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Exploring the Market for Stolen Passwords

December 26, 2012

Not long ago, PCs compromised by malware were put to a limited number of fraudulent uses, including spam, click fraud and denial-of-service attacks. These days, computer crooks are extracting and selling a much broader array of data stolen from hacked systems, including passwords and associated email credentials tied to a variety of online retailers.

ReclaimPrivacy.org: Facebook Privacy 101

May 20, 2010

If you’ve been watching the slow motion train wreck that is Facebook.com’s recent effort to revamp its privacy promises, you may be wondering where to start unraveling all of the privacy “choices” offered by the world’s largest online social network. Fortunately, developers are starting to release free new tools so that you don’t need a masters in Facebook privacy or read a statement longer than the U.S. Constitution to get started.