April 1, 2021

Dear Readers, this has been long overdue, but at last I give you a more responsive, mobile-friendly version of KrebsOnSecurity. We tried to keep the visual changes to a minimum and focus on a simple theme that presents information in a straightforward, easy-to-read format. Please bear with us over the next few days as we hunt down the gremlins in the gears.

We were shooting for responsive (fast) and uncluttered. Hopefully, we achieved that and this new design will render well in whatever device you use to view it. If something looks amiss, please don’t hesitate to drop a note in the comments below.

NB: KrebsOnSecurity has not changed any of its advertising practices: The handful of ads we run are still image-only creatives that are vetted by me and served in-house. If you’re blocking ads on this site, please consider adding an exception here. Thank you!

This entry was posted on Thursday 1st of April 2021 04:19 PM

70 thoughts on “New KrebsOnSecurity Mobile-Friendly Site

  1. JOEL mc

    I’m loving the new mobile-friendly site. Great job as always Brian!

  2. Sean mcveigh

    I’ve been holding off on getting a smart phone until this happened. iPhone 4 here I come!

  3. Martin Rubenstein

    So glad that, despite the date of 1 April, this was genuine. I previously used the browser’s reader view to make the page easier to read. Now I need to figure out how to stop it automatically defaulting to reader view on this website. A big thumbs up.

  4. Jackson Dopolous

    Thank you. It’s moving closer to Lynx friendly, and I’m all for it.

  5. Dan D

    Thank you! Wait, is this just an April fools joke?

  6. Evert

    Long overdue, if I may be so honest, but very welcome!

    I’m glad I can now enjoy this site without problems on devices made in this millennium

  7. Robert.Walter

    Congrats on the additional format!

    Question relating to those of us who would still prefer to view the desktop style on mobile: can your web developer please add a toggle that respects the “Request Desktop Website” setting in Safari?

    Ps. I just noticed when filling in the name and email fields below that I can’t use my keyboard shortcuts to fill them in (i.e. rdw+spacebar = robert.walter, similar for email field) but instead of working as on the old desktop format, these must be typed in.

  8. stuart

    Hi Brian – much cleaner design on desktop too, but the entire page jumps down as the advertising banner loads at the top. This can be easily fixed by adding the dimensions to the image tag or to the parent div tag.
    Happy to not block ads on this page to support you, but please stop the page from jumping around as it loads.
    And why on earth do you use “text-transform: uppercase” on input fields? I thought my caps lock key was stuck!

  9. TAK cHI lEUNG

    I’ve always been a fan of KrebOnSecurity. Can’t wait.

  10. Greg Lauver

    “Gremlins in the gears”: my new favorite description of my own efforts, but none seen here (except I don’t like my name in ALL CAPS).

  11. Mahhn

    I’ve only used PC to view the page, lots of white space had to shrink the page to make the layout work. Like any change, I’m sure there will be some fine tuning. Just looked at the page on the phone, yeah that does look easier to read.

  12. Edward

    Thank you for correcting the worst date format of any website, EVER. I stopped coming here because it was impossible to tell what date the story was written.

  13. JoeHx

    As far as adblocking on this site, my ad block doesn’t block any of your ads. (I’m using Brave browser BTW).

    Your ads a non-intrusive, anyway, and highly relevant, so they don’t bother me to begin with.

  14. Angshuman

    Thanks a lot….. This was long overdue. I had stopped visiting your site as reading minus the mobile friendly version was a strain to the eyes. Further, increase the frequency of the blogs….Keep up the good work. Thanks

  15. Tim

    I am pleased you could do this without sacrificing any Desktop Usage. Still looks good on PC and I never view stuff this text dense on a phone. Keep up the Good Work.

  16. Lindy

    Looks great on Mac. I don’t use mobile for reading articles but I already like the new format and believe it, or not, the date always drove me nuts. Now it is in a format I can handle.
    Who could have imagined that KoS could get any better!?

  17. PK

    Great news! One thing, an ad banner, akamai in this instance has dictated the width so the content and text is only approx 50% width with lots of whitespace down the right side.

  18. Peter J.

    Just now pulling up the site, it – and your new picture – both look good!

  19. Clairvaux

    Do I understand correctly that there is a single layout for both desktop and mobile ? Or does the site adapt automatically to the device, with two different versions ?

  20. crd

    Honestly, it even looks much better on the desktop now.

  21. Vollinger

    Sites not loaded down with 10 MB of useless Javascript and trackers are becoming very rare, thanks for being an exception.

  22. Catwhisperer

    Looks good! It takes a little while to get a new theme just right, especially if already in production.

  23. J Hardenbergh

    Love the new format much easier on the eyes.

    Would it be possible to add an icon so when I add your page to my Home Screen on my iPhone I have something more that just a poor copy of the web page at that moment in time?

  24. KFritz

    Kudos for the graphic. Attractive and good messaging!

  25. Margaret A.

    Hi Brian and team,
    Love your research and journalism. Thanks for fixing the date format display, that was confusing.

  26. jgusta

    This is the correct way to do a site redesign. Nice work.

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