Oct 17

Krebs Given ISSA’s ‘President’s Award’

KrebsOnSecurity was honored this month with the 2017 President’s Award for Public Service from the Information Systems Security Association, a nonprofit organization for cybersecurity professionals. The award recognizes an individual’s contribution to the information security profession in the area of public service.


It’s hugely gratifying to have received this award, mainly because of the company I now keep.

Past ISSA President’s Award winners include former White House cybersecurity advisers Richard A. Clarke (2003) and the late Howard Schmidt (2016); DEF CON and Black Hat founder Jeff Moss (2011); Hacking Exposed authors George Kurtz, Stuart McClure and Joel Scambray (2015); as well as Liam O’Murchu, Eric Chien, and Nicolas Falliere, the team at Symantec credited for their groundbreaking analysis of the Stuxnet Worm (2012).

“[Krebs’] analysis of the bad actors and the dark web shines a light on the criminals and their methods that attack information security,” the ISSA said in explaining the award. “The information that he exposes to the light of day makes the jobs of white hats and blue teamers easier.”

I’m very grateful to the ISSA for this award, and wish a hearty congratulations to the other ISSA 2017 award recipients.

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  1. Finally recognition that cybersecurity is not only about programming. Most threats are from social engineering and this site gives users the tools to make informed decisions to protect themselves from bad actors. WaPo certainly lost one of their best journalists when they let you go. Were they afraid that hackers would threaten the newspaper?

    Either way, I am sure you have done far more good now that you are not constrained by editorial oversight.

  2. Thanks, Brian, for all that you do. I read your blog often, and enjoy your writing. You certainly deserve the recognition, and it is well deserved to be sure.

  3. Congratulations Brian on an award well deserved.

    I don’t miss a morning without checking your site to see what valuable information is there for me.

  4. Jefferson Challenger

    Award well earned! Thanks for all that you do – your insight, persistence, etc. Keep Fighting The Good Fight…

  5. Congratulations on the award, and keep up the great work.

  6. Congratulations, Brian! No one deserves that more than you. Thank you so much for all you do for so many of us!

  7. Allow me to add my congratulations to the many you have already received and deserved.
    Your site is one of the very few that I look up daily.
    The originality found here is rare.

    I am always fascinated by what I read on your site and try to learn from it.

  8. Congratulations, Brian, and thank you for helping us non-tech computer users understand the importance of being careful on the internet. You are a great teacher.

  9. Congratulations, Brian. Thank you for helping us non-tech computers users understand the importance of cybersecuruty and explaining in terms we understand how to stay safe on the internet. You are a great teacher!

  10. congratulations keep up the good work. you are the authoritative source for so much critical knowledge, we really depend on your information. thanks

  11. Congratulations Brian! Your long-time readers have recognized your super-powers for years and are glad to see you finally receiving the positive recognition you rightly deserve. We’ve learned a lot from your trials, your investigative efforts and your ability to clearly inform your readers. Our sincerest Thanks!

  12. Recognition well deserved. Congratulations and a big thanks! Your website is a daily read…

  13. Well done Brian! Well-deserved for your fearless and faultless reporting.

  14. Congratulations! 🙂

  15. Congratulations Brian!!!

  16. Congratulations!

    The code monkeys aren’t going to stop the war in cyber security, the educators are.

    Keep it up, Brian.

  17. Congratulations Mr. Krebs!!

  18. Spasibo comrade Krebsky

    Very well done Comrade Krebsky .You have done a very good to your country .Just imagine where would you be now without your Russian friends ? I bet you be stuck at some dirty old office working 9 to 5 having 1 holiday a year . And look where you now …)

    You must be proud of yourself ? And your Russian friends )

  19. Congratulations Brian, I’ve only been aware of your website since the massive Mirami DDoS attack but I suppose that means there has been some good come of it.

    You certainly impress the world with your leading edge reporting on security. Well deserved – cheers.

  20. What more can a person say that has not been said? With gratitude from a “lurker” who trusts that he has a go-to site that he may depend on for honest, accurate information to assist in resolving issues such as the Equifax debacle, for instance. Eventually the good guys do get the recognition they deserve. Thanks for all that you do for us (the less gifted).

  21. Congratulations, very well deserved. Best security reporting in the industry.

  22. A well-deserved award, indeed! I have learned things here that I never would have learned on my own thanks to Brian and knowledgeable comments by readers.

  23. Brian, thank you for providing valuable information in a way that is accessible to us all. Krebsonsecurity is on my daily must visit list. Keep up the good work and congratulations on your award!

  24. Congratulations Brian Krebs! Love your work and your plain speaking explanations. Thanks for putting up with swats and other harassment in the name of fairness and justice…

  25. Well deserved! Keep up with your good work Brian…

  26. Congratulations. You deserve it.

  27. Well deserved, keep up the good work.