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Neo-Nazi SWATters Target Dozens of Journalists

July 24, 2019

Nearly three dozen journalists at a broad range of major publications have been targeted by a far-right group that maintains a Deep Web database listing the personal information of people who threaten their views. This group specializes in encouraging others to harass those targeted by their ire, and has claimed responsibility for dozens of bomb threats and “swatting” incidents, where police are tricked into visiting potentially deadly force on the target’s address.

‘Microsoft Partner’ Claims Fuel Support Scams

November 14, 2014

You can’t make this stuff up: A tech support company based in the United States that outsources its work to India says its brand is being unfairly maligned by — wait for it…..tech support scammers based in India. In an added twist, the U.S.-based tech support firm claims that the trouble is related to its admittedly false statements about being a Microsoft Certified Partner — a common claim among telephone-based tech support scams.