December 29, 2017

Eight years ago today I set aside my Washington Post press badge and became an independent here at What a wild ride it has been. Thank you all, Dear Readers, for sticking with me and for helping to build a terrific community.

This past year KrebsOnSecurity published nearly 160 stories, generating more than 11,000 reader comments. The pace of publications here slowed down in 2017, but then again I have been trying to focus on quality over quantity, and many of these stories took weeks or months to report and write.

As always, a big Thank You to readers who sent in tips and personal experiences that helped spark stories here. For anyone who wishes to get in touch, I can always be reached via this site’s contact form, or via email at krebsonsecurity @ gmail dot com.

Here are some other ways to reach out:

Twitter (open DMs)


via Wickr at “krebswickr”

Protonmail: krebsonsecurity at protonmail dot com


Below are the Top 10 most-read stories of 2017, as decided by views and sorted in reverse chronological order:

The Market for Stolen Account Credentials

Phishers are Upping Their Game: So Should You

Equifax Breach Fallout: Your Salary History

USPS’ Informed Delivery is a Stalker’s Dream

The Equifax Breach: What You Should Know

Got Robocalled? Don’t Get Mad, Get Busy

Why So Many Top Hackers Hail from Russia

Post-FCC Privacy Rules: Should You VPN?

If Your iPhone is Stolen, These Guys May Try to iPhish You

Who is Anna-Senpai, the Mirai Worm Author?

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80 thoughts on “Happy 8th Birthday, KrebsOnSecurity!

  1. Robert

    Seems like only yesterday we were following you on the Post and Fast Forward. Great work you are doing – keep it up.

  2. Discrete Reader

    Congratulatioons Brian and do keep up the (very) good work!

  3. John Cali

    Congratulations, Brian! I cannot imagine what it would be like not to have your wise and powerful insights in this crazy world of the internet. Thank you for all you do for all of us!

  4. petepall

    Thanks, Brian, for your outstanding work in this very critically important area. I followed you during your WP days, and was disappointed when I couldn’t find you anymore. Then I was delighted when I stumbled upon your KOS blog. I have frozen my credit score accounts as you have recommended and two-factored many of my financial accounts. This has brought me major peace-of-mind. Keep up the good work in 2018 and beyond!

  5. Happy New Year

    Thanks, Brian, for the great work. Your posts have given those of us working in the anti-fraud world a lot of great insight into the inner workings of the cybercrime industry. Looking forward to another year!

  6. JCitizen

    Allow me to add to the chorus of congratulations in this anniversary, and I hope your work continues on for at least 20 more years. There is just nothing else like KOS on the web for this kind of information; their may be those that try, but they are colorless by comparison! I don’t know how you do it Brian, but the good work just keeps coming!

  7. Ron

    Congratulations and Thank you!! You provide us all with such great and timely information. Keep up the good fight!!

  8. IRS iTunes Card

    Brian 2018- More articles to expose the cyber-criminals !!!!

  9. Frank Word

    Thank you Brian for breaking through the BS and giving the facts on what is important from a risk intelligence perspective. I always recommend your website to new cyber security folks if they want to know what is currently important versus the sky is falling by Henny Penny types. :0)

  10. B_Brodie

    congrats on the successful transition from fake news to real facts.

    it’s not easy to reinvent yourself.

    we, your readers, appreciate your insight.


    1. Soy Tenley

      His columns at the Washington Post were never fake news.

  11. Colin

    Great stuff Brian. Have a happy New Year with your loved ones. Looking forward to more quality material from you in 2018. All the best.

  12. Marcus E McCrory

    Appreciate all the hard work. This is one of my “goto sites” for a SecureSpeak email/curation of weekly events.

  13. Jeffry Martini

    Thank you & Happy New Year to you Brian. If you didn’t exist……we would have to “invent you”! Is there a movie on your many escapades in the works? It would make for a great Mystery~Thriller. Thanks again for all of your timely alerts and outstanding insights.

  14. Raj

    Congratulations on a well deserved day.
    Keep up the valuable work you contribute to society.


  15. Gnecht

    When I read articles with a “death of text media” theme, I usually find myself thinking, “Ask Brian Krebs how he does it.”

  16. Niteprowl2

    You have taught me so much during the yeas I have watched you. You make the subject of cybersecurity meaningful to plain old folk like me. For that I am eternally grateful. I hope you will be around for a long time to come. You knowledge and ability to convey a story is second to none. Happy Birthday and many more.

  17. Fernando

    HI Brian,
    Thank you for the outstanding information – I look forward to 2018.
    Happy New Year,

  18. Dave

    Thanks for all the great reads and information.
    Happy New Year to you

  19. Da nu naKyj vasja

    Yeppi . Old man krebs still got it . I like krebs , very nice.

  20. Cameochi

    Happy Birthday and Happy New Year Brian. I never miss your articles and I have learned a lot from them. Please keep up the great work. 🙂

  21. dmarc

    Congratulations and Thank you so much Brian! I look forward to each of your investigated, well thought out and informative posts.

  22. Edward

    Happy Birthday to KrebsOnSecurity.
    Thank you Brian for your excellent and dedicated work to alert the internet community to the scams that are rampant. I have shared your site with many, telling them that if there is one URL to visit, it is yours.

    Thank you too for putting your own safety aside to protect us. You are as worthy of honor as any soldier, marine or sailor.


  23. Red Rose

    We are the ones who give thanks to you, Brian. Here’s to you for yet more stories in the year to come and kudos for all the stories from the past.

  24. Don

    Brian, congratulations on your 8 years of dedicated service to the security community! You have become an indispensable weapon in every CISO’s arsenal. Is there another book in the making?

  25. Notme

    Cheers BK!
    Keep up the good work. Always a treat to consume your work.
    Hey let’s all send 20$ to krebs admin.

  26. Paul

    Congratulations Brian, and thank you for all of the work, and dedication to the topic of security. Looking forward to many more years of stories and insightful information.

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