August 9, 2016

Microsoft churned out a bunch of software updates today fix some serious security problems with Windows and other Microsoft products like Internet Explorer (IE), Edge and Office. If you use Microsoft, here are some details about what needs fixing.

brokenwindowsAs usual, patches for IE and for Edge address the largest number of “critical” vulnerabilities. Critical bugs refer to flaws Microsoft deems serious enough that crooks can exploit them to remotely compromise a vulnerable computer without any help from the user, save for the user visiting some hacked but otherwise legitimate site.

Another bundle of critical bugs targets at least three issues with the way Windows, Office and Skype handle certain types of fonts. Microsoft said attackers could exploit this flaw to take over computers just by getting the victim to view files with specially crafted fonts — either in an Office file like Word or Excel (including via the preview pane), or visiting a hacked/malicious Web site.

Microsoft Office got its own critical patch that fixed at least seven vulnerabilities — including another one exploitable through the preview pane. Microsoft PDF also received a critical patch thanks to a bug that’s exploitable just by getting Edge users to view specially-crafted PDF content in the browser.

For the record, Adobe says it has no plans to issue a Flash Player update today (as per usual) or anytime this month. As always, if you experience any issues downloading or installing any of the Microsoft updates from this month, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

For more information on these and other Microsoft security updates released today, check out the blogs at security vendors Qualys and Shavlik.

57 thoughts on “Got Microsoft? Time to Patch Your Windows

  1. Wayne

    (Running Vista Home Premium) In almost a month, I haven’t been able to get Windows Update to load. The last update I was able to download was Windows Defender back on July 12. Any ideas/help?

    1. Clive

      Had a similar issue with Windows 7… Turns out this is increasingly common to all older versions of Windows. I suspect but can’t prove that this is Microsoft deliberately throttling access for systems running the older OS versions as an incentive to upgrade.

      If you just leave your machine running, in update mode, it should get there eventually…

      Worth a try…

      1. Anthony

        Depending on how up to date someone is, they may need to install some patches to get the updates to work… After a locky infection at a client’s office, I had to spend hours getting WindowsUpdate on Windows 7 to play ball.

        It seems once you have the updates to WindowsUpdate installed manually (there’s two patches/updates, for 7 at least, that often need to be installed), it’ll still go into high CPU state to check for updates, but should then come out of it after 30 minutes.

        If checking for WindowsUpdates, it’s still running at full CPU on one of your system cores after being left overnight, it’s likely you need to update WindowsUpdate itself manually.

        1. Eric

          I have a 32-bit Vista machine that has been in the 100% CPU state for nearly a day now – all trying to work out what stupid updates to apply. It hasn’t even begun to attempt to download and apply updates.

          This machine is in a test lab, so there would be no point or purpose in upgrading it.

      2. T. T.

        I regularly have to update both new and existing installations of windows, and find that the built in tool takes forever. I started using windows Auto Patcher, which is an alternative to the built in tool, and at least for me, i’ve had a better experience. It’s best to install it onto a flash drive; it will download the update binaries and associated files, and from there you can take the updates to any workstation you need to and install them without waiting for them to download or detect on the machine. It also does provide update names and descriptors, so you should be able to avoid updates you don’t want to install.

      3. Christoph

        I have two machines that dont get Win 7 updates despite running all night searching for updates, restarting the windows update service didnt make a change either.

    2. Jim Ranson

      Try following the instructions here it had helped with Windows7 clean installs immensely. Took about 20 minutes vs several hours. Have not had to do it on Vista however.

      1. Eric

        I don’t know exactly what is on this site that you provided the link to, but our corporate IT is blocking access to it claiming that it harbors some sort of malware.

      2. coakl

        Works fine with an old Toshiba laptop, with Vista Premium SP2 that was missing over 2 years of updates. The list of updates needed on WU showed up within 30 minutes.

        This site is a simple HTML page with text instructions and a table on what MS patches to put in first, before running Windows Update, and links to Microsoft patches. There’s no javascript, iframes, or other 3rd party junk. It is not malware.

    3. IA Eng

      the only thing I see about issues and loading of patches on “older” boxes is this. Are there others for other Operating Systems – probably so………


      All future security and non-security updates for Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 require update 2919355 to be installed. We recommend that you install update 2919355 on your Windows 8.1-based or Windows Server 2012 R2-based computer so that you receive future updates.

      If you install a language pack after you install this update, you must reinstall this update. Therefore, we recommend that you install any language packs that you need before you install this update. For more information, see Add language packs to Windows.

  2. Matt

    over the last few months i haven’t been able to install the update (Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1511 for x64-based Systems (KB3176493)) it gets to about 60% then fails. I can’t stop it from downloading or installing, even though i have defered updates. it has downloaded and tried to install over 20 times now. It is wasting my download qouta and nearly 15 minutes every time it tries installing

    1. Paul

      Check the event logs, run a chkdsk /r, look for more logs, google the error, or reinstall windows.

      I had this it was bad blocks on disk

    2. gigi

      Matt, had the same problem for last 2 days with the (Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1511 for x64-based Systems (KB3176493)). Installed the other two updates fine, but this one hung repeatedly for hours (like 6 times). Thought my Bios was corrupt. Ran the Windows update troubleshooter multiple times. Tried manual download from their windows update site. I ended up doing major utility cleanup (check disk, defrag disk, clean registry, clean temp files, etc.) using Glary Utilities Pro and Malware Hunter free. I think it was related to running Firefox as my browser and/or Duckduckgo search engine…not sure. But if you aren’t using Edge then you might switch to it and see if it works. Also the Windows 10 Anniversary install failed and after reading community comments I’m not touching that beast again for a while. If you tried that one, do a permanent erase of those files, and all other downloads file for the failed updates. Finally, the damn thing took.

  3. chesscanoe

    Running Windows 10 x64 Anniversary Edition 1607Home, I installed kb809830, 3176495, and 2267602. On restart, I got a briefly displayed message saying “The instruction at xxxxxxxx could not be referenced”, as I recall. When restart concluded, it said 890830 and 3176495 were successfully installed. No word on whether Defender update 2267602 was OK. Defender itself says it is at:
    Antimalware Client Version: 4.10.14393.0
    Engine Version: 1.1.12902.0
    Antivirus definition: 1.225.3545.0
    Antispyware definition: 1.225.3545.0
    Network Inspection System Engine Version: 2.1.12706.0
    Network Inspection System Definition Version:

    No other problem noted with this Patch Tuesday update.

  4. Julie

    Following the win 10 anniv. update I received a system error. The msvcr100.dll was missing. I don’t like the fact that win 10 issues the update and it deletes my file. Don’t they know this would happen? In my opinion, MS rolled out the anniversary update too early!

    1. gigi

      Julie, that windows 10 anniversary update crashed my system like a heart attack. Totally pushed that one out before it was ready, had to meet the anniversary date I guess, but I read up on community comments – NOT good. Won’t be updating to the “anniversary” hell update til they work out those bugs…

  5. Fred

    Why is your site mixed http and https?

    A security blog should have basic configuration set up properly.

  6. Chris Pugson

    WINDOWS 7 UPDATE PROBLEMS and a valuable source of help

    This month, the kernel driver update KB3177725 needs to be manually preinstalled to prevent the Windows Update from almost endlessly searching for the remaining updates.

    I downloaded KB3177725 for Windows 7 (64-bit) and installed it according to the guidance in

    On restarting Windows 7, I ran the Windows update utility and the relevant updates were speedily identified, downloaded and installed.

    Visit for how to do this procedure.

    1. Bris camp

      Thanks for the post Chris. After months of frustration (since March) with Microsoft’s Windows Up(someday)date and not even turning on my Windows 7 laptop for 2 months because there was no point, I now have all the updates including August completed. I read a great number of articles and tried lots of processes before I found your post. This works, folks!
      Trying to find anything out from Microsoft is like trying to understand our tax code. It’s unnecessarily complicated and you almost have to pay someone to help you understand it or fix a problem. The obfuscation is ridiculous. When you have your list of updates on the screen and it says kbthis and kbthat and tells you nothing about what it actually does and you click on the kbnumber and it still doesn’t tell you anything, it is really aggravating. What’s the deal? Was that supposed to prepare us for having no privacy and no control over our information as we appear to have with Windows 10?

    2. Marty

      Unfortunately, this patch also has a downside. From Microsoft: “After you apply this security update and you print multiple documents in succession, the first two documents may print successfully. However, the third and subsequent documents may not print.”

      M$ is reportedly aware of the problem and is “working on it”.

      1. Rach

        Dave M & Bris Camp: This has been Summer of Stupid Security Senseless updates. M$ have lost their minds. I purchased a pre installed WIN 10 Toshiba last Summer (15 AUG 2015) to avoid the “destined to be a disaster” upgrade b/c M$ gives NOTHING away. Mynew laptop was just WIN 7 with a 2 NT frame works and Power Shell– and incredibly year’s worth of security/admin NETWORK nightmares–and unless you are really keen or just love to play & learn as you go and NOT PANIC, worthless. I jumped on Anniversay install because I hoped it would alleviate some of the GPS (Group Policy Service–not location GPS satellite) and registry key issues, nightmare AND I HATE APACHE. IE 11 is really Mozilla and M$ can’t help. They closed one of my accounts for 30 days for “security issues” — I changed alternate email address. Unnecessary phone calls and busy work but I waited for the 30 days and just reactivated an old dormant account. Do NOT be fooled. M$, Google, Samsung on androids–whomever your may use as WebHost/Server? Stores ALL your data, passwords included. How woulld they recognize you after a factory reset? My ISP is so greedy and illegal, I pay them so legally they cannot shut me down; however, I change my IPv6 about 5 times in 10 minutes, along with resetting password. They can’t find me on wireless connection/ There are 3,000 possibilities on each digit of that binary code. Most companies don’t manage their DNS anyway, Cisco in California (USA) is a huge company that does it for most ISPs. They will throw a pop up “fake” YOUR COMPUTER (OR DEVICE) has at least 3 infected programs and needs to be shut down ASAP !!!! Call Blah Blah, Inc. Just, select a different user if you are WIN 10. You don’t even have to restart. Error message will disappear. They ae scared because they can’t locate you. I take my phone and go to a free public connection ( nearly 99.99% of N. America IPv4 addresses are Static and public. There are only 4 assigneed to the entire country–regardless of ISP company and location. Additionally, if you can afford it? Get a Lanline modem connection as well as wireless with router. You can manually set up a new network, it wont always work, but it will appear and post an IP address different than your wireless modem MAC address. ISPs hate that. Quickly you wull discern IF you are really speaking to a Level 3 Tech. 9 /10 times you will be told a signal was sent to your modem and only a service call will resolve. It won’t resolve it, they can’t fix it b/c they aren’t able to even read your signal. Unplug your phone cable. Network name remains as a DSL/Lanline connection and connect to your IPv6 wireless connection. M$ sent me email sayung they were going to delete all my account for security reasons.

        The PC I have connected with LanLine? An ISP gtech told me 9 months ago, when I got a fake virus message & blue screen, NEVER NEVER plug it into modem. I didn’t, he did some other things that were lies, got fired and I plugged in the HP Pavilion. No virus, no blue screen. Everything just like it was OCT2015. That computer has WIN 7 Home Premium on it. No updates since it was turned off last Fall I don’t use M$ products–except to communicate via DOS prompt & with BIOS. This latest M$ update? Came a same time Google Chrome put out update and hid a Chromium Project in obscure font file in USER\userprofile\appdata\ folder that updates daily. nightmare and ALL security is compromised. Out of thee 9 M$ security updates–only the important 3 download–with an error message that they didn’t install properly. They do and cause problems. Delete or uninstall the Security update for Adobe. It says on their site it is full of bugs and they didn’t release it.

        Welcome to the world of Data theft. You DONT need to ever be located. Federal law requires you can be found 24/7. They will find you. M$ and Google may not be able to or your ISP,but you can be found if you aree committing child porn, terrorist activity, or major data theft. I wouldn’t recommend challenging US Govt. I have WIN 10 on my daily use laptop. It’s really great and allows you to own your device. Now? M$ is freaked and putting out all these announcements to scare people about “hackers” with one keystroke entering your device and gaining control. I am far more concerned about a software giant that has my 1993 hotmail account spewing out spam mail because it’s automatically attached to and assigns you a Skype account that WILL activate your computer or device when it’s turned off and you have no clue it’s even enabled.

        Sorry this is long. Hope it helps some people. Take care and share what you know with others. Your data is YOUR PROPERTY. Knowledge is FREE to pass on without fear. If no one wants to listen, I’m not seeing a gun held to anyone’s head.

        Happy trails
        ^_^ rach

  7. Gino Cvitan

    “Microsoft churned out a bunch of software updates today fix some serious security problems”

    Doesn’t read right, should be “Microsoft churned out a bunch of software updates today to fix some serious security problems”

  8. Richard Ransom

    My Office for MAC says I have no updates…

  9. Dawn Vohsen

    If you are having issues downloading patch Tuesday updates (or they are so slow they put turtles to shame or just never happen (like mine the last few months)–tip from Steve Gibson (–I give credit to him for mentioning this in his Tuesday web show–I now go to Woody on Windows (google it) and look at what he says each patch Tuesday. This particular week had a fix for slow updates–do exactly what the instructions say! I did this last night and my updates appeared in 15 minutes (I think it was a busy time period too). Do exactly what the instructions say. I am not techy at all but GRC (Steve) is worth listening to–you will pick up tips like this. Follow Woody’s instructions!!!

  10. Dawn Vohsen

    Clarification–Windows 7, 64-bit. Woody also commented on Windows 10…I did not read this.

  11. Brock

    If you are having troubles with updates hanging, failing, not completing, etc. and rebooting, running System File Checker, Check Disk etc. hasn’t worked, one of my go to fixes is to clear the Windows Update cache.

    1. Open up Services and “Stop” the “Windows Update” service.

    2. Navigate to C:\Windows\Software Distribution. Delete everything inside of the Software Distribution folder.

    3. Go back to Services and “Start” the “Windows Update” service. (This will automatically recreate the cache files in the Software Distribution folder)

    Note: You may need to enable “Show hidden files” in File Explorer.

  12. JimV

    There was an incremental update to Adobe Flash (AX version only) a couple of weeks ago — brings it to v22.0.0.210, while the non-AX version remains at 209.

    1. Erik

      Actually, there is a long an inglorious history of vulnerabilities in font parsing libraries on a lot of operating systems but it seems to have been mostly cleaned up in the last few years.

  13. gig

    Ok This baby: Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1511 for x64-based Systems (KB3176493) was over 938,000 Kb, is that normal for an update? That seems pretty massive to push through my “high speed” (cough cough) dsl! No wonder it failed so often. Maybe they need to warn folks to do it at 3 am with absolutely no other devices connected to suck up bandwidth!

  14. IA Eng

    I ran into an issue with this lump of patches from Microsoft. I got to the home office, went to log into a cisco business router and it failed to load the https page

    I tried IE and firefox. I tried unplugging the router from the internet, clearing the cache and doing all the PFM tricks associated with making this contraption work, to no avail.

    I broke out a laptop which has not received this months lump of patches, and I got in with no problem.

    Firefox gave some hint of weak encryption and a mention of Diffie Hellman and some other blurb, but I am sure it’s simply a hiccup on Microsoft’s part.

    Then box I was using is a Win 8.1 load.

    At the router, I unchecked the https requirement and the box can connect to the router without issue now. Great weaken security in order to manage security.

    I’ll look to see if Cisco counters with a firmware upgrade.

  15. Moto

    Anything to address the golden key that was leaked and secure boot?

    1. Sasparilla

      Nothing yet. The sarcastic person in me says Microsoft has to coordinate a solution that will work for the NSA, then they’ll be able to put something out.

      The fact that that this embarrassing Golden key back door to the Secure Boot of UEFI (BIOS replacement) for most modern Windows computers came out in the public sphere was very embarrising, although like the Snowden doc detailing Microsoft handing the NSA live pre-encryption access to all their customers communications they may choose to not do anything about it (Microsoft never said they stopped the NSA communication back door):

      This is also why the Golden Key idea the FBI wants from all computer / smartphone manufacturers is a bad idea and will only be abused and compromised. JMHO…

      1. rach

        Sasparilla: You said in 3 paragraphs what took me 2000+ words. ROTFL. cracks me up. exactly. when I saw that list of Golden Key This will happen IF you enable. This will happen if you DISABLE. this will happen iof you do NOTHING. Thank Geek Karma Dog I am Network with 5 computers but only 1 user.

        ^_^ rach

  16. George

    My Vista updates never load when they first come out, but at the end of the day I usually see the icon which indicates they are on the computer waiting to be installed.
    Could it be that Microsoft puts the relatively few Vista users at the end of the line while it services the more numerous users of more up-to-date operating systems?

  17. Jim

    Actually, on Ms, secure boot is a pain. I like to run Linux, need ms10 and have some win 7 only prograns that 10 and 8 didn’t run. Neat new Asus computer, 8 gig mem, one drive lappy. You’d think I would be able to do it. Preinstalled 10, with fast boot, gpt, and secure boot. In order to make multi system, you have to disable it, light up time goes from 15 sec, to 4 minutes. Yea, go start the computer, plug in the coffee pot, shave, read the newspaper, then, you may get something done. You want to run a mint app? You have to get the computers attention by putting the stick in prior to shutdown, and restart. For some reason, it won’t list in BIOS, unless it’s been up and run in a OS,? Dumb? No work around, been there, tried it. Now, try and install win 7, you have to take a step back in security. And a step back in file arrangement. Win 7 had got compatibility, but, student or homeeditions that I have won’t install on a hot disk? Come-on-blast-it, the latest update, mandated that my business programs, and games should stay an sticks, they, declared older systems, and programs, stay up with them, they eliminated the operability of defunct companies software that people use. The constant indexing doesn’t impress me, I’ve got a I7 machine, you are hogging my time, you are not paying attention to my mouse action, or what I want to do, and update day? Forget using the computer till after lunch. All cores in use from the moment it restarted, till it finished. Three hours later…and I was only wanting to read the emails.

  18. Sadass Nutella

    Issues with the UPDATER for the OS provided BY THE COMPANY THAT WROTE THE SOFTWARE? Do you NEED another indication this is utter garbage? Switch to a REAL OS – any flavor of Linux will update in 10 minutes with NO ISSUES. Mac OS is relatively acceptable, but still has security issues. Just grow up, peepul, and stop funding garbage. Windows is for children, old people and “Management” that can’t cope with anything beyond a can opener.

  19. Carole Mainwaring

    Geek Squad was at the house today because my Windows Vista Updates stopped working on July 11, 2016. Checking for Updates just scrolls forever and ever when I try to manually check for updates. Geek Squad said Vista is no longer supported, and they cannot repair this problem. They said to buy a new computer with Windows 10. I use Geek Squad because I have to–a senior citizen who is computer illiterate. Is there anything I can do to fix the problem? I use Kaspersky Internet Security, so am I safe not updating Windows Vista since it won’t work anyway? Do I absolutely have to buy a new computer?

    1. Tergiversada

      Windows Vista SP2 is in an “Extended Support Phase” which means that you will get security updates until April 2017. After that, you’re out of luck.
      I have a Vista laptop with screwy Windows Updates. I also have Kaspersky Internet Security. I don’t think it has anything to do with Kaspersky. I am not an IT Professional, but I fix issues with my friends’ computers so that they don’t have to take them to Geek Squad. Here’s what helped my Vista Laptop: First, change the power settings on your system because this tool will take a long time and you don’t want your computer going to sleep in the middle of it! Open Control Panel, All Control Panel Items, Power Options. On the left, you’ll see “Change when the Computer Sleeps.” Change that setting to “Never” and click Save. (You’ll change it back when you’re done.) Now, go to and go to the Downloads Center. (click on Find Downloads on that page) In the Search box at the top, type 947821. This is the Microsoft System Update Readiness Tool, which fixes problems with Windows Updates. Click on that top link. It will take you to the page for the download. Scroll down past Windows 7 and Server 2008 until you come to Windows Vista. You’ll need to know whether you have 32-bit or 64-bit Windows Vista. Click on the appropriate download package. When the dialog box comes up, click SAVE AS, and download it to your desktop. DISCONNECT FROM THE INTERNET. If you connect to the internet wirelessly on a desktop or laptop, the easiest way to do this would be for you to unplug your router. Reboot your computer. The reason you have disconnected from the internet is so that Windows Updates won’t crank up and try to search for updates, eating up precious resources that are needed to run this tool. Now when your desktop comes up again, double-click on that file/installation package you just downloaded and it will open and ask if you want it to run. Confirm and click yes. It will probably say, “Searching for updates”. This may take a while. Don’t be alarmed. It may run for hours, which is why you changed your power settings so your system doesn’t go to sleep in the middle of it. Check on it now and then–it could take a few hours, don’t be alarmed, it’s fixing corrupted files–and when it’s done, reboot your computer. Reconnect to the internet and see if you can download any Windows Updates now. It may take a while–Microsoft Servers are giving priority to computers running Windows 10. Let it search for updates. Give it time. When it’s finished, reboot your system. Then go back to your Control Panel and fix your power settings to normal. Post back and let me know if it worked. All the best.
      When you do look for a new computer, you might try looking for a reconditioned system on the Dell site or on Amazon. I just showed one to my friend, a nice system with good specs and a one-year warranty–which is all you get with a new system anyway. You’ll save money that way.

      1. FPB

        Didn’t work (in my case, it was the Vista Update Readiness Tool file I found in the MS Downloads library). It searched overnight for the updates without success and, after I cancelled the update search, the CPU began running again at a high rate.

        What folder should the MS file be downloaded to, or doesn’t it matter?

        According to Task Manager, part of the problem for me appears to be a svshost with multiple functions file that accounts for 50% of my CPU usage. How is that affecting the MS Update process? Thanks!

    2. twinmustangranchdressing

      Sounds like the Geek Squad agent who went to your home was full of it.

      To answer one of your questions: No, you can’t rely on Kaspersky (or any other antivirus software) to keep a PC running an unpatched installation of Windows (whatever version of Windows that may be) secure.

      I’d like to comment on something in Tergiversada’s reply to you:

      Another word for “reconditioned” is “refurbished”. Buying a refurbished computer directly from the manufacturer is a good idea (though not every manufacturer includes a warranty with its refurbished units that lasts as long as the warranty it includes with its new units). But if you buy a refurbished computer from any other seller, you risk receiving one that doesn’t actually have a warranty that’s backed by the manufacturer, even if that seller advertised it as having a manufacturer warranty. Also note that if you buy a refurbished computer at, you’re probably buying from a third-party seller, not Amazon itself.

      If you have a Costco membership, Costco’s “Concierge Service” is included when you buy a computer (whether it’s from a Costco warehouse or from its website). Concierge Service includes tech support via telephone and if I’m not mistaken, this tech support is available to you as long as you own the covered computer and you’re a Costco member. (You can still avail yourself of the tech support provided by the computer’s manufacturer while it’s still available to you, of course.)

      Finally, if you don’t have a need to do the most demanding activities on your computer (like editing video, for example), get a Chromebook (laptop) or Chromebox (desktop) rather than a Windows PC.

  20. Dukot

    looks like kb3177725 is causing issues with with the adobe acrobat 8.3.1 (I wish I could get work to use a more current adobe acrobat) ‘create pdf’ icon that’s in the word 2007 ribbon/toolbar. Causes the conversion process to hang.
    Printing to PDF still works, but the users I support are screaming that that method takes much longer.

  21. Avery

    How do you update Edge? I’m on Windows 10, and I don’t see it in the apps settings or in the programs and features area under control/programs. I looked under updates and it just shows the Windows 10 latest update complete, and in the settings, I can select update other MS products when updating windows, but it’s all or nothing. I’m currently on EdgeHTML 13.10586. Thanks for any insight you can provide!

    1. twinmustangranchdressing

      I believe Edge gets updated automatically even if you don’t activate the Windows Update option to update other Microsoft software.

  22. Jean W

    For the Vista and 7 lagging Win Update problems, I offer our experience with 2 home machines, where we’ve been reliably doing a manual update once a month when the Microsoft Security Bulletin summary page is published. This is generally on Update Day.

    For the rest of the month Win Update is disabled so that it can’t suck CPU and memory when you’re busy with other tasks.

    The table on the Security Bulletin page is informational and has clear links to the specific installer for each operating system affected.
    This month it took a couple of minutes to check for and download the 4 critical and important updates specified in the table.

    Now that Win 7 and Vista are running in to ‘support’ mode only, this monthly check of bulletins has become a lot easier because the updates are getting fewer – IE being the always-present monster of course.

  23. Dave M

    I haven’t been able to get Windows Update to work in months, so I finally just gave up. My computers work fine and do what I need them to do. Taking my chances is preferable to sitting for hours watching the “searching for updates” bar flashing by. I have a Windows 10 laptop which I use a few times a week. Today, the Windows Update took a little over an hour to get from 10% to 11%. My other computers are all Windows 7. My desktop running Win7 typically runs all day, so it will eventually download the updates – after running for 6 or 7 hours (or, more often, a few days). This “cure” is not feasible for a laptop which I’m not going to leave running for 7 hours just to see if the updates download. Most users don’t leave their laptops running day and night.

    This issue has been all over the many support boards for months and all we hear from Microsoft is chirping crickets and the occasional muffled cough. I have downloaded and run every suggested “fix it” from Microsoft and none of them work – one of them even crashed my laptop requiring a hard shutdown and restart. And for Microsoft to suggest Registry hacks to home users is just plain malpractice.

    And with appropriate appreciation and respect to the many posters here (and elsewhere) who have posted suggestions, the average home user is simply not going to be bothered with them. I have pretty decent technical capabilities but I don’t have time to fuss with all these “fixes”. This is why there are so many unpatched systems out there.

    1. Bris camp

      Dave the method suggested by Chris and John above works. I was stuck with M$ win 7 not updating for months and this solution works.
      As you say, Microsoft was no help

      1. Dave M

        When I get a few minutes later this week, I am going to try this suggestion. I did go to the website and the solution looks promising.

    2. coakl

      Win Update taking 5,6,8, 10 hours, 2 days to finish, is a security hazard! It’s a good bet many owners are powering down or sleeping their machines long before Win Updates finishes on their Win 7 or Vista machine. You lose all progress when you shut down or hibernate.

      There’s probably a higher-than-average number of Windows machines out there that are missing patches.

    3. SeymourB

      You’ll have to decide which is more important: Some miscreant in eastern europe gaining access to all your financial information or you leaving your laptop opened up and plugged in some corner of your living space one night a month. You don’t use your laptop when you’re sleeping… do you?

      Hmmm, tough call.

      1. Dave M

        I guess I should have emphasized my point a little better. Average home users are not going to go through all these “fixes” just to update a computer that is already working well for them. There is a problem with Microsoft’s Update Server and it is an issue that has been going on for months.

        And I agree with you in that it would not be safe to engage in online banking services with an unpatched, out of date system. And I personally don’t do so.

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