Nov 14

Amazon: Spam Nation one of “Best of Month”

A quick update on my new book, Spam Nation, The Inside Story of Organized Cybercrime — From Global Epidemic to Your Front Door debuting on bookstore shelves  Tuesday, Nov. 18: Amazon has selected Spam Nation as one of their “Best Books of the Month” picks for November, listed alongside such notable authors as Stephen King and Nora Roberts.

abbotm-cIn addition, my publisher has graciously extended the freeZeusGard offer until Nov. 25 for the next 500 people who order more than one copy of the book.

In early October we launched a promotion in which the first 1,000 readers to preorder more than one copy of the book, audio recording and/or e-book version of Spam Nation would receive a free, KrebsOnSecurity-branded ZeusGard, a USB-based technology that’s designed to streamline the process of adopting the Live CD approach for online banking.

Approximately 500 readers took us up on this offer, but that means we still have about 500 left! Thankfully, my publisher (Sourcebooks) has agreed to extend this offer by one week (until Nov. 25, 2014).

Finally, if you live in Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle or Austin and would like a personalized copy of Spam Nation, please consider joining me this week as I drop by a local bookstore near you! See the tour schedule for dates, times and locations.

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  1. I emailed them again but they never replied, I better get it! Hopefully Brian can update us with some info soon

  2. Hello!
    Your blog is awesome just came back after a while and had audible credits.. and bought it right away.. still on first chapter but the openning scene is intentionally written so Hollywood will make a movie out if it! and Russians wont be happy about it!

  3. Been listening to the audio book (from audible.com). Excellent so far. Very interesting. I have read many books that touch on international cyber crime but never a concise “straigtht to the point” such as this one. Most books also only have a chapter or two. I recommend you pick this one up folks.

  4. Just so Brian doesn’t miss the comments about the book plate – Brian read above comments from me and Jim

  5. Thanks Brian I am overseas too but they really shouldn’t have said “You’ll receive a signed bookplate prior to the book’s publication on November 18.” when they already had my address details knowing it was overseas…

  6. My copy of the book arrived today..

  7. My books on its way pre ordered soon as it came up, i got an email saying my book plate will arrive soon.

    Cant wait to read it..

  8. Hey Brian! I just got my book to after pre-ordering it in Oct. I thought it was going to be signed by you, but can’t remember.

    I look forward to reading. My husband and I are both into IT; me the techie and him the $ man for IT. He told me today they had some spam today and said he’s gonna read it. I’m studying for GCIH till Dec. so I told him OK and don’t mess it up!

    • Ok. Found the email. “Please note, if you ordered a print copy, it will arrive separately from the retailer (Amazon, B&N, etc).”

      Can I still get the ZeusGard? I pre-ordered my book on July 10, 2014 at 9:53:49 AM EDT.

      Amazon Order #102-1537968-3228226

  9. I didn’t know about the ZeusGard.. I also pre ordered in july not sure how to check on amazon the exact date. ORDER # 109-0166442-8146628

    If i could get one that would be amazing – I only ever saw the bookplate?

    Let me know Brian, Thanks alot

  10. Oh wait i see – Ordered on July 18, 2014 – Look forward to hearing from you Brian.

    Thanks again

  11. Brian, started on the book last night – its a great read, can’t wait to go further tonight.

    The bookplate and Zues Guard arrived yesterday, but picked it up at the post office today, they both looked great – love the Stay Safe words.

    Of note – $1.84 due in postage (for Zues Guard Book Plate envelope) – came to northern Chicago Suburbs/ from Western Suburbs/Naperville)…the senders put $0.48 postage on it (1st class letter postage basically), hopefully a one off mistake. I don’t care about the $1.84, but wanted to include it here so you could make sure this isn’t happening to more customers.

    • Yes, I too had postage due of $1.84. Not a big deal, but you’d have thought someone would have known $0.48 wouldn’t have covered it.

  12. I just want to know if im getting my ZeusGard.. I got an email saying the book plate had shipped… but that it! Briannnnn

  13. Excellent book, Brian. I was happy to read something new about myself.

  14. This is on my Christmas which is in the capable hands of my wife. Looking forward to some holiday reading.

  15. Got my copy from Amazon today and an .88 cent bonus fro pre-ordering.

    Looks like a few late nights are coming.

  16. Brian can you get back to me via this email i submitted it with like you did with the book plate about the ZeusGard? i got confirmation that my book plate was shipped but i never got anything about ZeusGard.. ORDER # 109-0166442-8146628 and ordered in july

    • You may have noticed Brian is in the middle of his book tour. I’m sure he’ll get back to you when he can. Also, did you order two copies of the book? The ZeusGard promotion is for two copies.

  17. I went to Brian’s book signing last night and I can tell is was a great use of my time. Brian is compelling story teller with a in-depth understanding of one of the most pervasive social/technological issues of our time.

    Brian then came to a bar across the street and joined a local security group for their monthly meeting and the stories got even better.

    Kudos for writing a great book, and thank you for being so candid , genuine and generous with your time.

    I for one cant wait to finish this book, and look forward to the next one…..

  18. I have your book on my Kindle and look forward to starting it this weekend.

  19. Missing book plate too, and spamnation@sourcebookspr.com is not replying – Brian please have them respond to all who have written!

  20. @Brian can you get back to me via this email i submitted it with like you did with the book plate about the ZeusGard? i got confirmation that my book plate was shipped but i never got anything about ZeusGard.. ORDER # 109-0166442-8146628 and ordered in july


  21. Hey Brian,

    Thought that you would like to know the city library of my large Eastern municipality has multiple copies of your book on order. The bad news is that I placed a hold on one of them so I won’t be buying one. Sorry

  22. How many spams can a spammer spam if a spammer can spam spams?

    slishkom mnogo sekretov.

    Oh you crazy Krebs!

  23. Bookplate and, pleasantly surprising, ZeusGuard arrived by FedEx even before Amazon Germany shipped the book. Thanks.

    Into the first chapters now and will post an Amazon review when I have read more.

  24. Who can we contact about our signed bookplate and ZuesGuard? Mine has not arrived, and I am unsure who I should be contacting in order to get this corrected.

  25. Brian, is there any chance of you publishing an errata and url update page somewhere? I understand publishing takes time but some of your reference links are already 404ing, for instance. A few years from now, to be expected but so soon? Some other issues also.

    Btw… a bit disturbing that you seem to think a ‘war-machine’ is a good thing. You can’t take the Virginia out of the author? Also aren’t you risking a certain Russian’s life for helping you? Just starting the book but the tenor already has me concerned.

  26. does the Zeus Guard get shipped as a result of the order or do I need to take another step?


  27. Brian, sorry, I am late to the game. Can I still get on this deal?