Oct 17

Krebs Given ISSA’s ‘President’s Award’

KrebsOnSecurity was honored this month with the 2017 President’s Award for Public Service from the Information Systems Security Association, a nonprofit organization for cybersecurity professionals. The award recognizes an individual’s contribution to the information security profession in the area of public service.


It’s hugely gratifying to have received this award, mainly because of the company I now keep.

Past ISSA President’s Award winners include former White House cybersecurity advisers Richard A. Clarke (2003) and the late Howard Schmidt (2016); DEF CON and Black Hat founder Jeff Moss (2011); Hacking Exposed authors¬†George Kurtz, Stuart McClure and Joel Scambray (2015); as well as Liam O’Murchu, Eric Chien, and Nicolas Falliere, the team at Symantec credited for their groundbreaking analysis of the Stuxnet Worm (2012).

“[Krebs’]¬†analysis of the bad actors and the dark web shines a light on the criminals and their methods that attack information security,” the ISSA said in explaining the award. “The information that he exposes to the light of day makes the jobs of white hats and blue teamers easier.”

I’m very grateful to the ISSA for this award, and wish a hearty congratulations to the other ISSA 2017 award recipients.

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  1. Congratulations Krebs!

  2. Congratulations Brian! Well deserved and overdue!

  3. Bad Guys Stopper

    Congrats Krebs!

  4. Congratulations Brian! Your research and reports on internet criminals keeps the World informed, and at your own personal risk. Thank you!

  5. Congratulations!

  6. Congratulations Brian! A well-deserved recognition indeed we have learned so much from you.

  7. Congrats and Thanks Brian!

  8. Well Deserved!!!

  9. Well done, as always sir you are a security stud!

  10. Congratulations Brian, well done. Always glad to read your RSS feeds over the ‘pond.’

  11. Sincere congratulations. Well deserved.

  12. well deserved. Keep up the good work!

  13. Nice to see the award going to someone deserving of this recognition.

    Your acceptance speech will give you a forum in front of some of the best infosec professionals… what should you say?

  14. Bloody good show Brian as they say in the UK!

  15. As they say in the U.K. – Hear, Hear!

  16. Congratulations, Brian! Well deserved!

  17. Yay!! What sets your stories apart is that you don’t just deliver the breaking story. You give readers follow-ups so we know the ending. Love that. Great expos√©s!

    Thanks Brian.

  18. Congratulations, Brian! It’s a well-deserved recognition of your efforts over many years, too.

  19. Congratulations!!

  20. Great Job Brian! The work you do is priceless. Well deserved.

  21. no more a deserving an individual IMHO. Thank you Brian on behalf of myself and the hundreds of thousands of others who got your information directly or second hand! Well done!

  22. Well deserved

  23. A very anonimous but credible person...

    Congratulations Brian, keep up the (very) good work!

  24. Congratulations. Well deserved recognition for your good work!

  25. Congratulations, Brian. Well deserved!

  26. Well done Brian, a richly deserved accolade.

  27. Congratulations!! Well deserved and keep it coming..

  28. Congratulations!! You deserve this more than anyone! Thank you for helping to keep us safe.

  29. Outstanding – Don’t stop now.

  30. You earned this. Well done.