SpamIt Chats About SPM, the Srizbi Botmaster

The following conversation, between SpamIt technician Stratos ( and Dmitry “SaintD” Stupin was recorded Oct. 2, 2007.

Stratos: 200 orders for today. With such a rate, SpamIt will have ~15K a month. 20% – to Google is 3ะš, maybe we’ll just get a server?

Stupin: 200 orders – this is cool!

Stupin: Let’s check out SPM. Maybe we’ll cancel Google.

Stratos: Can’t reach SPM. When you called – I connected, but he was off-line already. When did you see him online?

Stupin: Send him off-line, that you are from SpamIT. Ask him where to send $500, and ask him to prepare a server for us and to write you back.

Stratos: Ok.

Stratos: Wrote to him. He responded that everything was okay. SPM took the money. The
account is being set up.

Stupin: Very well.


The chat below was recorded on Oct. 6, 2007, and is between a forum administrator “DiNi” and Stupin.

Stupin: Do you spam via spm? He told me that all moderators do that)

DiNi: Yes, via him. ๐Ÿ™‚

Stupin: Have you tried Google (pysche)? Just wonderingโ€ฆ.

DiNi: It’s shit.

Stupin: We worked with him in the beginning. Going to try SPM now.

DiNi: I’ve known Google for a long time. Software used to be good, then he hired a team of about 20 people and it turned worse and worse. A year passed, I tried a month ago. However, the software (quality) remained the same.


Another chat between Stratos and Stupin, this one dated Oct. 6, 2007:

Stupin: Let’s speed up regarding SPM.

Stratos: I will do my best to start today.


Stupin: Have you started SPM?

Stratos: Started SPM, there is even small number of orders – but it is tough to spam
constantly there.

Stupin: Why?

Stratos: It is inconvenient to configure tasks. I am kicking SPM regarding this.

Stupin: OK. Kick him harder.

Stratos: Another way we can set this up is with a larger database.

Stupin: Find larger databases. ๐Ÿ™‚

Stratos: SPM’s ratio is 1:25.

Stupin: How about Google’s?

Stratos: 1:60 to 1:70.

Stupin: Wow. Which account are you using for SPM?

Stratos: Addictumus-spm.

Stupin: What’s the password?

Stratos: s_WEYd9hAS4LLW

Stupin: 1:40 is average.

Stratos: Check the beginning. I did one run there.

Stupin: You have to judge by the average.

Stratos: As soon as this one is done, I am setting another one. This has been an
uninterrupted mass-mailing since 2:00 a.m.

Stupin: Should we cancel Google’s services?

Stratos: SPM is not yet that profitable. We get some revenue from Google. Besides, there is no need to invest as much time with Google.

Stratos: Google has 95 percent “good” stats on Yahoo.

Stupin: What about SPM?

Stratos: 10 percent. No GI, he said it was too little — he’ll figure out why.

Stratos: Let’s purchase database? 50k for 350?

<------------------------- With SPM ----------------------------->

Oct. 9, 2007 16:50:05+04:00

SPM: I want my logo to be next to yours on the forum.

Stupin: Understood.

SPM: Let’s decide.

Stupin: We can think of something.

SPM: Let’s do it. Fakir suggests that I start recommending your partnerka to my clients. I am not against that.

SPM: But I want to have the status of official software for spamdot. It will come to it, since majority of moderators on the forum are with me already.

Stupin: We can think of something like this – we are placing your logo with ours, in return you add our logo to your software, like you are recommending us.

SPM: Not a problem. I am leaving to draw the logo.

SPM: Give me a piece of the header, and I will draw right on it. I mean the header for the forum.

Stupin: Wait, it cannot be decided that fast, I need to discuss it with my partner and simply think all of this over.

SPM: Fine. let me know when you’ll discuss it.

Stupin: Certainly.

SPM: Thanks in advance. And when you are discussing this matter with your partner, let him know, that SPM’s plan is to become the ONLY system on the market, and I stay by my words ๐Ÿ™‚

Stupin: Google is saying the same thing ๐Ÿ™‚

SPM: Google is no match, believe me. I’ve already destroyed one competitive system on the market. So I have the experience ๐Ÿ™‚

SPM: Google offered me a bribe for my going out of business ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s his method :))

Stupin: Honestly, it’s more pleasurable to deal with you than with him.

SPM: I was suprised that someone is competing with me on spam soft market. On the other hand, competition is always a good thing. So I am not against it. ๐Ÿ™‚

<--------- At the same time, Stupin is chatting about this with Gusev ------->

Oct. 9, 2007, 16:58:08+04:00

Stupin: Do you know Reactor Mailer?

Stupin: SPM. Have you heard about this nick?

Gusev: SPMโ€ฆis he a moderator on SpamDot?

Gusev: I don’t know a lot of spammers ๐Ÿ™ We tried it some time ago, and it was total

Stupin: It’s now better than Google’s. Much better. All SpamDot moderators are dealing with SPM now.

Gusev: So let’s get it for Dima (Stratos).

Stupin: We did already. A week ago ๐Ÿ™‚

Gusev: ๐Ÿ™‚ When are we going to make our own (software) ?

Stupin: There is another issue – we can place our logo in there software, and in
exchange their logo will be next to ours on SpamDot.

Stupin: They offered this barter, they recommend us, we recommend them. To be exact we do not even recommend them, simply allow them to put their picture on spamdot )

Stupin: What do you think about it?

Gusev: IMHO, this exchange is not equal. They are getting advertisement on more powerful platform, than we are. I am ok with that, but let’s change the conditions of this “barter”. Maybe they will give us to use some exclusive version of their software?

Stupin: I do not even know what would be greater — our advertisement on good software, or their advertisement on spamdot. They have been there longer than we have, they are better known.

Stupin: It’s more like 50/50.

Gusev: If we want to stay longer in spam, we need it.

Stupin: With whom? And with what?

Gusev: Good questions. If you remember we also did not want to do oem ๐Ÿ™‚ But when we
realized that money is flowing around us, we changed our minds. We can make 30-40k a month easily (with 10 clients a month) and in a good case — nearly 100k for renting it and using it for our own needs.

Stupin: There are a million other things, which can bring such money. Who is going to do it?

Gusev: We have nobody now. I know it very well, stop reminding me!

Gusev: Give $200 advance to Roma’s programmer.

Stupin: Have you heard about the partnerka program Sancash?

Gusev: Who are they?

Stupin: Hereโ€ฆ[pastes log from chat with Rustock botmaster Cosma2k]. “Further… in regards to this week… I tried spamming for you with half of my capabilities. It came out with 2 or 3k… I do not remember exactly… With sancash I earned 7.2ะบ within first day… The difference is drastic. Therefore, I do not even know if I need to spam for you. Pardom me, of course. It might be (!!!) that when my database of e-mails will be overflown with sancash, I will go back to you, but now I prefer sancash. Idea (c) Cosma.

Stupin: sancash == genbucks-spam [SpamIt affiliate]

Gusev: In regards to logo for SPM’s software – I still think that we are losing a little on this agreement, however it’s better to do this thing with them and get 10 good new adverts, than do nothing and do not get any new partners. Can we do a reference link for them instead?

Stupin: Reference link is not for spammers, it’s not going to work. I do not see us
losing on it at all, they help us, we help them — everyone benefits.

<-------------------------Stupin chats with SPM again -------------------------->

Oct. 12, 2007

SPM: How about that logo?

Stupin: One moment, I will ask admins.

Stupin: Where do you want to put our stuff? At your place?

SPM: Above the entrance to accounts.

Stupin: Give me the URL.

SPM: I am waiting for .psd [photoshop] file.


Stupin: Ok.

SPM: Two favors. 1. move my logo to the left of yours on the distance of one logo size. 2. click on that logo should redirect to the following thread: Thanks.

Stupin: Ok.

SPM: I am waiting for your .psd. Send to

Stupin: Ok.

SPM: Got it. Everything looks okay. I am going to input yours.

Stupin: Ok, can we do it tomorrow? People are asleep.

SPM: Ok. I have heard that there are such people who sleep at night. ๐Ÿ™‚

SPM: I hope no more Googles are going to appear anymore, right?

Stupin: I do not want that. They are not pleasant people. I have met them several times.

SPM: Several times? Why?

Stupin: I will not tell you. Perhaps you will figure it out later ๐Ÿ™‚

SPM: Meeting unpleasant people multiple times is a hidden form of masochism, IMHO ๐Ÿ™‚ Independently of profits, IMHO.

Stupin: Everything was great in the beginning, but then they disappointed us.

SPM: Yep, it’s a problem with online businesses. Nobody is responsible for anything.

Stupin: There is a little side business that we can do with you – “cash” )). It’s an executable, which works as a sniffer, collects e-mail addresses and spams URLs of our shops. Give it to the loaders, simply so that they load it with all the other garbage. It will not bring them much, but it’s going to be free.

SPM: I will think about it.

Stupin: It creates macros, which automatically reads a list of domains from our
partnerka and places it into e-mails.

SPM: I do have such a macros. I didn’t understand where you wanted me to place your

Stupin: Oh, sorry then.

SPM: ๐Ÿ™‚


Dec. 2, 2007

SPM: Is it possible to reduce hold? From two weeks or something smaller?

Stupin: To whom?

SPM: To me.

Stupin: Is one week good enough?

SPM: Yes. Momentโ€ฆ.I will tell you the account.

SPM: “Vladie”

Stupin: Done.

SPM: Thanks.


Dec. 5, 2007

Stupin: Hi, take off SpamIT logo from Reactor, we do not need it at all [pastes link to Secureworks writeup on Srizbi being used to send Ron Paul spam]:

SPM: Ok.

Stupin: We will have to remove your logo from the forum at the same time as well.

SPM: It is not necessary.

Stupin: We do not have any more interest in it.

SPM: Who are “we”?

SPM: Alright, remove. It’s better this way.

Stupin: We=I.


Dec. 12, 2007

SPM: My new ICQ is: 635635.Do not EVER give this number to ANYONE!!!! NEVER GIVE THIS

NUMBER TO ANYONE!!! Respond to this message, so that I know that you received my new ICQ number.

Stupin: Ok.


Mar. 3, 2008

SPM: Please, create one more account – SigmaZ. And if it is possible, create it under

the same conditions as my vladie has – no hold, 40%, etc.

Stupin: Okay. Is it your personal account?

SPM: Thanks. No, it is a second account for Volodya (Vladimir). He has two sources of

traffic, so he wants to send to two accounts at the same time.

Stupin: Ok, fine. I am also going to configure it with the same contact information.

SPM: Yep.

Stupin: Password: qwerty

SPM: Thanks.

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