October 16, 2017

KrebsOnSecurity was honored this month with the 2017 President’s Award for Public Service from the Information Systems Security Association, a nonprofit organization for cybersecurity professionals. The award recognizes an individual’s contribution to the information security profession in the area of public service.


It’s hugely gratifying to have received this award, mainly because of the company I now keep.

Past ISSA President’s Award winners include former White House cybersecurity advisers Richard A. Clarke (2003) and the late Howard Schmidt (2016); DEF CON and Black Hat founder Jeff Moss (2011); Hacking Exposed authors George Kurtz, Stuart McClure and Joel Scambray (2015); as well as Liam O’Murchu, Eric Chien, and Nicolas Falliere, the team at Symantec credited for their groundbreaking analysis of the Stuxnet Worm (2012).

“[Krebs’] analysis of the bad actors and the dark web shines a light on the criminals and their methods that attack information security,” the ISSA said in explaining the award. “The information that he exposes to the light of day makes the jobs of white hats and blue teamers easier.”

I’m very grateful to the ISSA for this award, and wish a hearty congratulations to the other ISSA 2017 award recipients.

120 thoughts on “Krebs Given ISSA’s ‘President’s Award’

  1. Mark

    Congratulations Brian! I’ve been faithfully reading your articles for several years. Always very informative and concise. Keep up the excellent work!

  2. Robert.Walter

    Kudos Brian! Been a fan for years, glad to see you get some more recognition!! Please keep up the excellent work!

  3. Steve

    It’s about time! No, actually, it’s about YOU and all that you have done for all the rest of us. Thank you, and congratulations on this well-earned honor.

  4. Lynn Perry

    Congratulations! Yours is one of the few columns I read regularly. Your information is useful, timely, well-written, and appears to be backed by some hearty research. Thank you for making this stuff understandable to a muggle like me!


  5. Veronica

    Congratulations! Thank you for all your hard work in informing your readers about relevant current IT security issues and solutions. Well deserved award!!!
    Your work is greatly appreciated!

  6. jim

    Congratulations, adulations, and a damn fine job. They did leave out humor. I check your blog right after I read the funnies every day.

  7. Kurt Friis Hansen

    You’ve earned it!
    Regards and Best wishes

  8. Geoffrey Parker

    Congratulations, Brian! Bravo! I cannot think of anyone who deserves this award more than you do. Your service to the security community is beyond compare, and you are certainly one of the most highly regarded people I have ever come in contact with. LLAP!

  9. Ellen

    Congrats, Brian! I come here first to get your analysis on the latest hack, breaches and news on security/privacy issues. Your blog readership comments have provided latest status updates and additional tips which I’ve found extremely helpful. You have a great community here. Please keep up the great work.

  10. KFritz

    Congrats, BK. Please feel free to have a large serving of Jaegermeister, or any approved equivalent on behalf of myself and the rest of your readers!

  11. Femtobeam

    Congratulations Brian!!! You deserve it and much more for the incredible work you do.

  12. ASitte

    I hope there were more the information security industry could do to recognize your work.
    Your work has become a go-to source of knowledge, awareness, insight, and intelligence for me and many of my fellow InfoSec associates and friends.
    It is not uncommon in the security conversations I have to hear the statement “Has Krebs reported or weighed in on this?”
    Moreover, all of us are awaiting what more you will accomplish and share with us every day going forward.
    Keep fighting the good fight!!
    Congratulations Brian, you have more than earned it.

  13. Tim

    Well deserved Brian.
    I have been reading your articles since your Washington post days and I find them invaluable.
    Particularly liked the value of a Hack PC and Hacked Email Account in trying to educate people to the dangers online.
    Your book SPAM Nation has also been an invaluable reference for me.
    I also found your articles on Skimmers and other ways criminals steal from ATMs amazing.
    Great to have met you at the Auscert conference last year.

  14. larry

    Congrats, Brian.
    You are well-deserving of this.

    You offer one of the most informative, empowering sites,
    and we are grateful. Thank you.

  15. DeeAitch

    KrebsOnSecurity is required reading in my InfoSec degree program!

  16. Anthony

    Congrats man! I’ve been reading this site for a little over a year now, and as a new cyber security analyst I find the information presented in your topics of discussion as invaluable!

  17. Todd

    That is really great! I was just planning on attending one of their chapter events. Anyone in Infosec not reading your page is behind the times buddy!

  18. Susan

    This is well deserved recognition, and a long time coming. You’ve been my (our) go-to source for quite a long time. Thanks, looking forward to lots more ahead!

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