December 29, 2017

Eight years ago today I set aside my Washington Post press badge and became an independent here at What a wild ride it has been. Thank you all, Dear Readers, for sticking with me and for helping to build a terrific community.

This past year KrebsOnSecurity published nearly 160 stories, generating more than 11,000 reader comments. The pace of publications here slowed down in 2017, but then again I have been trying to focus on quality over quantity, and many of these stories took weeks or months to report and write.

As always, a big Thank You to readers who sent in tips and personal experiences that helped spark stories here. For anyone who wishes to get in touch, I can always be reached via this site’s contact form, or via email at krebsonsecurity @ gmail dot com.

Here are some other ways to reach out:

Twitter (open DMs)


via Wickr at “krebswickr”

Protonmail: krebsonsecurity at protonmail dot com


Below are the Top 10 most-read stories of 2017, as decided by views and sorted in reverse chronological order:

The Market for Stolen Account Credentials

Phishers are Upping Their Game: So Should You

Equifax Breach Fallout: Your Salary History

USPS’ Informed Delivery is a Stalker’s Dream

The Equifax Breach: What You Should Know

Got Robocalled? Don’t Get Mad, Get Busy

Why So Many Top Hackers Hail from Russia

Post-FCC Privacy Rules: Should You VPN?

If Your iPhone is Stolen, These Guys May Try to iPhish You

Who is Anna-Senpai, the Mirai Worm Author?

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80 thoughts on “Happy 8th Birthday, KrebsOnSecurity!

  1. Robert Scroggins

    Has it been 8 years already? My how time flies! Congratulations, Brian! I’m looking forward to your articles in 2018. By the way, isn’t it about time for another book?


  2. Dave

    Thank you, Brian!

    Unlike what I imagine your typical reader to be, I am not a “techie” at all; and, stumbled upon your site several years ago. However, thanks to you, I am now considered paranoid (in a positive way) by the rest of my family – thank you, keep up the great work!

  3. Ken

    Congrats, Mr. Kreb, on 8 years of high quality security advice and info. I make a point to always check out your site 2-3 times a week.

    Keep up the good work!!!

    1. Bruce Hobbs

      I’ve subscribed to Brian’s mailing list (see link on the right side of the page near the top) and I get an email message for each new post. I flag the ones I’ve commented on so I can go back and review the comments for responses (since Brian no longer notifies me of these responses). Just a suggestion for you…

  4. Rodney Thayer

    Time flies when you’re being hacked.

    Keep up the good(!) work (and your publish rate is fine.)

  5. C2agency

    I have shared and enjoyed your posts since 2012. Super Job! Thank you.

  6. Mars

    You’re an exceptional master of unravelling secrets and mysteries. Thanks to you, the world cyberspace has become safer. Congrats on the 8th anniversary, and a Happy New Year!

  7. Charlie

    Great site, I’ve been reading for years and you consistently provide highly useful information. Keep up the good work!

  8. Joe Enge

    Congrats Brian! I work in financial crimes and find your stories to be incredibly informative, fascinating, and an invaluable source to share among colleagues within the industry. Please keep them coming for loyal readers such as myself!

  9. Steve

    I don’t know how you do it, I really don’t. But you DO do it, and you do it better than anyone else. Thanks for all you do, and best wishes for the next eight years and beyond.

  10. Cliff

    Brian, great articles. Congratz on surviving past 7 years. Would love to see you produce a security themed podcast!

  11. Lydia

    Congratulations Brian; your work is fascinating and so very informative. Wishing you continued successes in the New Year!

  12. Muffin

    I too am not a β€œtechie,” but have learned so much from you Brian. I am much more security conscious as a result of reading your column. Thank you and congratulations!

  13. Anon Coward from PA

    Thanks Brian!

    I was at the Redbox late on evening before the holiday, and my credit card bumped into the top of the read-head as I tried to swipe. This never happened to me before at any Redbox. The head seemed to fill much more of the slot and was springier. It was the start of a long holiday weekend. There were no security cameras watching the outdoor area. There was a car lurking in the parking lot across the street which is posted “no access after dark.” Plus I had a card cancelled just a month earlier after someone put 25 cents and then $10 on it. So I got Krebby, contacted RedBox said they would send out a technician to make sure there was no skimmer.

    Thanks for the great coverage!

  14. Dan

    Thanks Brian, keep up the good work, I really enjoy learning from you.

  15. Talal El Baghouri

    Hi Mr Brian Krebs,

    I Hope that my message find you in good health .
    I Wish you good luck, Take Care, & Long life to you, your wife, childrens & parents too .
    Best Wishes πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

    Much Appreciated .

  16. Dale

    Happy Anniversary and Congratulations on building a remarkable service. You emails are the only thing I look forward to reading, except for emails from my children.

  17. BillM

    It was a good move. Thanks for taking the risk. We have all benefitted for your excellent reporting.

  18. Andy

    Congratulations on your 8th Birthday Brian πŸ™‚
    I find your stories informative and interesting. I also appreciate your advice on computer/internet security.
    *thinks to self, maybe I should put some of that advice in to practice*

  19. JimV

    Hope it’s a Happy New Year around the Krebs household, and that 2018 will bring even greater achievements along the way! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the Pulitzer announcements….

  20. Jean Camp

    Thank you for taking the risk in becoming your own editor and publisher. Your stories are often a part of the discussions component of my course, showing why security is important far more effectively than a lecture. I use the value of a hacked email column in my formal educational outreach to retirees and older adults, as well as sharing with friends and family. Happy birthday and thanks again.

  21. T.T

    Congratulations Brian on your anniversary your success is to the benefit to all of us (or at least for decent people) Thank you for keeping us focused on security.My only wish that companies and governments would take security more seriously.Sometimes I wonder who is more culpable the companies with negligent attitude toward security (Equifax comes to mind) or the crooks who take advantage of them.
    Wish you all the best in your future endeavor

  22. Brian

    Wow, 8 years!? Keep up the relevant and quality posts. I subscribe for email notifications and follow on a few social media platforms, never disappointed.

    May you and your family continue to prosper in the new year!

  23. Clay_T

    HFBD! Krebs on Security.

    I was late to the party. This is my first year here.

    There are thousands (millions?) of sources for the same old regurgitated drivel the talking heads spew.

    The behind the scenes and true “in depth” views you provide are a welcome reprieve.

    My (80+yo) folks still watch the news. Thanks to sites like this, I get to blow them away with facts that 20 seconds of talking heads choose to omit.

    Tyler Rogoway over at The War Zone does a similar thing for military topics. He doesn’t bother with the MSM vomit and instead goes into details MSM are afraid to touch (or doesn’t fit the MSM agenda).

    Here’s to eight more!

  24. Mikey Like It (A Lot)

    Brian, congratulations — not only on this latest milestone, but also on your all-around outstanding journalism.

    You’re providing a graduate-level course on the cyber world and how we can live safely in it. Please keep up the good work. (There should be a Pulitzer Prize in there somewhere…)

    Kudos to you for all you do. All the best for your good health, happiness and fulfillment in 2018.


  25. Stratocaster

    As a faithful reader since your WaPo days, I commend your continuing mission to help us all stay better informed and safer online. Many more anniversaries to come!

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