November 17, 2014

A quick update on my new book, Spam Nation, The Inside Story of Organized Cybercrime — From Global Epidemic to Your Front Door debuting on bookstore shelves  Tuesday, Nov. 18: Amazon has selected Spam Nation as one of their “Best Books of the Month” picks for November, listed alongside such notable authors as Stephen King and Nora Roberts.

abbotm-cIn addition, my publisher has graciously extended the freeZeusGard offer until Nov. 25 for the next 500 people who order more than one copy of the book.

In early October we launched a promotion in which the first 1,000 readers to preorder more than one copy of the book, audio recording and/or e-book version of Spam Nation would receive a free, KrebsOnSecurity-branded ZeusGard, a USB-based technology that’s designed to streamline the process of adopting the Live CD approach for online banking.

Approximately 500 readers took us up on this offer, but that means we still have about 500 left! Thankfully, my publisher (Sourcebooks) has agreed to extend this offer by one week (until Nov. 25, 2014).

Finally, if you live in Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle or Austin and would like a personalized copy of Spam Nation, please consider joining me this week as I drop by a local bookstore near you! See the tour schedule for dates, times and locations.

74 thoughts on “Amazon: Spam Nation one of “Best of Month”

  1. Neej

    Excellent and I am waiting eagerly to read it BK – i noted it’s been placed in the Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Industry category on Amazon … surely it should be in computing or security or something like this?

    (Although it might explain why its already a +1 best seller according to Amazon before it’s being sold 😉

  2. wiredog

    Saw your interview on ch 8 yesterday. Better than the Skins game.

  3. Raj

    Congrats! I got billed by Amazon today that means the book is shipping!

  4. Christoph

    Looks like Amazon ships the books overseas by sea freight. Expected delivery date November 28th.

    Maybe the bookplate will arrive before the book 😉

  5. zackis

    I am eagerly awaiting my Book Mr. Krebs! I cannot wait to read it AND try out the Zeus USB key 🙂

    BTW I am unable to comment from my work location ever I have ceased trying from there but thought I would mention it!

  6. Dennis

    Brian, should we receive any sort of confirmation back after submitting the email for the ZeusGard offer?

    Looking forward to the book release. Wish you would have added a stop at Powell’s Books in Portland on your tour.

    1. Anon

      >> should we receive any sort of confirmation back after submitting the email for the ZeusGard offer?

      Yes. I did anyway.

      After submitting my “proof of purchase” – which for me was just a screen shot of the Amazon unshipped order page – I got an email from saying roughly “Thanks. You’ll receive the bookplate and ZeusGard prior to the book’s publication”

  7. Robert Waters

    A book for mom, dad, teens and CEO’s; yes, if you have internet profiles you are just as vulnerable as Target and JP Morgan.
    Congratulations, Brian

  8. steve

    Congratulations! I’ll see you at the San Francisco book signing event at Books Inc.

  9. Michelle Krebs Rebello

    Congratulations, Brian! We will see you, brother, at the book signing in Chicago!

  10. Terry

    I’m so excited to get the book this week. I pre-ordered the first day. How can us early birds get a ZeusGuard?

  11. Sasparilla

    Congratulations Brian, fantastic accomplishment.

    Looking forward to my copy arriving tomorrow.

  12. walter p komarnicki

    maybe this is just the right book at the right time.
    maybe it’s hitting the right nerve and wakes a few people up.

  13. D Marcroft

    Congratulations Brian. I ordered my copy this weekend and have been looking forward to reading your book since you first announced it. Unfortunately I won’t be drive to San Francisco that day to get it signed.

  14. Moe


    I may have missed something but is/will your book available on iTunes/Apple?

    1. BrianKrebs Post author


      No. Apple more or less requires that authors take a major haircut on the price of their works, so, no, we’re not playing in that space anytime soon. Sorry.

      1. Moe

        I’m all for authors getting their fair share.
        I place my order for my first hardcover.paperback in awhile.

  15. M E Wood

    For those ordering from New Zealand by
    Postal Services
    Book doesn’t get released until March 1 2015 so it would be late March before it gets here !

  16. Rich

    I got my ZeusGard and I am looking for to getting my books in the next few days!!

    Thank you Krebs!

  17. M E Wood

    I could not wait for the book to be delivered from the U.S A next March so I ordered a CD which will come from the U.K to New Zealand by early December ( THIS year)
    Looking forward to hearing it. I’ll get the book next year.

    Many Thanks

  18. Jim


    For those of us that order 2 copies when can we expect the ZeusGard to be despatched?



  19. Johan

    I can’t get a hardback/paperback due to that I’m travelling — can I order a digital copy somewhere (other than Kindle)?

  20. Mark Allyn

    Boy, this is a fast tour! I note that you are giving yourself only one day between some of the appearances?

  21. Andy

    Any chance the Zeusgard can be shipped to Canada with a multi unit purchase? Thanks for your work.

    1. Andrew

      Received the books yesterday – no Zeus or plate though (and had sent an email and received confirmation from the publisher after pre-order)

      Do the Zeus and author plate arrive separately from the Amazon order?

  22. Paul C

    Got my Kindle version, hard cover on the way. Also got a postage bill for $1.84 for a package from the publisher, so I’ll drop by in the morning to pickup that package. I’m very tempted to make the 3-4 hour drive up to Seattle to the book signing. We’ll see, always looking for an excuse to visit Seattle.

  23. Derp

    Hi Brian, I ordered the book the day it was up for sale on amazon, i emailed spamnation@sourcebookspr dot com and they replied for the signed book plate and said they would sent it out “You’ll receive a signed bookplate prior to the book’s publication on November 18.”

    Can you please contact me with the email i used to submit this

    1. Jim

      Ditto re: “You’ll receive a signed bookplate prior to the book’s publication on November 18.” and I don’t have it yet, and no notification that it has been despatched.

      I presume it will be sent overseas as well? nothing said to the contrary.

      Any information?

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