems in place. You need to devise methods to catch fraud early. I wonder why standard inventory reports didn’t show a problem if they were giving away 10s of thousands of dollars in food?

    11. Edward Golonka

      The agent said the IRS is obligated to investigate all notifications it receives from employers about unreported income, but that embezzling victims often neglect to even notify the agency. That’s a shame, he said, because under U.S. federal law, anyone who willfully attempts to evade or defeat taxes can be charged with a felony, with penalties including up to $100,000 in fines, up to five years in prison, and the costs of prosecution.

      This entry was posted on Monday 20th of Good luck getting someone there, 75 days and no refund check, sent in paper because of a pass word I couldn’t retrieve, frustrated in Az

    12. Ed

      If folks want to hire honest and hard-working folks, they should pay appropriately. We should strive to start making America better.

    13. Dianagenta Critic

      If business owners want honest workers, they need to pay honest wages.

      Giving your workers the ability to live decently is the cost of business, just like supplies, advertisement, and so on, but we don’t expect them to cost less “because I can’t afford it and my business will shut down”.

      If a person can’t figure out how to make a business work without their employee wages being subsidized by food stamps or additional jobs elsewhere, they need to close shop and go be an employee somewhere. Hopefully, getting paid better than they gave.

    14. Ula

      Really? You’re one of those people who didn’t appreciate fast food workers and maybe told them to get an education? Not saying you are. But you know the reason why people aren’t returning to those kind of jobs? Because of the horrid abuse they’ve been suffering from yelling, rude, entitled customers.

    15. Janet

      You honest people, really, how dare you infer people that work are crooks. Weirdo.

    16. Esme

      Our labor benefits corporations and the richest of the rich. Nearly all of us are struggling. Down with the system!

    17. Joe

      The story said they had salaries of more than $100,000. That’s not a bad payday….

    18. Val christopher Tekaucic

      Years ago I was called in to audit the receipts of a full service restaurant. I’m an accountant and had no claim to the business as I wasn’t on payroll. But the manager suspected one of his servers was stealing but he couldn’t tell who. Using an audit technique I not only found out who but also how much. She was doing basically the same thing as the above story. Of course when she came into work she was fired…I was on site at the time and witnessed it.

    19. Dawn

      You do understand that people are leaving brick and mortar for gigs, right? It’s not that people aren’t working, they’re just leaving crap jobs for better ones. For years people have been told to just move up. They’re doing one better and moving out into the vast gig economy.

    20. Chris

      If business owners would stop not hiring people for mistakes they made in their past maybe they could get a good staff. A lot of people do bad things to make ends meet cause business owners won’t let them work

  2. John

    Sorry to bust your bubble but credit is the coin of the realm. You guys are chasing credit which is money. There are no dollars, just credit. Go read Theory of Credit by Henry Dunning Macleod. You deposit your check in the bank the bank creates credit on their books. Get it the bank creates the credit on their books/ledgers. You are the creditor the bank is the debtor or the right of action is yours.

    1. Violet TheViolet

      They’re talking about employees not recording some cash sales, and taking some of that cash. How do what You said relate to this scenario ???

    2. Truth

      I don’t hear many ppl talking like this but you are spot on. I’ve been saying for years money is best used for a bookmark because credit is what your bank account is filled with. This is why accidently adding a zero or two by a bank processor can make someone a instant thousandaire or millionaire depending on how big the goof up is.

    3. Cam

      This! You must have filed your UCC with your state like I did. Transmitting utility.

  3. Nick

    Theft is wrong, but the IRS is worse, don’t involve the IRS in anything! Taxation is theft.

    1. Barry

      Taxation is constitutional. Go leave if you don’t like it.

      1. Bob McBobinstein

        Just because it’s constitutional doesn’t make it right.

        1. Barry

          Just because someone thinks something is wrong, doesn’t make it illegal or “theft”.
          You may not want to pay for roads, firefighters, police or even public schools… but the government doing so with income and/or sale tax is required whether you like it or not.

          1. Schlong Bettige pie

            Taxing anybody that makes less than a hundred and eighty thousand a year is a crime I think how about don’t take any federal taxes out of our check and raise the sales tax 18 or 20% then we’ll get the illegals the hookers and everybody to pay tax

            1. Barry

              Seems like a good idea. I’ve thought for years, taxes should be focused on consumption, not production. That way we can incentivize production, and penalize consumption. This could drive net exports and higher GDP.

              Although some things might need to reflect a much higher sales tax. Like a car could carry 50% sales tax due to its impact on road maintenance costs. Staple food should be taxed as little as possible, but I would think some would want to tax high carbon foods like steak and/or unhealthy foods.
              Gasoline being such an environmental hazard, a national strategic reserve commodity and a non-renewable resource, would need to be taxed like 80%.

        2. Peggy

          Someone has to pay for building roads to these places, supplying police officers to protect the owners & customers. Would you really want a world without all the unseen benefits?

      2. Kenneth

        Somebody’s brainwashed into hanging over their hard earned money…

        1. Paxton

          You mean handing? Income taxes are usually taken out before you get them into your hands. The only successful brainwashing is the uneducated who don’t understand economics and think that gross wages equal net wages.

          1. Jazmine

            Actually your taxes don’t really go towards paying for your roads and schools. Most of your taxes go towards paying those 100,000$ salaries of Congressmen and politicians. Or they go towards buying new materials for our military. Now granted the military needs new goods. But why does our governor need a 1000$ raise every 6 months or our Congressmen. Quite literally only 15% of your taxes go back into your community unless you privately donate to places or you live in a rich neighborhood where your property taxes are hardwired by your HOA to go back to the community. Hence poorer areas have next to nothing and only rich communities who have the ability to control where their money ends up get a say so.

            1. no, not actually

              Federal income tax is one thing. State taxes are another. Many states have income tax, and all states use property tax (especially for schools). Roads, usually underfunded, can be paid through both state taxes and federal taxes (using grants).
              The bulk of federal income tax goes to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid. Of course, people who don’t use them at their stage in life, might not care.
              But the point of taxes is not to be a reciprocating transaction (the person who pays taxes, receives the benefits). It’s about living in a society.

            2. Quintana

              No, our trillions of tax dollars are not going to pay government eleted official’s salaries, nor just the military. Half of state taxes go to schools, the rest roads, parks, polices ,social programs, state worker salaries etc. Fed taxes go literally everywhere, local property taxes go to schools and local gov, city taxes go to local gov, gas taxes build roads. We live in a country of 330 million people and keeping all this stuff going and safe costs money. Get involved, get an education, pay your share and quit whining.

            3. Johnny

              Wow, you are really uneducated. HOA dues are not taxes. And yes, schools get tax money and lots of it. But I digress. Morals do not correlate with with wealth. Stealing is wrong period. There is no justification for stealing from someone else simply because you think they make more money than you. There is a lot of risk going into business for yourself. Most businesses fail especially in the food industry.

        2. Rebecca

          Or…maybe somebody enjoys paved roads, fire & police services, streetlights, snow removal and, you know, all the other niceties that the taxes that we pay provide.

      3. Brandon

        No it’s not. It’s been forced on us by our lovely leaders. Only mention of tax in our constitution refers to taxation without represetation. But taxes are not constitutional. Go ahead and read about tax history if you disagree. (Which you should have already done before making such an incredibly naive statement)

        1. Barry

          “The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of …”
          Article I, Section 8, Clause 1 – The US Constitution.

          Typical uneducated, believes random conspiracy loons on the Internet, and can’t be bothered to read the Constitution. It’s not a long document , just a boring one, so people who can only pay attention if someone is shouting and scaring them on the TV don’t bother to fact check what they are claiming.

        2. Schlong Bettige pie

          Brilliant statement sir tax the corporations only.! The end

      4. Dan Scheer

        How about just stay and not like it and everyone stfu, isn’t that the Republican way?

      5. Nope

        Is it?
        It wasn’t. Then it was changed. Property tax was. Not income.
        That was fraud perpetrated later by special interests.

        1. Yep

          That’s disputed. The Constitution gave a pretty broad power to Congress to levy taxes. No mention of property, income, or any other specifics. Of course people dispute the constitution all the time for being not specific enough, and claimed that if “it doesn’t specifically say income, then you can’t”.
          Of course it that’s not really an argument that works. Try that with the 2nd, and those same people will claim that it doesn’t have to be specific to apply.

      6. Schlong Bettige pie

        Taxation was initially set up for corporations not individuals do your history

        1. Barry

          Taxation predates this country. This taxation was to the Crown and because it was a monarchy and the colonies had no representation in parliament to even have a say about such taxation, it was “taxation without representation. Not even the American Revolutionaries were against all taxation, just against not having any say about it.

          And the most famous taxation, sales tax on stamps and tea, was not just for corporations, but INDIVIDUALS. When the new government was set up, there wasn’t an “income tax”, no. But plenty of taxes for all kinds of things.

          The Constitution does not specify individuals or corporations. It was broad on purpose, so that Congress could levy taxes in a variety of ways.
          An income tax for individuals is perfectly in line with the US Constitution whether you agree with it or not. And whether or not they “initially set it up that way” in the 18th century.

          How about you learn your history instead of doing it.

    2. Henry Finkler

      I know its popular to hate the IRS, but not paying your fair share of taxes is theft.
      You’re stealing from taxpayers who have to make up the difference.

      It’s the same justification for criminal behavior just at a different scale.
      These low life managers skimming money, probably think the store owner is greedy and overpaid.
      The tax dodging owners and CEOs of medium and larger businesses also think the government is greedy and overpaid, so they don’t pay their taxes.
      All are crooks.

      1. Jim

        THE IRS and the FBI, were given the highest level of authority and power without accountability. A former IRS agent resigned and became available to help common people to get as much back as possible when filing…told me IRS agents have GREAT incentive to come after you for any delinquency, and pile on fines because they are rewarded with 50% of funds they collect. Perfect storm perpetuating corruption.

        1. Liars

          Sounds like someone is having a bit of fun at your expense.
          No, it is not legal for an IRS employee to receive any kind of commission based on audits. I would do a background check on this, “former IRS agent”. There are a lot of scammers out there.

    3. Lisa

      Theft so you dont drive on the roads your kids never went to public school, the police det offered dept don’t go to your house 911 doesn’t work,election s aren’t run in your area? If you do t pay taxes I say you’re stealing everytime you go to a park even.

    4. Nessieb4

      Yes because they may audit the entire business

  4. Judy Fox

    I agree with Saladin’s wisdom in reporting to the correct chain of command.
    Having been the owner of a large volume health facility, cash paying patients names were deleted that day.
    The practice continued growing, but daily deposits didn’t match the books.
    It was a most expensive lesson to be learned….but the education to prevent theft was invaluable.

  5. Papasmurf

    I use to do that I worked for a braums back when the cash register use to just open with a push I know most of the prices I got the idea when I caught another employee doing it told her I wouldn’t tell if she didn’t do it again she transferred a few days later I would take the customer order tell them the price depending on how they paid I give them there change I would put the coins for the total in a separate slot and put the bills on the side and pocket it when I got a chance this only worked for milk and ice cream items or grocery side since it didn’t show up on anybody screen except mine I made about 200 a week then my friend got hired on as the cook and we started doing it on burger order also upped are take to 400 a week then we got caught by the shift manager but since we all hung out and smoked together she just wanted her cut so we upped what we took again but only on days she worked because then we didn’t have to worry about make sure are drawer was even because she would periodically pull my drawer put a new one in which while she was counting the drawer we didn’t take any money then when she brought the drawer back she would tell me how much it was over and I would pull that much out I was usually a few dollars over from what I hadn’t already pulled. The one day we the whole store had a meeting and that the store manager was caught in the store during hours he shouldn’t have been there he was caught doing coke and they thought he was the reason there was a 10 k lose in product and they were putting up cameras and we were getting a new store manager. Most of the store employees were replaced over the next month for one reason or another either they were fired or hours were cut down so they quit.

    1. Mr-DJ

      Papasmurf, please do not post any more until you learn punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and proper grammar. Thank you in advance.

      1. TlCarey

        She just gave a confession of being dishonest and you are going to criticize her punctuation. Hmmm. Maybe we should have a discussion with you regarding priorities and what is important in life.

      2. J.Lowrance

        If you can’t handle grammatical errors, go read elsewhere. We do not need self-righteous trollflakes here!

    2. Blanche Dubois

      Thanks, Papasmurf!!
      Gosh, you are refreshing!
      I was having some moralistic second thoughts concerning the severe damage over the decades to my fellow man from my malware and DDOS development business, my opioids for guns cross-border logistic business, my SIM swap and port-out business, my bookkeeper embezzlement business, and my “pump and dump” bitcoin trading website.
      But no more!
      Reading about your small but effective, daily, insider thefts has restored my spirits.
      Your pride in your work is obvious.
      Your insight that stoofs are the golden chickens that have flown into your yard, asking to be plucked of their golden feathers, is stunning.
      And you have realized that the real skill is plucking the gold feathers so that the stoof doesn’t notice, and returns with a smile for yet more plucking.
      I can only give you hope that you are on your way to the big time and bigger scores.
      And there will come a time when you can return to a public school to get a false degree declaring you an English major to the entire world…
      Ain’t it a great country or what?

  6. Patrick K.

    That’s really unfortunate. Those managers were just doing their best to eat the rich, and they could have been trying to eat a more deserving company! Sure they probably didn’t share with their chronically underpaid employees who probably have two other jobs and probably experience some form of wage theft at one or all of them, but it’s something.

    1. KBJones

      They didn’t hurt Jimmy Johns. They only hurt the franchise owner who is often next thong to a mom and pop shop owner. And they indirectly hurt their fellow employees that will be asked to work short-staffed and, if raises were being considered to match recent market increases, those will be slower to come. The location may even go under, losing everyone their jobs.

      You want to hurt the rich? Join a Union or organize one in your workplace. It won’t land you in prison, like embezzlement will, and will actually help workers.

    2. Debbie

      Omg. Ome sided and small sided. Did you read Papasmuef above and his “friends” stealing? Im sure it was because of bad bosses etc. Just a copout. Maybe you want these employees working for you? Maybe they would blame you for it being ok to steal from you.

  7. Patrick W

    One time, when I worked for a sears store in customer car pickup, everyone except me got fired, and needed a lawyer, and some went to jail(if they didn’t all), when a big undercover investigation revealed that everyone except me and one other guy was robbing the place blind. Someone would really buy a vacuum, and pick that up from one of these guys and they’d put another in their friend’s car outside car pickup as well. Computers, TV’s, even furniture.

  8. Carrie

    Having worked retail on and off over my 45 years employment, there are some simple ways to avoid this nightmare. But it’s very important to note: *His managers exploited his weaknesses*
    A) The owner wasn’t paying close enough attention regularly!! to the books
    B) Cameras and the feed isn’t just to the store! the feed goes to his home office or his phone, etc. so it can’t be altered or deleted
    C) Transactions are consecutive: if there’s deleted transactions on a regular basis that’s a HUGE RED FLAG.
    D) I’m not out to make him look or feel worse but after listening to LOTS of best court shows (while I paint as a professional artist) you see PATTERNS of behavior, especially in certain types of people/their conduct.
    Criminal behavior has recognizable behavior and we need to be aware of that so we stay steps ahead of them. Be victorious, NOT a victim.

  9. Evelyn

    The Saddest part is all the non honest people that are going to lie & say they didn’t get a receipt , just for the 10 bux. They won’t have a receipt to prove they didn’t get a receipt..

  10. Brandon

    Taxation is not constitutional. Perhaps you should educate yourself on tax history before making such an incredibly naive statement. Only mention of taxes in our constitution refers to taxation without representation. Your opinions aren’t fact quit spewing them as if they are. You are the emodiment of the danger of misinformation.

    1. Bruce

      Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution spells out taxation. So before you refute someone saying taxes are NOT in the Constitution, it might help if you’ve actually read the document.

      Section 8
      The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States;

      To borrow Money on the credit of the United States;

  11. It's wine

    Theres people that dont think paying deductions, having safety enforemnt patrols of different levels, are important to have , one ques, did you just get here from outside the states? Go learn about what it takes to keep places safe , or how the deductions work who , what it helps, anyone that wants to defend or doesn’t think these are important should visit outside the states

  12. Ron

    Trust, but verify. Seems like a simple enough concept to me, and if you’re not verifying than you shoulder a portion of the responsibility when things like this happen.

    One of my first jobs was cooking at a restaurant. My first task every single day was to go behind the cook whose shift I was taking over for, and verify their ending inventory count. I never had a reason to distrust any of them, but mistakes happen. While many would phone this in, and just slap down whatever the prior had written, I counted, every time. It wasn’t a trust issue, it was a responsibility issue.

    Had I just gone with the flow, phoned it in, and the prior cook’s count was incorrect; as they often were; It wasn’t them that was going to be held accountable. It was me, because when my shift was over someone else would count behind me. If mistakes were made by the prior cook, they now became my mistakes and would be held responsible for such.

    That’s fair.

    Trust, but verify always.

  13. Jillybean87

    Replying to Ron regarding your “Trust, but verify” comment. I wish there was a like it upvote button. You’re spot on. It’s has nothing to do with trusting or not trusting someone. It’s just part of the normal job duties, and if someone gets offended because a person is just doing their job the way it is supposed to be done, then they shouldn’t be working there, IMHO.

  14. Paul Mason

    Asking customers to police a company’s employees is wrong. Only a scumbag would rat on a minimum-wage worker to get a free hamburger.

  15. Mai Verhagen

    I’m a manager for over 30 years my mom and dad a come hard working families theft is wrong no matter what when I go out to eat or drive in I always ask for my recipe alot of times there is survey on there if they gave me good service I take my time to write my reviews because I think the company wants to know how they’re doing and want to see if need improved but I go to Jimmy John here in gresham and alot of time they don’t gave me my recipe I have to ask for it.

  16. travis

    why do i care if they are scamming the company i gto what i paid for isnt that the businesses problem and not mine?

    1. ~kaía

      Sure, not your problem, until prices are increased to make up the difference in loss of income…then you get to pay the price for funding these fraudsters.

  17. ~katie

    This is not common only to today’s technology.
    This was going on back in the 70s when there were no internet or cell phones or technology.
    The teenage guys at the Jack in the Box called it “vaulting” = pocketing customer cash and ditching the receipts.
    These are 16, 17 year olds without current technological advances, figuring out how to defraud the business and their customers all on their very own.

  18. Amanda

    If it’s not one scam then it’s another. I love JJ’s food and was shocked when the only one relatively close to my home in our city shut down. The reason turned out to be that employees had been stealing debit/credit card info to use. That one has happened at so many chains that I either order mainly online or only use my card at places where I can still see it at all times.

  19. sam

    O. K. , O. K…… Everybody just calm down. I have been in the restaurant business all my life. As a matter of fact I learned my work ethic from my grandmother in her cafe as a child. Actually at her house because we never went to dinner there without having to pluck a chicken or shuck corn or shell beans, grandma didn’t
    play. And that brings me to my point. If people are doing the job that they are supposed to be doing, they won’t have time to steal. That’s where the manager needs to be checking. I know of all the jobs I had and I’ve had a lot. If your doing your job right you don’t have time for anything else.

  20. sam

    oh yeah, if your the boss, you can’t be their friend. Don’t trust a boss who wants to be your friend.

  21. Edward Golonka

    The agent said the IRS is obligated to investigate all notifications it receives from employers about unreported income, but that embezzling victims often neglect to even notify the agency. That’s a shame, he said, because under U.S. federal law, anyone who willfully attempts to evade or defeat taxes can be charged with a felony, with penalties including up to $100,000 in fines, up to five years in prison, and the costs of prosecution.

    This entry was posted on Monday 20th of

  22. J.Lowrance

    If you can’t handle grammatical errors, go read elsewhere. We do not need self-righteous trollflakes here!

  23. G o

    Employees selling food, valet parking, etc & pocketing the entire amount is sometimes called scamming by those employees who often share the $ with all the other employees on that shift. companies say instant termination if caught scamming but probably usually know it goes on and sometimes do not try very hard to stop it because those scammers are their buddies. Also late at night in 24 hour fast food sometimes I have seen “cash only cause credit card system down” signs which might be scamming

  24. FeeonahFeenix

    His managers were getting paid over $100,000 per year each and they still pulled that $h1T! OMG pay me that per year and I will relocate and be your most honest manager you’ve ever had till I retire! I would NEVER do anything to jeopardize an income that allows my family that kind of stability! We could reduce our home to a single income family and have more time together! HIRE ME!

  25. Andrea Breau

    To Dan…..What ?? I read that 3x ; and it still didn’t make sense…Maybe I should not have read the entire article either; so that your reply would have made more sense ?..Then someone cleared it up slightly by pointing out your Trump mentality, and .. That explained it “… Smh..

  26. Woody

    Is it that hard to just acknowledge that is wrong to steal? The simple problem with society today is the lack of fear in God and Law Enforcement. I make less than both of those thieves, but I live comfortably in a 2300 Sq ft house in a suburban metro area. Credit can go a long way, and you can’t steal that. Being honest and hard working has its perks. I don’t run around blaming everyone else for my short comings. I don’t feel entitled to anything. I could have worked harder, but I am happy. I have just as many woe stories as the next person, but I know that nobody cares. It is 2022, we ALL have plenty of opportunities to better ourselves. The problem is that these last 2 generations are lazy and expect everything for nothing. I bet you can guess the ages of all the people who justified theft or don’t believe in taxation. They are all under 40, more than half still living with a parent or family member. They just don’t get it, how will their thirst for the blood of babies in the womb be quenched without taxes? Where these the money for their government subsidies come from? This generation has been taught that if you scream something loud enough, people will either believe it or leave you alone. It is not that hard to understand right from wrong, don’t break the law, and work hard.

  27. Chris Smith

    I don’t think we’ve seen the last of these scams or crooks. Hopefully they are able to recover some funds.

  28. James

    For real this is nothing new to the food/beverage industry. Think about how many times did you ever get a receipt for a couple of beers and a shot….almost never. Even some places with paper receipts could be suspect. Sell a buger and two coke rewrite it for just the cokes…I know number receipts and all but there are ways around everything. Even cash tills arent safe! More than person with access to it and money WILL go missing, even if you split the diffences to even the till the thief still makes out. Put people in the dumpster for that one. With 25+ year in restaurants, local Mom/Pop to Fine Dinning, theft is everywhere! And for those hating on the industry there are places where servers, bartenders, and chefs make damb decent money…without doing illegal stuff!

    1. JamminJ

      Not in this case. This couple wasn’t stealing because they needed the money, they were paid fairly. Even got special consideration for time off.
      Some people would steal more, even with better pay. It’s more of a thrill than a financial need.

      And I suspect even minimum wage earners who steal have the same justification, but it still doesn’t make sense when you see them just buying sneakers, designer clothes, smartphones, etc. Not necessities.

      The reality is, very very few people in this country steal because they need to. It is more of an egotistical justification.
      So paying them more, doesn’t actual prevent anything.

  29. J

    As sad as this is, it said he paid them $115000 as a salary over two years. That’s only 28,750 a year per person for someone who was a supposed “manager” maybe if you don’t want your employees to steal pay them a better wage.

    1. Um, No

      “the $115,000 in salaries he paid in total each year to the two employees”

      Looks like dyslexia messed you up a bit. It is $115 per year, for the two employees. Not 2 employees over 2 years.

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