December 29, 2019

Today marks the 10th anniversary of! Over the past decade, the site has featured more than 1,800 stories focusing mainly on cybercrime, computer security and user privacy concerns. And what a decade it has been.

Stories here have exposed countless scams, data breaches, cybercrooks and corporate stumbles. In the ten years since its inception, the site has attracted more than 37,000 newsletter subscribers, and nearly 100 million pageviews generated by roughly 40 million unique visitors.

Some of those 40 million visitors left more than 100,000 comments. The community that has sprung up around KrebsOnSecurity has been truly humbling and a joy to watch, and I’m eternally grateful for all your contributions.

One housekeeping note: A good chunk of the loyal readers here are understandably security- and privacy-conscious, and many block advertisements by default — including the ads displayed here.

Just a reminder that KrebsOnSecurity does not run third-party ads and has no plans to change that; all of the creatives you see on this site are hosted in-house, are purely image-based, and are vetted first by Yours Truly. Love them or hate ’em, these ads help keep the content at KrebsOnSecurity free to any and all readers. If you’re currently blocking ads here, please consider making an exception for this site.

Last but certainly not least, thank you for your readership. I couldn’t have done this without your encouragement, wisdom, tips and support. Here’s wishing you all a happy, healthy and wealthy 2020, and for another decade of stories to come.

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118 thoughts on “Happy 10th Birthday,

  1. El

    I am with KrebsOnSecurity since Spam Nation was published.
    Happy birthday to you, the best website on cybersecurity! Thank you for your excellent job Brian!

  2. Dave

    Congratulations thank you for all your hard investigative work and please have a safe new year

  3. Hampton DeJarnette

    Happy birthday to KrebsOnSecurity.

    Digging up the facts sometimes involves hours of mind-numbing labor. Putting together a coherent account of what happened is frequently a huge job first of organizing and then of writing.

    Thanks for years of clear writing and unbiased reporting.

  4. Niteprowl2

    Congratulations on staying alive for the last 10 years. With al the feathers you have ruffled, that is quite an accomplishment. Here is to 10 more years of the same.

  5. AJ North


    With every best wish for 2010 — and the next decade of KOS.

    This reader still fondly remembers (and misses) the live Friday forums that you hosted back in the day at the Washington Post.

    Peach, health, and happiness to your family and you!

  6. Mike

    It must be gratifying that after having left the newspaper, you still are in newspapers, quoted on computer security.

    Congratulations on 10 great years.

    Also congratulations on being reviled by criminals. I can think of no higher tribute.

  7. JF

    Congratulations, and thanks!!
    I’ve added to the allowed sites on Addblock Plus 😉

    1. JCitizen

      Thanks for posting!

      Readers here on KOS might want to know that this site rates a C+ on DuckDuckGo’s privacy rating. This is probably only because the privacy protection policy is unknown to the community. This is actually a pretty high score for the many sites I’ve visited! There is only one tracker cookie set on my PC from KOS, and that is Google analytics. I also have my blocker turned off.

  8. Henry Arnold

    I’ve been subscribed practically from the beginning. I know that you’ve help me, others and folks following my blog or twitter. A million thanks for being there for us.

  9. Chris

    Thanks for the past 10 years of insightful reporting Brian!

  10. Patricia

    Congratulations on 10 years of online leadership with your invaluable website, Brian! Thank you for all you do.
    I also appreciate your reminder about the few ads in-house you permit at Krebsonsecurity, and will make a point to enable javascript when reading.

  11. Petter Lindgren

    Thanks for the best security coverage with high journalistic quality!

    Your work is much more important now than 10 years ago! I’m convinced that there are many bad actors that wants you to stop so please continue your good work for atleast another 10 years!

  12. Greg LaChapelle

    Congratulations Brian! I have been a reader since day one and your posts have helped my career and the various companies I have worked for immensely! If you havent considered it, in addition to Ads, what about a patreon or subscription to help keep you and the site up and running? I would absolutely subscribe to help keep this going!

  13. Paddy Valengtine

    Congrats, Brian. I remember your Washington Post columns from WAY back in the day. Thanks for all the hard work and great information.

  14. John Hummel

    Thank you for this great blog and all your hard work! I look forward to the roaring 20 with your insight . Very much appreciated and how about a new book (or 3 more?).

    Thank you!

    Dr. Hummel

  15. Mahhn

    Thank you for all your great work, helping the world be a safer place. I hope you continue being one of the very best investigative reporters as long as you want to.

  16. Dominic McLaughlin

    What a milestone! I only discovered you 2-3 years ago and now commonly use your website as a suggested resource in one of my monthly presenters for library patrons (public library).

    Congrats and thanks for all you do!

  17. Fernando

    HI Brian,

    Happy 10 birthday – The Journey continues.
    Thank you for the first to know news – Happy New year

  18. Chris Humphries

    Thank you for making great content and enhancing the security of the world but bringing to light stuff the bad guys are up to.

  19. Red

    Congratulations, Brian. Here’s to another 10 years of great reporting!

  20. Rick Wessman

    Thanks for all of your hard work. The fact that criminals have felt so threatened that they have tried to discredit you helps to point out how valuable it has been.

  21. Francis Drake

    I agree with you about add-blocking.

    I plan to load the Brave browser, and send you some Basic Attention Tokens (BAT).

    I hope it works to help fund your work.

    It’s interesting that Brave is led by Brenden Eich.

    It seems that Brenden was the prime author of the hugely successfully JavaScript, and was CEO of Mozilla starting in 2014.

    He shared some free-speech/political views and was forced to resign from Mozilla.

    It takes maturity to disagree with someone about core beliefs, and continue to have a friendship. Maybe mature people can do it? Compare Lincoln with Aaron Burr or Andrew Jackson. Lincoln didn’t fight duels.

  22. Catwhisperer

    Happy 10th Birthday KOS! Keep up the excellent work and wishing you many more years!

  23. Troy

    Congratulations on the decade, Brian! I’ve been around since the WaPo days but it has been amazing to watch you grow and refine your craft out on your own. I appreciate everything you’ve done for IT folks like me and the internet citizens all these years.

  24. PattiM

    I give a small donation each month – we should all do that.

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