February 18, 2011

KrebsOnSecurity.com was honored at the annual Social Security Blogger Awards at the RSA security conference in San Francisco this week. Judges and voters picked this blog as the one they thought best represents the security industry today.

Among the four other finalists in this category were some fairly big names (in no particular order):

* Threat Post
* CSO Online Blog
* Threat Level (Wired)
* Schneier On Security

This is the second year in a row KrebsOnSecurity.com was recognized at the blogger awards gathering: Last year, it was named the “Best Non-Technical Security Blog“. Thanks to the judges, voters and to all you readers who make the discussion here so much more interesting, informative and worthwhile!

Sophos’s Naked Security blog won for “Most Educational”; Veracode’s Zero Day Labs won for “Best Corporate Security blog”; “Best Podcast” went to Pauldotcom; the Securosis blog earned the “Most Entertaining” award.

Below is a great video from Chris Eng who won the “The single best security blog post of the year” award, with the following text-to-movie clip on what it takes to be an authentic “thought leader” in the information security space:

53 thoughts on “KrebsOnSecurity.com Wins Award

  1. d

    Congratulations!! It is nice to know I am reading information from someone who is well respected in his area of expertise and recognized by his peers. Keep up the good work!

  2. Dennis

    Wow, well deserved congratulations, Brian! Nobody’s doing it better than you. Keep up the great work.

  3. KathyB

    Congratulations Brian on your well-deserved award! Keep up the excellent reporting. I always look forward to reading your blog as it is one of a few I read regularly.

  4. Lee

    Congratulations, Brian
    You deserve it cause you are the best !. Keep up the great work.

  5. John Donahoe

    Please add my congratulations to those of others for the well-deserved recognition of your blog. Your generous acknowledgment of the other winners is testimony to your integrity and fairness.

    Please people, show your appreciation by making a financial contribution to preserving this very valuable resource of information on security.

  6. Lenny Gusel

    Congratulations. Well deserved and keep up the good work.

  7. brucerealtor

    Below is a great video from Chris Eng who won the “The single best security blog post of the year” award, with the following text-to-movie clip on what it takes to be an authentic “thought leader” in the information security space:
    Lots of alcoholic beverages ——– a good laugh at the end.

  8. W J Freeman

    I cannot help but notice that no one leaving a comment was surprised that this occurred. That is appropriate. Hands down, Brian is one of the best.

    1. JCitizen

      That was exactly what I was going to say. “I’m not surprised by this, but congratulations anyway!” 😀

      The “thought leader” clip was a gas!! The guy obviously just ‘thought’ he was a leader! HA! =D

  9. John

    Ditto to all of the above! Well-deserved recognition, Brian.

  10. C J Flynn

    Indeed; very classy acknowledging the other sites, but expected from a very classy site like yours.

    I have nicked enough news stories from you that they could have mistaken my site for yours and given me the award – I hope to think that I would have acknowledged you as well.

    Congratulations, and thank you for the enjoyable posts.

  11. Maureen

    Congratulations, Brian! Glad to see that you are receiving recognition and award for what we encounter with every post. I love what I get here at this site: Tech security information from you and your long-time commenters, usually in language I can understand. 🙂

    Here’s to many more years of winning awards.

  12. Carl

    Just an FYI, Threat Level and CSO links in original post both go to same place (CSO Online).

  13. Tyler

    Congratulations Brian on an award that is well deserved!

    I appreciate the time you invest to research each topic and I often recommend your site to my colleagues. I’m curious as to how many visitors your sites receives.

    Keep up the good work!

  14. Kevin

    How good a blog could it be when no one post comments that are disliked to the point of being hidden? 😉

    Just kidding, congrats Brian!

  15. Louis Leahy

    Well done Krebs, some overdue recognition. The quality of your work is reflected in the quality of your readership and their willingness to contribute comments and debate topics you cover it’s testimony to your efforts.

  16. Terry

    Great job again Brian! Your comments and forecasts are a factor in keeping our corporation safe.

  17. wiredog


    Now you can give your staff a big raise!

  18. Dirgster

    Well deserved, Brian! Congratulations! Your blog’s information is so informative, straight, and easy to understand. I’m sure that the Washington Post regrets your departure, but we appreciate you keeping us safe out there! All the best to you!

  19. xAdmin

    Major kudos Brian! 🙂 Thank you for all that you do, it is very much appreciated!

    That video on trying to be an authentic “thought leader” is awesome, reminds me of my boss. 😉

  20. Mike B.

    Congrats! I always look forward to reading your blog. I make it part of my morning routine! Thanks for the great effort!

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