December 29, 2013

Dec. 29 marks the 4th anniversary of! Below are a few highlights from this past year, and a taste of what readers can look forward to here in 2014.


If there was an important data breach in 2013, chances are that news of it first broke on this blog. Among KrebsOnSecurity’s biggest scoops this year were stories about breaches at Adobe, Bit9, Experian, LexisNexis, Target and The Washington Post.

Some of these stories are ongoing and will unfurl reluctantly but gradually throughout 2014. Look for a more thorough explanation of what really happened when Experian sold more than a year’s worth of consumer credit data directly to an underground service marketed to identity thieves, for example. And of course, we will almost certainly learn more about the “how” and “who” of the massive attack on Target.

The audience for this blog has grown tremendously in the past year. The site now attracts between 10,000 and 15,000 visitors per day. For the first time in its existence, KrebsOnSecuirty is on track to exceed more than 1 million pageviews this month (fittingly, this should come to pass sometime today).

That growth would not have been possible without you, dear loyal readers. 2013 featured more blog posts and more in-depth investigations than perhaps any other year, but the real value in this site comes from the community that has sprung up around it. Readers submitted more than 10,000 comments this past year. More than two dozen of you also supported this site directly via the PayPal or Bitcoin donation links in the blog sidebar. Whichever way you supported this site in 2013, a hearty THANK YOU for your contribution and encouragement.

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  1. Tommy

    Many thanks Brian for all the time and effort you put in, keep giving all those bad actors out there a spanking! Best wishes for 2014.

  2. Stratocaster

    Living well is the best revenge.
    I have followed your work since you were at WaPo, along with Rob Pegoraro.

  3. Chaz

    Although I’m sure that the cyber crooks either wearing seekers and lunching on bologna sandwiches or those wearing Armani suits dining on escargot have a dart board with your picture on it. Into the near future special people like yourself will continue to give those of us on the outer fringes of computer literacy the heads-up necessary to see the flip-side of life in the digital fast lane. I’m sending a modest contribution that I hope will help keep the reporting platform free flowing and the forum open making us aware of what we need to know and how to manage the challenges of the dizzying and hypnotic technology cornucopia. Hoping that your anniversary is a celebration and determination to continue in 2014 the tradition to help by sharing what needs to be reported.
    Have a safe and productive new year.

  4. TheOreganoRouter.onion

    Brian is right on “target” , lets all hope that we are around in another four years commenting on the website

  5. Bernie G4OVP

    Thanks again Brian for all the “Heads Up” it’s a dangerous place out there.
    Happy new year

  6. Silver bullet

    krebs who are you kidding lol ? telling as how much traffic you got .Half of it are just traffic generated by bots.. you can tell this kind of story to your kids .hopefully they beleve you cos we dont .You are full of S@@T and you know it .

    Shit blog , Shit author Shit storys. Hope you die 30 years before your time .

    1. TheOreganoRouter.onion

      Somebody is having a bad day, maybe you should get some help for your anger problem. Admitting that you have a problem is the first step.

      Then again “Silver Bullet” could be the Target retail hacker mentioned in the last article . What was his name……. “Andrey Hodirevski “

    2. TheOreganoRouter.onion

      Nice spelling and grammar mistakes?

      Are you from East Europe , maybe the Ukraine?

      You write “hopefully they beleve you cos we dont” in your post. In my opinion that sound like a person in their early twenties , like about the same age as Andrey Hodirevski

      1. Silver bullet

        genius is one step away from madman ………..

        What if im “Andrey Hodirevski” what are you going to do about it ? will you come here and arrest me ? i dont think you so .Cos Its nothing you can do , but to go and check your bank statment and prey to Allah .You think im scared of US or something , well if i was scared i woudnt be doing that in the first place .Lets Call it risk and reward ratio .Risk in 0 and rewards are massive . Whats not to like ??

        Happy new year to all of you – lossers .

        1. TheOreganoRouter.onion

          Yep everything I read about black hack hackers is correct , they are narcissistic, shallow individual’s who think the world revolves around them. Better be careful Interpol might be at your door soon enough

          Sounds like you fit the profile

          If a person of your status wasn’t highly insecure already , then you wouldn’t come here looking for information, then turn around and start berating people to make yourself feel better Go troll and annoy people in the underground carder forums where you can make yourself bigger then what you actual are, that is lower then a cockroach

        2. IA Eng

          Many of your “friends” around you have disappeared. Wonder why? Cuz they are in jail, crook. Thick block headed comments will only get you noticed. .

          Your too stupid to realize things are changing. You will be in chains soon. Pondering how greedy you were.

          Your just jealous that your foolish attempts at comments will take you from Hermit to Hero status. Dream on crook, Dream on.

        3. notme

          @Silver butt-let,
          Too funny, Krebs must have caused you some brainwave activity.
          You can stay on the same rock with us, but you will find it hard to hide from the truth.
          I am happy to be one of the several dozen paying supporters. Hey why not send Brian a few $$$, oh wait, you already tried that. Stay warm comrade!

      2. IA Eng

        Wait…. I thought it was spelled
        Andrey HoboDrinkski?

        We? SilverBullet is a We? Speaking for other cowards?

        Another Coors Beer Drinker there SilverBozo? Another Boozer on the keyboard…Great. (smirk)

        The name might apply.
        The SB has the same attitude, IQ ( One – Middle finger equivilent)
        SB should get out of the bottle of Zyr and get a real job.

        They are Freaking Drunk Impurialists. Brave when Boozed up.

    3. Doux

      Is your venom really necessary? Your dark side just shows exactly how you slither to try to constrict others from exceeding farther in life then you.

      Unless you have anyway to back your words, you are the dung in the dark.

    4. TaskForce717

      Yo Slick , sounds like your a lil p.o. . Hmmmmm thats to bad knucklehead also it sounds like you are a legend in your own mind , so just dont go away mad just go away .

  7. Doux

    Happy Birthday KOS! I love the informative articles you post, and I enjoy reading the posts.

    Saw your 30sec clip on GMA about the Target Breach. If this doesn’t spin heads with SIOs in the direction to tighten up, I don’t know what will.


    1. IA Eng

      I hate to say it, but with the “bottom line” being to make as much money as possible in a short period of time, unless the rules change drastically, we will be seing much more of the same.

      If it happens less in the USA, it will increase in other locations.

      With IT being outsourced its only a matter of time before some one gets greedy, stupid, or disgruntled.

      I would think the main thoughts of many CEO / CFO / CSO is how long can we go before we have to commit cash to talent and a more secure infrastructure…

      Many know even though there was a breach, the number of customers may dwindle a bit, but Old Habits Die Hard and the customers will return over time.

      There is a lot to fix, very little time to do so.

  8. Subi

    The best investigative security blog… Thanks and keep the good work up!!!

  9. Heiki

    Keep up the good work. And I hope there is nothing to write about in 2014, but I guess there will be lots… 🙂

  10. des

    Well done Krebs, I get so much valuable and critical security and IT info from you. thank you. have a great New Year 2014

  11. Jari Tuomi


    I accuse you of stealing my valuable time! Every single time that you publish a new blog post I have to read it immediately. I also have to check the links to other pages.

    Seriously, at the moment your blog is my most important source for computer security news.

    Thank you!

  12. Ramil

    Thanks for a quality and expert analysis, we read and learn from them. Happy New Year.

  13. Hal

    Thank you important work you do and the information you provide. I know it takes a lot of hours to maintain even a modest blog or site. Like the others, I too appreciate what you do.
    May you have a wonderful new year.

  14. manasi

    Well done indeed Mr. Krebs! I read your site rather religiously as so MUCH good info has come out over the last two Years.

    From EMET 4.1 to card skimmers, you provide one hell of a service!

    Best wishes for 2014…keep on writing and I’ll keep on reading.

  15. Serbia

    Write about real cybercrooks – the NSA. You are no jurnalist, you’re a disgrace.

    1. TheOreganoRouter.onion

      Spelling and grammar mistakes what does that tell you?

    2. TaskForce717

      Yo Slick your a real stand up guy . Sounds like Brian hit your nerve and ticked you off . OH WELL he is good at what he does .

  16. Jonas Turner

    Many of us readers follow you because you do an amazing job with your work. Normally, unless an investigation hasn’t been followed up by you…I tend not to want to believe what I hear. We all look forward to your future work and thank you for all that you go through while doing it! Many blessings to you and your family!

  17. IA Eng

    Congrats. Keep up the good work.

    Thinking back the day you stood up this blog, did you ever think you’d be this deep into uncovering the dark side of the Internet?

  18. Eric

    Well done Brian – looking forward to what you write in the new year.

  19. RRRiley

    Brian – the Target exclusive is a great anniversary present for you & your site, congratulations. I’m looking forward to the follow-ups on Target and the new stories you will break in 2014. But I would recommend staying out of Shanghai

  20. NewportNor

    Happy Birthday! I’m not a techy and can’t understand a lot of what you write but I truly appreciate what you do and get the general idea plus it keeps me on my tiny tech toes. Thanks and thanks again. Happy Birthday

  21. Jason B

    Happy Birthday! I found your blog about 2 years ago and it has become a trusted daily read since. Thanks for all your hard work (and great investigative reporting). I know at times it isn’t easy (e.g. being swatted, etc), but that means you are striking a nerve; keep it up!

  22. Rogers

    Congratulations Brian.

    The level of your reporting has been quite simply remarkable. Can these stories be considered for a Pulitzer?

    This site has also been useful beyond the accurate and in-depth reporting on security breaches and malware developments. From advice regarding EMET to the incredibly convenient posts on Windows and Adobe patches (sorry, updates), I’ve found that visits here pay for the time spent.

    Also – separately and perhaps more controversially – I appreciate your continuing focus on what I regard to be the truly pressing cyber-security issues (cybercrime, and APTs such as the PRC). The “NSA porn” (which is what most of the NSA stories now constitute – 99% don’t come close to legitimate whistle-blowing, or even responsible reporting) might be titillating for many, but the NSA really isn’t an important security concern for most individuals or companies.

    1. voksalna

      ” The “NSA porn” (which is what most of the NSA stories now constitute – 99% don’t come close to legitimate whistle-blowing, or even responsible reporting) might be titillating for many, but the NSA really isn’t an important security concern for most individuals or companies.”

      If you believe this, you are not reading the right NSA stories, and you have no knowledge of history. But that is your right as well.

  23. Brenda Williams

    Happy Birthday, Brian. Thank you for all the important information that you make available for all of us. Keep up your fine work, my friend.

  24. Guy

    Wow, just look at all you do at 4 years old. Can’t wait to see what you are capable of when you get to teenage years and beyond!! Double WOW.

  25. Karen

    Thank you Brian for all of your efforts in this space – Wishing you continued success in the years to come!

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